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  1. Worst NHL ever. Can't spam R1 anymore so basically I spent half of the game in the penalty box and watch those skill hockey boys doing fancy moves and scoring power play goals. Won't buy the game. Or at least won't play eashl. Customization was fun though.
  2. SJK eSports Willekunq and Veskuline have decided that they will spent time with their new girlfriends rather than play eashl, so we need new RD. Contact me or dominointi. (I answer faster).
  3. Obviously I'm very sad about this result. It would have felt way more better to try to reach finals by yourself, not by staff decision. Both teams agreed to play today, if we get permission from staff. They didn't gave it for us and it feels very bad and kinda wrong in this situation, but I also understand it. If they would have given us permission, every team in the future would have used this as an example to get extra time. I'm glad I didn't have to make this decision. Staffs would have received hate anyway, whatever they would have decided. What an ungrateful job to have right now. In the end I feel really bad for SKY, I know how big thing this is for them and how much they have trained.
  4. Oh god I should just ignore you.. I thought you said you were out and case is closed. I'm not trying to be jesus, I just said my opinion... Hope you can handle it
  5. I wrote my comment based on that statement because in my opinion that just sounds stupid. Bugimir is in miami right now and you don't want to play against us before he comes back to finland. Okay, maybe it's coincidence that you are writing something like that here just now.. Sorry, maybe I just made a stupid prejudice. And what comes about my face or instagram followers, it's not relevant at all. Anyway see you on the virtual ice and hopefully in nhlgamer cruise someday!
  6. @FlyerKungen Imagine how long the playoffs would take or how hard it would be to get the games played if everyone thinks like you? There would be eight teams in elite playoffs asking for more time because someone from their best possible lineup are on vacation, hangover, tired or cat has eaten someones playstation. And if your biggest argument is "this isn't competitive" there aren't any reasons to change anything based on that. NHL teams are playing their games too, even if somebody is injured and they can't use their best lineup. We need rules and scheludes, if it's too hard to follow them, don't participate. I'm tired of this new generation where minority thinks that everything should go like they want and how it's best for them, even if it harms the majority.
  7. Aapo - NOS 2-4 SJK - SKY 1-4
  8. LW: Plee, Mukimaisteri, Joukki C: Patzlaf, Ahola, Eki RW: Foppa, Indi, Suutu_jo LD: Janzuh, Puantso, Torro RD: Haldeem, Snapu, Gustafsson G: Laurilion, Sandro, Wildrus
  9. *Semifinals: 4-1 victory against Nordic Nightmare Anyway Lekker says thanks and GGS Dynasty!
  10. There's again some problems with SSG? BANNIA BANNIA!
  11. PSN: Leksa94 I don't want to be goalie, captain or undrafted player.
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