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  1. thank you for the greetings! Love ya all❤️ 🌚
  2. That tells something about german hockey fans🤦‍♂️
  3. FILADELPHIA IN: @jtorro1233 OUT: @oGBioLan and @FIN_Potilas thank you hoosi and potta for the last 2 seasons! ❤️
  4. NHL 19 so far (no FILA players) LW Buantso, Vilupoika, Mukimaisteri C tbnantti, Penatski, Flyerkungen RW Foppa, Seppo, Martindalex LD Jtorro, Haldeem, Nassustelija RD Willekunq, Ilmari30, Snadi48 G Cappe, Supreex, Sandro
  5. when you create a new team just think these things: 1. Is he a good guy? 2. Is he a good player? 3. Number 1 question again. my only advice
  6. Thank you @Kenu + staff, DYN, SYM and SKY. Best feeling ever when Vata scored that OT goal🤣
  7. If I have to choose between my friends and not friends, I would say friends
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