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  1. PleeMaker


    Don’t take my word, take communitys word
  2. PleeMaker


    Yeah my bad also, I didn’t mean that swad didn’t pick his top 3 goalies.
  3. PleeMaker


    Agreed, but if question is top 3 goalies it doesn’t mean that you should pick some hidden gems.. it means you should pick top 3 goalies.
  4. PleeMaker


    Yeah I know everyone has own opinions, your opinions are just wrong if you don’t have cappe and hansu in top 3☺️
  5. PleeMaker


    Well.. why he doesn’t play if he would be top 3?
  6. PleeMaker


    No offence to anyone but those top 3 goalies? How is it even possible to leave Cappe and Hansu outside of top 3?😶
  7. thank you for the greetings! Love ya all❤️ 🌚
  8. That tells something about german hockey fans🤦‍♂️
  9. FILADELPHIA IN: @jtorro1233 OUT: @oGBioLan and @FIN_Potilas thank you hoosi and potta for the last 2 seasons! ❤️

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