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  1. Young hiddengems to watch: @John Phouni
  2. Looking for a motivated starting RW that can play almost every night & carry us through the first round in future tournaments If you're a finnish-speaking hidden gem with potential (and R2), msg @Hazard-laser here or on PSN!
  3. cama young superstars 😍
  4. PCJP and tuzio changed nationality?
  5. Mikka

    ECL 9 Lite: Preview

    Wow, must be a world record losing 5 games when only conceding 3
  6. HanaaHC Looking for active and motivated starting LD for future tournaments. MSG @Hazard-laser PLS, finnish only cuz jeje's english is so bad thank you
  7. Wayyyy too late, no point in starting SC in August imo
  8. An additional division is absolutely needed and would be better for everyone. Also ECL 3x in a year would be the best imo, you could grind from Semi-Pro to Elite in one NHL title if you've got the skill.. A shorter offseason would probably result in steadier rosters too
  9. Free LW/C for all future tournaments, starting role plz but can consider being a backup. Played ECL 8 in Reality Check HC, SL & FCL in Invictus. Available most days -->23, can also play any position ocassionally if needed.
  10. can play every day for rest of the beta

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