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  1. Äijä tulee kuitenki 6v6 peleis vastaa ja heittää pleikal gamerii freetä mut viesteihin ei voi vastaa 🤔
  2. Onks kukaa saanu toho l_gibs_l mitää yhteyttä? Oon laittanu gameris ja pleikal viestii mut ei mitää vastausta
  3. Laitelkaa pleikal viestii, kun haluutte pelaa (mikka249)
  4. Sooo SC is cancelled?
  5. The season starts on a Monday so signups should end on the previous Friday (3rd of May), considering previous tournament signup periods
  6. There’s a lot of things, some are more minor than the others but with these improvements the game would be much better well-rounded and I know I myself would play a lot more of the different modes. Many of the suggested features should be considered more in a situation like ”hey the game is perfect now, what other cool shit can we add in?” There’s also some repetition in stuff that affects multiple gamemodes. World Of Chel: Allow user goalie to play as the extra player when pulled from the net Upgrade player stats by at least +3, not too much tho (most builds are 75-78 ovr when created offline, highest I’ve been able to get with limited testing was I believe a 83 ovr grinder through traits like hockey iq 2) Club practice and the ability to be in there while searching for a game You should be able to earn hockey bags after max lvl more easily than now. I believe right now the only way to get them after reaching max lvl and playing through pro-am is grinding ones, which is far from ideal for someone like me who doesn’t really play anything else than club in WOC A player dropping in 6v6 should be treated the same way as a goalie, —> team whose player got disconnected gets awarded with a loss. Should probably also add a minute or two to rejoin in case of a disconnect at least in private games, this would of course need the implementation of rejoining Saw a suggestion for an equipment store in twitter; maybe instead of hockey bags you should be able to buy the customization you want with some kind of points (tied to xp? Would also solve the problem of getting new equipment after max lvl). I wouldn’t cry if you would be able to buy the things there with real money as well, EA could monetize WOC this way and you would still be able to grind for the stuff. I understand hockey bags are a good way to keep people playing longer as they may need to open a ton of bags to get what they want, so EA could just give us the ability to buy them with the xp points and real money or something. Hockey Ultimate Team: Nothing much to say, gameplay is way too fast and broken for my liking (player stats are too high) but that’s really the point of the gamemode so should be done in regards to that Add an AFK timer, if you afk too long you’ll be kicked from the game and awarded with a loss. Versus: Ability to save strategies and lines Add an AFK timer, if you afk too long you’ll be kicked from the game and awarded with a loss. Franchise Mode: Three-way trades NMCs and NTCs. Ability to give them to players, request them to waive them etc Make trade deadline an event, to feel like it means something International tournaments (ability to be a national team’s GM) A playable All-Star event A playable Winter(/Heritage and so on) Classic event Ability to let signed players remain in their European/Russian/ROW/US team ECHL Affiliation, ability to assign your players to ECHL Ability to sign and fire coaches. Preferably even real-life ones. Be A Pro: Bring back a ”Live the life” -style experience, I haven’t played BAP at all for for the last few years as it’s really boring in it’s current state Make the draft and other events real events, to feel like they mean something Ability to play in Europe Ability to play in world juniors and other international tournaments (this might even already be there, but as I said I haven’t played in years) A playable All-Star event A playable Winter(/Heritage and so on) Classic event. Gameplay: The ”tie” face-off animation should have something done to it, there’s no good way for anyone to get the puck from it. Could even remove it, there’s a higher change for my team to get my puck if I lose to a clean tie-up but no-one can get the puck when it’s a tie Different tuners for different gamemodes. Player stats, playstyles and so on are so different in EASHL/Versus/HUT that different things should be addressed. Nerf stick lift a bit, right now it’s just a tad too op but still a lot better than earlier in the year (it was both useless and too op at some points) There’s some (especially pickup) animations that are completely useless and ruin plays, —> cut the animations to a minimum, let us control our players as much as possible Player switching is sometimes pretty horrible. I know you’re able to choose which player you switch to and I should learn to use it, but still Add a button you have to press for tip-ins or something, —> find a way to make it at least somewhat skill based Improve puck pickups near your own net, there’s way too many own goals coming from dumb pickup animations Incidental contacts from behind resulting in losing the puck need to go. Menus/User experience: Make the menus smooth.. Old gen menus were fluid and enjoyable, meanwhile in NHL 15-19 you have to wait every time you press something. If I’d rather join the dressing room in EASHL via PS Party Chat than through the game itself, you’re doing something wrong big time The menus are way too complex, it wouldn’t be much of a problem if they were fluid as explained above though^^. Other: Roster sharing Spectating in online modes, with the ability to choose whichever camera angle you want Custom camera angles Ability to create set plays, like on old gen Ability to create custom face-off formations (could be useful in 6s too) Ability to move draft picks between teams similar to players (don’t have to wait for a roster update every time a trade happens) All-Star event -gamemode Winter Classic -gamemode Generate player pictures in the place of black silhouettes (we know it can be done, your Be A Pro player has a generated picture) When you’re going to change a major tournament format (GWC) completely, inform players about it early enough to be able to prepare without being at a huge disadvantage If GWC is going to be in HUT again, consider introducing an ovr cap Properly address reoccurring bugs, like the dressing room error. Can’t have the same bug ”fixed” multiple times and then reappearing just for a specific internet provider etc.. Custom logos in EASHL, HUT, create a team etc (add a logo creator similar to other games if being able to upload your own ones is too ”risky”) Similar to the logo creator, add a customizer for all goalie equipment (custom graphics in masks, pads etc). Again, if possible add the option to upload designs that you’ve made yourself on a pc Why do people keep getting their controller and camera settings reset? Fix pls Add back the skate blade customization from old gen (I think there was some other stuff you could choose too?). A lot of stuff, but that's how it is.
  7. If no one from your team drops it means that your team doesn't get DR errors
  8. Still looking for options! Would like to play C as that's what I feel I'm the best at, but I'm open to trying winger or even defense too. Languages finnish/english I guess, also previously played in Banterfield Battalion, The Visionaries & Reality Check HC.
  9. Mikka

    Welcome to the NACL

    I think ECL 9 was confirmed to be in NHL 20 but there was something about having another event between ECL 8 and SC
  10. Please add some kind of clarification of valid and invalid postponing reasons in the rulebook for the future, at least if you're going to say some reason was invalid. Imo it doesn't make sense to have valid and invalid reasons with this rulebook but I guess this is the direction where things are going
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