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  1. for sure, but the skill gap is too big for that to be a quick solution for the "better teams" - I was obvouisly referring to these.
  2. some good points @Claudi27, but waiting for „our region to get more players“ is not a solution because it doesnt to anything about the skill gap. The waiting time is not the biggest problem, its the lack of competitive opponents for BPH and the central european Pro/Lite teams
  3. NHLGamers, All of us surely appreciate the progress our beloved NHLGamer platform has made. Recently, before the start of ECL 10, quite a few longtime squads got signed by team/Esports organizations, which obviously is a big step forward on that front. The battle at the top of Elite has been tremendous this season, with JYP Jyväskylä and hREDS challenging top teams Linköping HC and HAVU Gaming, but there are quite a lot of good teams and players in the shadow of those powerhouse clubs, creating a extremely tight playoff battle. Today, we want to take a closer look. Now it’s time to get to know the ECL’s Elite. It’s been a while since the first time we did one of our Player Profile-articles, which had Lauri @Lamsa Lämsä in the starring role. The former Rusty Blades winger will now be succeeded by Simon @PlaymakerSJ Junker. You probably know that name already, and if not, that’s on you. Simon has been around since ECL1, where he played for UKnighted HC and finished Top Five in scoring with 66 points in 23 games. The left-handed Center then put up 34 points in 13 playoff contests, but UKnighted couldn’t get past well known Synergy Hockey in the quarterfinals. Simon didn’t participate in ECL2 and ECL3 due to scheduling issues, but then came back for the fourth season and he’s been active ever since. After having stints with Germany’s Finest and Inter Iceland, he ultimately joined Deadly Phantoms HC. The german team formed by @Rayman just got promoted to ECL Pro at the time and Playmaker immediately raised the level of play. His calming presence lead the team to a playoff spot in their inaugural Pro season, where the team lost to powerhouse FILADELPHIA (now Linköping) in the second round of the postseason. The team made a couple new additions for ECL7, Playmaker stayed. He led his club in scoring once again and this time the Phantoms were actually deadly and secured the Pro title as well as the promotion to ECL Elite. He then cemented his status as the best german center in the scene, torching the national opposition in GCL3 with 120 points in only 23 matches. Especially in the german scene Simon created his special wraparound and well known move called "Der Junker“ – (Junker is his last name). The Phantoms then became the first ever german team to participate in ECL Elite and surprised quite a lot of people with their fourth-place finish. This time around, Playmaker was the second best scorer on the Phantoms while maintaining his ridiculously strong Two-Way-Game. "I think that I have a good understanding of the game. I have been playing at a high level for a few years now and I demand a lot from myself. In addition, I have already played with many different wingers, which allows me to adapt to almost all types of players“, the 25 year-old explained his success. "...And I am very strong at the push-faceoff. Connor @MartindalexC Martindale can confirm that“, he added. A while ago, as you may have noticed, the Deadly Phantoms became the BRAYCE Phantoms after agreeing to a cooperation with the sports merchandising company. PlaymakerSJ played a big role in that development with his consistent play over the last few years. Phantoms-Captain Mannheimer said: "Simon raised our level of play and our creativity. With his patience, he is an absloute weapon in the offensive zone and still great defensively.“ After a tough go in ECL 9, where the club actually got relegated in a hard-fought-series over seven games against Vesa Pompa, but later retained their Elite-spot in the qualification series, the roster has changed quite a bit. Long-time member Maximilian @gzell60 Käsmaier announced his retirement , which lead to Niklas @xXPsykoSkillsXx Schmitz stepping up in a bigger role. Also new addition Stephan @Krinke Krinke has emerged into a capable goalscorer in his inaugural season in Europes top division after a spot in the offense opened up. Simon is still there, leading the team to a solid bounce back season - right now, the Phantoms are fighting in the playoffs after reaching the playoffs for the second time in their third ECL Elite campaign. And after years of being disadvantaged, they finally have the servers on their side as well! Personally, the Neuss-native is still living in that area, working in Dusseldorfs District Government of Market Surveillance. Unlike his stats on NHLGamer, that sounds extremely boring. With 350 goals, 516 assists and 866 points, Playmaker currently sits in sixth place of NHLGamers All-Time-Points list across all competitions, and there is still more to come.
  4. PS easily, always been on it and don't like Xbox menus and controllers
  5. "the german team takes the advantage" - which one?
  6. Players to watch in the penalty box: @Original-SnuS
  7. Playmaking genius 🥰 @PlaymakerSJ
  8. TOP 5 (no 🍔) LW: PleeMaker, Puantso, Krike, Rimpe, Joukki C : Dominointi, PlaymakerSJ, Patzlaf, Beniitto, tbnantti RW: FlyerKungen, Eki, Eken, NikkeDangles, Indi LD: Torro, Nassu, xDoumi, antoniomannen, rubituss RD: Loimmu, Willekunq, ilmari, vviljo, PsykoSkills G: Sibbe, Cappe, Hansu, RPH_31, Supreex most underrated: PlaymakerSJ
  9. @Kenu should be tested, but the bigger problem has been there for a couple months now, as you know. Obviously not a member of BPH anymore, but it‘s ridiculous that BPH, ZSC and other german/swiss teams can only find german/slovak/french teams that they‘ll absolutely dismantle everytime - no disrespect here, it‘s just not fun for anyone involved. And everything worked until ~November... This year was the worst experience I‘ve had playing EASHL. Not the reason why I left, but since I did and joined a finnish team I am actually allowed to play the game - WOW, great solution! Adding a server in Frankfurt or wherever it is doesn‘t change a thing, it just reverses the disadvantage in challenge games (at least now the finnish/swedish players know how that feels, maybe that will get EA‘s attention?). If EA doesn‘t figure out and fix this problem soon, it will be a handicap that NHL Esports in the “DACH“-region won‘t simply overcome. And as @tbnantti pointed out: It doesn‘t matter if you like some teams or you don‘t - this is a problem for the whole EU community, or it will be soon. There are teams boycotting games in the qualification series already, how many hateful messages will BPH, ZSC, Shooting Stars and all these teams get once the season starts?
  10. Looking for a new team in ECL Elite for next season, but I will also listen to offers from contending Pro teams! After spending a couple years with Deadly/Brayce Phantoms I'm looking for a new challenge. I can play any forward position, although I’ll always play left-handed. Started my career as a center, but I switched to RW eventually. I’m currently 20 years old and fluent in german and english. Online almost every day from Monday – Thursday, can’t play on sundays. After I joined the phantoms we immediately won ECL Pro and were the first ever german team to make it to Elite. Scored 47 points (14 goals, 33 Assists) in 30 games (which was good for 10th in scoring and 5th in helpers, if you care about that) in my inaugural Elite-season in a defensive minded phantoms-system. Last season we struggled with player activity but still almost came back from an 0-3 deficit in the relegation series against Vesa, but ultimately lost in G7. Recorded 14 points there. I’m confident that I can adjust to every playstyle and be one of the more impactful forwards in Elite. I would describe myself as a pass-first two-way-forward. 19th on the ECL all-time scoring list with 698 points (292 goals, 406 assists) in 262 games. https://nhlgamer.com/players/1468 DM me if you’re interested.
  11. Just give credit where credit's due? If there is one team who deserves this opportunity, it's FILA. I'm sure they will to do great and set a high standard for eSHL which will only benefit the league long-term. You don't need to agree with Linköpings decision, but you can wait and see how it goes instead of tearing this whole project to shreds before a single game has been played.

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