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  1. @Kenu should be tested, but the bigger problem has been there for a couple months now, as you know. Obviously not a member of BPH anymore, but it‘s ridiculous that BPH, ZSC and other german/swiss teams can only find german/slovak/french teams that they‘ll absolutely dismantle everytime - no disrespect here, it‘s just not fun for anyone involved. And everything worked until ~November... This year was the worst experience I‘ve had playing EASHL. Not the reason why I left, but since I did and joined a finnish team I am actually allowed to play the game - WOW, great solution! Adding a server in Frankfurt or wherever it is doesn‘t change a thing, it just reverses the disadvantage in challenge games (at least now the finnish/swedish players know how that feels, maybe that will get EA‘s attention?). If EA doesn‘t figure out and fix this problem soon, it will be a handicap that NHL Esports in the “DACH“-region won‘t simply overcome. And as @tbnantti pointed out: It doesn‘t matter if you like some teams or you don‘t - this is a problem for the whole EU community, or it will be soon. There are teams boycotting games in the qualification series already, how many hateful messages will BPH, ZSC, Shooting Stars and all these teams get once the season starts?
  2. Looking for a new team in ECL Elite for next season, but I will also listen to offers from contending Pro teams! After spending a couple years with Deadly/Brayce Phantoms I'm looking for a new challenge. I can play any forward position, although I’ll always play left-handed. Started my career as a center, but I switched to RW eventually. I’m currently 20 years old and fluent in german and english. Online almost every day from Monday – Thursday, can’t play on sundays. After I joined the phantoms we immediately won ECL Pro and were the first ever german team to make it to Elite. Scored 47 points (14 goals, 33 Assists) in 30 games (which was good for 10th in scoring and 5th in helpers, if you care about that) in my inaugural Elite-season in a defensive minded phantoms-system. Last season we struggled with player activity but still almost came back from an 0-3 deficit in the relegation series against Vesa, but ultimately lost in G7. Recorded 14 points there. I’m confident that I can adjust to every playstyle and be one of the more impactful forwards in Elite. I would describe myself as a pass-first two-way-forward. 19th on the ECL all-time scoring list with 698 points (292 goals, 406 assists) in 262 games. https://nhlgamer.com/players/1468 DM me if you’re interested.
  3. Just give credit where credit's due? If there is one team who deserves this opportunity, it's FILA. I'm sure they will to do great and set a high standard for eSHL which will only benefit the league long-term. You don't need to agree with Linköpings decision, but you can wait and see how it goes instead of tearing this whole project to shreds before a single game has been played.
  4. NHLGamers, Even though there were three sweeps, the IS Cup 4 playoff-quarterfinals provided us some exciting one goal and overtime games. This time around, two of the four lower seeded teams made it to the next stage, documenting the parity atop the European scene. AND: The four remaining teams have paved their way all the way to the live event at GameXpo next weekend! The GameXpo event is held at Messukeskus in Helsinki, Finland between 15.-17.11.2019. The event includes all kinds of gaming an esports with the IS Cup 4 final event being one of the big tournaments. Head over to the GameXpo 2019 website for more info and tickets. Please note that the schedule for the IS Cup 4 playoffs is as follows: Round 1: 28.10 - 30.10 Round 2: 31.10 - 3.11 Quarterfinals: 4.11 - 6.11 Semifinals & Finals @ GameXpo: 15-16.11 Here are the matchups for the quarterfinals: (1) HAVU Gaming vs. Butterfly Effect (6) (2) Delusion vs. FILADELPHIA (5) We reached out to a player from each finalist team for some comments about how they feel going into the final weekend: @willekunq (Defenseman for HAVU Gaming): "I expect tight games. It's nice to see everyone again and just have fun!“ @jergelii (Center for Butterfly Effect): "HAVU is a very familiar team for us, there´s basically no tournament without this matchup in the semifinals. So I´m expecting tight games. I think we will see a low-scoring series and tight defensive battles in both ends." @ICappeI (Goaltender for Delusion): "I expect a tough matchup. We're facing an experienced team with players that have a winning mentality. I've played Eki in the last two live events I've been at and it will be important for us to shut him down. I have confidence in my team and we'll do everything we can to beat them. This time I want to leave Finland as a winner!" @Eki (Forward for FILADELPHIA): "We know what to expect from Delusion. They have four players from the old Symphony team we beat in the FCL semifinal. And of course, Janzuh who played for us for many seasons and with some of us for years. We will have to play well to beat them, but I'm always confident in my team, especially on LAN." We would like to wish all of the teams good luck for the live event! Feel free to let us know your predictions in the comments!
  5. great job boys, can't wait for future matchups 👊❤️ @Original-SnuS
  6. can we get one german cover for every goal Tobias Rieder scored last season?
  7. Rest in peace Daniel, you will be missed! My deepest condolences to family, friends and everyone close! ❤️
  8. All of us surely appreciate the progress our beloved NHLGamer platform has made recently. Especially this year, with all the changes in ECL Elite. Before the eighth season of the toughest and most prestigious EASHL 6vs6 league in Europe kicked off, founder and owner @Kenu proudly presented the collaboration with Elisa Viihde, the leading online entertainment service in Finland, and Dr. Oetker, a massive and well-known international food corporation. ECL is slowly morphing into a more well-organized and reported league which should bring a lot of fun to all parties involved. However, even a league with these standards can’t exist without the players and with this series it’s time to get to know them. Now it’s time to get to know the ECL’s Elite. In the first ever iteration of this series, @Lamsa will be in the starring role. The Rusty Blades winger is a true NHL veteran. As he never represented any other team competitively, the first steps of the Rusty Blades are still fresh memories! Counting the ongoing season, Lamsa has appeared in 188 ECL regular season games for RB so far – not counting playoffs and the IS Cup. Actually, Lamsa, @Tanski87 and @Supreex are the only three players left from the original season in ECL3 and they’re still going strong. A lot of things have changed since the founding days of the club. In their inaugural season the team had a large roster so the level of play basically changed every night. Personally, Lamsa started with NHL 96 and jumped into EASHL sometime around 2008 or 09. He prefers playing on the Right Wing and using a Sniper build, but he’s playing with a physical edge too. Lamsas all-time favorite build was the Hitting Sniper, which he still misses dearly. When asked about his biggest strengths the wise Finn just replied: "I can score ugly goals for days.“ Last season (ECL 7), the (skate)blades were too rusty. The team finished in tenth place and missed the playoffs. The offseason wasn't spent resting on their laurels though, as captain @Tanski87 took to the free agent market. The team added two high-end forwards in @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan as well as defenseman @The_Alpha_Furyan. The new additions fit in nearly perfectly. RB managed to cap off their ECL 8 regular season with a great surge into the playoffs, finishing at 6th place, which means they will be going up against Symphony in the first round of the playoffs. Lamsa can’t say enough good things about the teams new acquisitions. "It’s really, really nice to play with these guys. They are all really good and skillful players – I still can’t believe that we got those guys on our roster.“ The Sedin twins (thats how Lamsa calls his two new linemates) were locked down after a quick tryout period and the new defenseman The_Alpha_Furyan already had some existing chemistry with Lamsa after a Summer Cup stint together. Personally, Lamsa is enjoying this really successful season. His regular season totals add up to 44 points, out of which 28 are goals. This puts Lamsa at a tie for 5th best goal scorer in the regular season of ECL 8 Elite, not too shabby! All in all, the goal-scoring Finn seems to be a relaxed and level-headed person. His PSN-ID is actually his last name, just without those dots above the letters. That’s not creative, but it suits him real well. Heading into the playoffs, the Rusty Blades are at a familiar spot as a minor underdog going up against a tremendously strong Symphony. Their opponents seem to have found a form that is close to unstoppable, so it'll be crucial for RB to get back on track and focus on the things they are good at - the basics and go forth from there. One thing is for sure: Lamsa and the Rusty Blades are prepared. And they are not going down without putting up a fight. ECL Elite Writer @Tim_FlyersFan

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