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  1. What a way to kick off the new year. Astonishing work @Kenu and everyone else! So much progress in such a limited time frame. The community is held in good hands that‘s for sure.
  2. Playmaker

    Send us your questions for the NHL developers!

    Not really a question but just a thing which stood out to me in the Beta. Please bring back the faceoff where you start on your backhand but then quickly switch to your forehand. So you pretty much can fake out your opponent. Basically just keep it as in NHL 18 - don't remove this possibility as it would cause a wastage of variety regarding faceoffs.
  3. Playmaker

    ECL Videos

    Dreamteam 😉
  4. Playmaker

    Several rule infractions by Inter Iceland

    I'm the C you're talking about. It's all my fault. All of this.
  5. Playmaker

    SJK eSports vs. Written in the Stars - LA Decision

    Well...I don't speak often but sometimes it's unbearable. Let me give you a fitting example. I played with Inter Iceland in the second round of the Pro Playoffs. We could not get our "main formation" set for three of the total six games played in this series. Actually two positions were filled with players who were not a part of the regular season whatsoever. - Did we try to prolong the affected games? No - Did we ask to play another time after starting off with two straight losses? No - was it the reason we lost the series? Probably not Of course this series does not get anywhere near the attention that Elite-Series get. But the rules are the same for Elite, Pro and Lite, aren't they? This is not supposed to be an offending reply. I just think that if you have the chance as a GM to get six players of your team to play, even when it's playoffs and not your best of six ... well just do it. Give some other Player on your team a chance. Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is
  6. Playmaker

    Help - Choppy before and after whistles

    I think I kinda have the same problem as you do. Some replays seem to be really choppy. I usually skip those anyway so I don't really care, but there sure is something wrong.
  7. Playmaker

    Free Agents - PS4

    Hello, due to the fact that my team is not playing anymore since the ECL Playoffs (connection issues etc), I (Playmaker1010) am looking for a Team. You may know me from recent teams as Uknighted HC and Germany's Finest. Main position is Center but if necessary I can switch to the wings too. I'm german speaking but english is no problem at all. Overall I'm more of a set-up guy, but sometimes I also know how to score ;-) Below are some statistics from recent ECL seasons that might be interesting. ( Playercard: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=57 ) ECL Season 1 regular season - Uknighted HC: Games played: 23 Goals: 27, Assists: 39 --> Points: 66 +/-: 35 ECL Season 1 playoffs - Uknighted HC: Games played: 13 Goals: 16, Assists: 18 --> Points: 34 +/-: 20 ECL Season 4 Pro regular - Germany's Finest: Games played: 28 Goals: 34, Assists: 47 --> Points: 81 +/-: 34 ECL Season 4 Pro Playoffs - Germany's Finest: Games played: 6 Goals: 6, Assists: 10 --> Points: 16 +/-: -2 If some team is interested, feel free to contact me either here or on PSN: Playmaker1010. Thanks!
  8. Playmaker

    ECL Registration - UKnighted HC

    Thanks, looking forward to a new chapter! This site looks very nice