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  1. I think we can all agree on the fact that the game is less "skill-dependent" than ever before. We're playing with 70 OVR players, we have to deal with set-up player builds. EA wants to satisfy the majority of the players by evening out the games with lots of random stuff (nudges, deflections...etc). To sum it up, the good old days of old-gen are over. So the fact that there are still Elite-Teams being superior than the rest on a constantly basis just shows that they are on a completely different level, especially when you consider the points I mentioned before. Lots of games remain close caused by the flaws of this game - this should not be like this. So I'm somewhat glad that the teams that really put all their time and effort in being the best manage to be on top of the standings.
  2. As I said before, I know out of first hand that it‘s annoying as hell to play on an inferior server. But taking all the heat for something you can do nothing about is just senseless. in addition it was okay for everyone when we played with an outrageous ping all season and could only find german teams in normal club games, which is still the case btw. There needs to be a solution that benefits everyone. It just blows my mind that once the problem affects some teams they just blame it on the wrong people. And don‘t know when I mentioned it has something to do with race or nationality, it clearly has not and never was my intent.
  3. I'm opening up this topic to clarify some things about the "server issue" regarding Brayce Phantoms. I got some...well let's say angry messages that teams are having a high ping when playing against us. So first of all, we can NOT control the server we're on, neither does changing the region change anything. Just some insights, we played all of Elite last season with a ping of 50-70 (which was normal for us), we couldn't even find opponents except german teams. So we definitely had a disadvantage connection wise, but we accepted it knowing we're the only german team. I know most of the teams don't like us, no one wants us in Elite but I don't care. 😃 But messages like "we should be banned" or "you're not allowed to play in ECL cause of the new server" are just dumb and stupid. It's no one's responsibility but EA's to provide a fair gaming experience for everyone, I've been playing EASHL since the beginning and trust me it never was fair ping wise. Just cause of the fact that 95% of the teams are finnish, it doesn't mean that everything goes your way. In order to grow this community maybe you should be glad that there are some teams from other countries in the higher divisions instead of wanting them to disband. I thought ECL is for all European Teams, not just Finland and Sweden. No hard feelings, just wanted to get this out there.
  4. I'm glad there's a rule that acknowledges teams and players that have been playing together for some time. If random Elite Players can just found a team and start in Elite cause of their skill, teams would break up even more. It basically just benefits the maintenance of clubs and reduces club breakups. Nothing needs to change here.
  5. Free C for eSHL. Can win some faceoffs.
  6. I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of the most memorable commentary quotes over the past few years that just get stuck in your head...it can't be just me. I'll start with: "Catawampussed into the corner" "WAFFLE BOARDED", "He gave him a birthday present 4 months early!" "And we will have a face off, because you can't play it where it landed." Anyone else? Go ahead.
  7. World of Chel and presentation in general actual replays would be nice instead of just showing random fans looking bored af or my personal favourite --> the random arrows directing to the right (WTF?) Just want to point out that there are NO REPLAYS whatsoever except for goals, what about the individual player highlights of goals, hits, saves? according to the point above, the club games take way too long. Not talking about the atrocious matchmaking system, but in a club game, just quickly move on to the next faceoff after an offside or whatever. I don't want to see a player slashing a goalie and then run around while the camera suddenly follows him. I don't want to see a swinging camera with an overview of the arena or a totally random H2O water machine (WHICH hockey arena has water machines ? WHY?) The breaks in between plays are too long and unnecessary. I have the commentators turned off and the fans sound like a bunch of drunks in a bar fight. They seem pretty upset when you have lots of zone time - granted that's pretty funny, so that's not a major issue. I don't know why the creepy looking mascots can just go through the glass sometimes. That just distracts me on faceoffs! I will probably add some more "serious" flaws in the future, but that's it for now.
  8. Old: 17-20 ms New: 40-47 ms Düsseldorf, Germany 👋
  9. What a way to kick off the new year. Astonishing work @Kenu and everyone else! So much progress in such a limited time frame. The community is held in good hands that‘s for sure.
  10. Not really a question but just a thing which stood out to me in the Beta. Please bring back the faceoff where you start on your backhand but then quickly switch to your forehand. So you pretty much can fake out your opponent. Basically just keep it as in NHL 18 - don't remove this possibility as it would cause a wastage of variety regarding faceoffs.
  11. I'm the C you're talking about. It's all my fault. All of this.
  12. Well...I don't speak often but sometimes it's unbearable. Let me give you a fitting example. I played with Inter Iceland in the second round of the Pro Playoffs. We could not get our "main formation" set for three of the total six games played in this series. Actually two positions were filled with players who were not a part of the regular season whatsoever. - Did we try to prolong the affected games? No - Did we ask to play another time after starting off with two straight losses? No - was it the reason we lost the series? Probably not Of course this series does not get anywhere near the attention that Elite-Series get. But the rules are the same for Elite, Pro and Lite, aren't they? This is not supposed to be an offending reply. I just think that if you have the chance as a GM to get six players of your team to play, even when it's playoffs and not your best of six ... well just do it. Give some other Player on your team a chance. Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is
  13. I think I kinda have the same problem as you do. Some replays seem to be really choppy. I usually skip those anyway so I don't really care, but there sure is something wrong.

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