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  1. Team name: Ducktales BK Team abbreviation: DBK Team captains: |tokFan| (C), TheBemp (A), Piggen89 (A) Team roster: |tokFan| Minestor88 TheBemp Rymaan Hildington Piggen89 Siickan Wickmannz ECL Pro application: No EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/sv-se/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=19991&platform=ps4 Team Logo:
  2. Still looking for a goalie. We will split 50-50 between our goalies in the group stage. We are also interested in one more forward. Would be good if you could play all positions up front.
  3. Ducktales BK (Lite) is looking for a 2nd goalie. We play 2-4 nights per week (~19.00 - ~22.30 CET/CEST) We use discord ECL game time guaranteed Send me a PM on NHLGamer if interested. https://nhlgamer.com/community/topic/19-ducktales-bk/
  4. We are back! After all drama we try to rebuild Ducktales BK(est. 2012) as a team, looking forward to NHL 20. Line up - NHL 20: |tokFan| (F) - Skövde (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) Minestor88 (D) - Skövde (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) TheBemp (D/F) - Stockholm (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) Rymaan (D) - Stockholm (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) Mixce (F) - Mariestad Piggen89 (F) - Linköping/Skövde Siickan (G) - Södertälje ??? ??? We are still working on a few names to be added for upcoming tournaments. CYA on the ice!
  5. Team name: Falcons Team abbreviation: BLU Team captains (PSN IDs): |tokFan|, TheBemp, jsso-N Team roster (PSN IDs): |tokFan| TheBemp jsso-N Minestor88 Piggen89 Siickan Mixce Maggre EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Falcons Previous team name(s): The Beagle Boys Team Logo: Will be updated later... ECL Pro application: No
  6. Wow Hype, Westblom and Esskay back in the game again.
  7. Free agent and looking for a new team and challenge. If any team is interested then I'm open for a try out. - Looking for a top PRO team or ELITE team. (Backup position can be interesting if ECL time is guaranteed) - I have been involved in the EHL/ECL scene since NHL12 (Old X360 Gamertag: DineLiten) - Teams: Ducktales BK(X360), Wrong Door Danglers(PS3), TIKI TALK(PS3) and The Beagle Boys on PS4. - I am versatile and can play on all positions, preferably C, RW or RD. http://consolehockey.com/profile/DineLiten/teamplay/hockey/xbox/ http://consolehockey.com/profile/DineLiten/teamplay/hockey/ps3/ https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=201 Contact me PSN: |tokFan| or send an message on NHLGamer
  8. New Line up - NHL18: |tokFan| - Skövde (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) Minestor88 - Skövde (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) TheBemp - Märsta, Stockholm (one of the core players from Ducktales BK) Mixce - Mariestad hessfield - Mariestad Hsandstrom - Mariestad kebabfadern - Skövde Jsso-N [NEW] - Skövde Piggen89 [NEW] - Linköping (just moved from Skövde) - Siickan NHL17 Last NHL series was tough and we struggled all season long. In ECL3 we tried and failed with merging Beagle Boys together with Company of Geeks and form a new team named La Suede. The chemistry wasn't that good and it was doomed to fail from the beginning. In ECL4 we tried to rebuild Beagle Boys and try to stay in PRO division and establish our selves on PRO level but we couldn't succeed. After a 4-2 loss in the relegation playoff series against Nemesis we fell down to LITE. NHL18 Now we we are looking forward for a new season of NHL and with an new fresh start from LITE (if we don't get an spot in PRO). We have added two fairly new players/friends(Jsson-N and Piggen89). One of our objectives is to get more and more 6 vs 6 games and gain some EASHL and ECL experience for our new players and if we start from LITE our main goal would be to get promoted to PRO. I'm glad we could stick together even if we got relegated to LITE and I think a lot of teams would have fall apart going through the same things we've done through the years with the drama in Ducktales BK and the switch from Xbox360 to PS4 . But here we now stand and we could not be more eager to start this new ECL season. We are looking forward on tough battles on the ice. CYA! KÄMPA OCH VÅGA GLÄNSA!
  9. Admins - If EA doesn't fix the bug with goals disappearing before the start of ECL5, how will you handle this, with an new rule or postpone the start? What are your thoughts on this? Btw, awesome video.
  10. Team Name: The Beagle Boys Team Abbreviation: TBB Team Captains (PSN IDs): |tokFan| (C), Mixce (A) & Hsandstrom (A) Team Roster (PSN IDs): |tokFan| Minestor88 TheBemp Mixce hessfield Hsandstrom Kebabfadern Jsso-N [NEW] Piggen89 [NEW] ECL Pro Application: Yes Team Logo:
  11. I like this suggestion a lot. Lottery on Twitch. Please NHLGamer, make this happen. = )

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