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  1. Rest in peace floor. So sad to hear! 😔❤️❤️❤️
  2. Please let this game be as it is!!!. Ofcourse its few things that can be fixed but last year when we had a beta that was really fun to play we complained so much that they fucked up the game instead.
  3. Yeah that is what i ment!. I am not so good in english 😂
  4. I hope they take away the backskating. its ridiculous that every game you see more backs as a defender than fronts.
  5. The Syndicate (Former Spartans) In: David_ovic kartellen Volano97 Kartellen Vesterberg89 kartellen Zaedon kartellen Provokacija kartellen amadee21 kartellen out Rize1988 Bockens BlizzakDevine free agent Platy666 Adde667 Underrated Lekstuga
  6. Skip the ”For Honor” mode on 20 please.
  7. I understand if you get to have a foreign player who have played for the team the season before in ecl. But now when you can choose who ever you want for me it gets more like summercup. When it is a swedish league i want to see a team with swedish players not ”Style” plus the worlds best finish player who not gonna give a shit about the team in the ecl season.
  8. Fan va rolig logga hahahaha
  9. Pro team ”Spartans” looking for rw. Sen message to ”Drunkendefender”
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