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  1. Pro team ”Spartans” looking for rw. Sen message to ”Drunkendefender”
  2. For me problem is that my player do the passes or moves one second late 😂😂😂
  3. We have the same problem. Its very annoying 😩
  4. How many games do you want??. I think 18 to 30 games is great beaqause then you have time to do other stuff. Some of us have families and work to take care of but we still wants to play ecl.
  5. We in ”Spartans” are a swedish team WHO search for players to any position except goalie. Contact Drunkendefender if you want to tryout
  6. Super happy with the logo you did for Spartans! 😍😍😍
  7. Free ld. I am not gonna have time to play everyday after summer so search for a team that plays like 2-3 Times a week. I gonna be able to play ecl games if you want that otherwise a backup roll is good to. Lite or Pro doesent matter. Msg Strumpan87
  8. True that brother! 😂😂😂😂😂.
  9. Good text!! 😊 but it would be fun if you had wrote about every matchup. Like WHO is the favourite and who you think Will win This matchup. But still a Nice text.
  10. I love you Alex ❤️❤️. You are a great person. Dont care about thoose that try to make fun out of This situation. You got you punishment and Thats it!
  11. Great Goalie!!!. One of the best! ❤️
  12. Good luck guys! 😊. Really good team!
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