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    ECL 9 Pro Groups

    NHLGamers, It's time to kick off the ECL season for our Pro, Lite and Neo divisions this week. With that being on the agenda, there was a need for some promotions for vacant spots in ECL Pro. These vacant spots have been left by teams who have either disbanded or simply not signed up for ECL Pro in ECL 9. After promoting the expected four teams (Oton Letkutemppu, Vesa Pompa, Cheers Hockey & We Kings) at the end of the ECL 8 Lite season, a total of eleven spots were open in the division for this season, out of which two were filled with automatic promotions based on performance in ECL 8 Lite (Quarterfinal losers). The two teams promoted based on these criteria are Prowlers Esports (formerly Prowlers) and Virtual Horizons eSports (formerly Blackdawgs). After that, nine spots remained to be filled. The selection of teams receiving promotions has been made based on team history, previous merits and perception of skill and recent performance. Without further ado, here are your ECL 9 Pro groups (promoted teams in bold): Group 1: Cheers Hockey Children of Ice GHETTO FIREBIRDS HC Wildcard Horror Hockey Me Carvoset Nightmare Nordic Stars Oton Letkutemppu Pata Hellalla Resurrection Shooting Stars Silver Sword Griffins The Syndicate Vesa Pompa HC Virtual Horizons eSports Group 2: Alliance HT Bellizzi Black Horse Cowabunga Hockey Delusion Freddie Mercury Institute Gotham Knights Kaupallinen Yhteistyo Nordic Lightning Prowlers Esports Rakish Reality Check Sandstorm Vaxjo Lakers HC We Kings ZSC Lions The schedule has been generated and games will be ready to begin on the evening of Monday, 17th of November.
  2. NHLGamers, What a weekend it's been at GameXpo and the IS Cup 4 finals! We were treated to the absolute maximum amount of games possible as all of the series were extended to the max three, five or seven games possible for each series. The reigning IS Cup Champion FILADELPHIA was dethroned, but the juggernaut HAVU Gaming went on racking up championships by adding the IS Cup to their trophy case. What a final series we had, it seemed like HAVU was going take it and run but Delusion put up an impressive fight. HAVU Gaming 🏆 Group stage record: 12-0-0 (1st) Round 1: vs We Kings 3-0 Round 2: vs Vaxjo Lakers HC 3-0 Quarterfinals: vs Roots 3-0 Semifinals: vs Butterfly Effect 3-2 Finals: vs Delusion XXX LW #6 Ilmari @Buantso Lehkonen C #13 Risto @Dominointi Järvi RW #91 Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha LD #78 Kristian-Mikael @Nassustelija Katajisto RD #43 Wille @willekunq Juntunen G #88 Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen Other players on roster: FWD Kristian @kriketski17 Veijola D Vesa @VesKuLiNe Voutilainen G Reittu @Roisto999 Hynynen Delusion 🥈 Group stage record: 14-0-0 (2nd) Round 1: vs Shooting Stars 3-0 Round 2: vs Reality Check 3-0 Quarterfinals: vs POGGERS 3-0 Semifinals: vs FILADELPHIA 3-2 LW #9 Joakim @Joukki Nyholm C #96 Perttu @Beniittto Kemppainen RW #21 Tuukka @Tuukka.R Röpelinen LD #82 Janne @Janzuh Nyqvist RD #63 Ilmari @Ilmari_30 Töyrylä G #25 Casper @ICappeI Lundgren Other players on roster: G Janne @JanneK. Komsa FILADELPHIA 🥉 Regular season record: 11-1-0 (5th) Round 1: vs Oton Letkutemppu 3-0 Quarterfinals: vs Vesa Pompa HC 3-0 Semifinals: vs TIKI TALK 3-0 Bronze Game: vs Butterfly Effect 2-1 LW #44 Paul @PleeMaker Arontie C #86 Joonas @Juunas Paatiala RW #25 Erik @Eki Tammenpää LD #40 Joel @jtorro1233 Tourunen RD #7 Aleksi @vatalisti Loimuvirta G #8 Mika @FinKonna Paasinkontu Other players on roster: D Joonas @SUPERVIRTA Virta G Oskari @sibeelius Grönroos Butterfly Effect Regular season record: 11-1-0 (6th) Round 1: vs GHETTO FIREBIRDS 2-0 Quarterfinals: vs Unlucky Boys HC 2-0 Semifinals: vs HAVU Gaming 2-3 Bronze Game: vs FILADELPHIA 1-2 LW #89 Vili @Vilupoika Häkkinen C #91 Jere @jergelii Jortama RW #23 Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen LD #27 Aaro @xDoumi Ruuhinen RD #39 Ville-Petteri @vviljo Särmä G #92 Petri-Christian @PCJP Pelkonen Other players on roster: D Teemu @Xteemuz Polttila G Rami @ramseyy2 Rissanen We would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants and viewers, congratulations to HAVU Gaming on yet another championship! Stay tuned for a more detailed review and more soon!
  3. NHLGamers, (1) HAVU Gaming vs Delusion (2) Group stage record: 12-0-0 Round 1: vs We Kings 3-0 Round 2: vs Vaxjo Lakers HC 3-0 Quarterfinals: vs Roots 3-0 Semifinals: vs Butterfly Effect 3-2 Top scorer (Playoffs): @Buantso 14GP, 12+24=36 (3rd) Goaltender (Playoffs): @Hansulinho 14GP, 12W, 79,62 SV%, 1,57 GAA, 3 SO (2nd) It was not a walk in the park type of outing for HAVU this time around. Friday started off with games one and two between HAVU Gaming and Butterfly Effect and boy, was that a show! The first game saw a total of ten goals being scored, among those some great plays and beautiful efforts, but we also have to make note of the fact that the goalies weren't quite ready for the barrage they faced early on. HAVU managed to dominate the first half of the series despite being down early in both game 1 and 2. The break during the day did wonders for the play of Butterfly Effect though, which gave HAVU some trouble. Be it fatigue or whatever, let's hope that's all gone by Saturday morning cause that's when the real big games start. @Hansulinho reads @jergelii perfectly and keeps HAVU's dreams alive late in game 5: Group stage record: 14-0-0 Round 1: vs Shooting Stars 3-0 Round 2: vs Reality Check 3-0 Quarterfinals: vs POGGERS 3-0 Semifinals: vs FILADELPHIA 3-2 Top scorer (Playoffs): @Joukki 14GP, 23+16=39 (1st) Goaltender (Playoffs): @ICappeI 14GP, 12W, 84,90 SV%, 1,14 GAA, 5 SO (1st) For the longest time it's seemed like no one could dethrone FILADELPHIA or HAVU Gaming, but maybe these long-time top teams have finally met their match in the form of Delusion. The semifinal matchup against FILA really showed what Delusion are made of as @Joukki scored several beautiful goals as a result of incredible individual efforts. Delusion seemed to enjoy the vibe at GameXpo and had an overall good buzz going all day long, as the guys cheered each other on and celebrated wildly (for Finns) when scoring goals. @Joukki does a well-timed spin move to equalize game 4: Having seen the games live and experiencing the great atmosphere surrounding Delusion at the event, they could be a strong candidate to overtake the throne this year. We knew the offensive power that these guys possess, but in the semifinals we also saw that they can shut down a high level opponent effectively. HAVU has been a top team for as long as some of us can remember and that's speaking volumes about what caliber of team they are. It is highly doubtful that we've seen all the tricks they have up their sleeve yet. A reborn and refueled HAVU is expected to show up Saturday morning, hungry for another title. Preliminary schedule for Saturday, 16th of November: 11.00 CET FILADELPHIA vs Butterfly Effect - BRONZE GAME 12.45 CET Finals, games 1-2 13.55 CET Intermission 15.00 CET Finals, games 3-4 16.15 CET Finals, game 5 * 17.00 CET Finals, game 6 * 17.30 CET Finals, game 7 * *If required. All games will be streamed on IS Streamcorner Twitch. Who do you think will win?
  4. NHLGamers, We're almost there, the most anticipated league of the year is starting and you still have time to join the action! ECL 9 Elite kicked off with a bang last night and next week will be your turn to show us what you've got. This season, we're also introducing the ECL Neo, a division for new NHL gamers to get adjusted to playing in a league and the requirements that it has on a team and its players. See it as an incubator for future potential. ECL Neo will also be suitable for players who want to play games at a less stressful pace as this division only has two suggested weekly game days. Alongside Neo, we will run Lite, Pro and Elite as usual. Sign up NOW, as the signups will close tomorrow, Friday 15th of November at 23:59 CET. Sign up for ECL 9 Pro here 32 teams Sign up: ECL Pro eligible teams Gamedays: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Regular season: Two groups Playoffs: 16 teams Best-of-7 8 days per round Sign up for ECL 9 Lite here 48-64 teams (TBC) Sign up: Anyone can apply for ECL Lite Teams will be decided by Franchise history, Roster composition and EASHL record ECL Lite registrants are also allowed to apply for a spot in ECL Pro Teams signing up for ECL Lite that don't make it into ECL Pro or ECL Lite will be automatically placed in ECL Neo Gamedays: Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday Regular season: Four groups Playoffs: 32 teams Best-of-7 8 days per round Sign up for ECL 9 Neo here 32+ teams Sign up: Without restrictions Gamedays: Wednesday & Sunday Regular season: Four groups Playoffs: 16 teams Best-of-5 7 days per round Gather your team, sign up and we'll see you on the ice!
  5. NHLGamers, Another day, another story! It is with great pleasure we continue welcoming new professional sports organisations into our growing community. This time we have the honour of announcing that the roster of Northern Ascendancy will from now on be representing Luleå Hockey. The team is a combination of the former Northern Stars and Northern Ascendancy, where a multinational core of players combine talent, skill and experience for a lethal force on the ice. "It's an interesting initiative to grow the sport and increase interest in the youth community and that's why we've decided to venture into NHL esports. We're going into this with an open mind and have now acquired a roster that will represent Luleå Hockey going forward." - Stefan Enbom, CEO of Luleå Hockey "Playing under the Luleå banner generated a great amount of interest and we're very happy with our decision to recruit the guys we have for our team. It's a group of experienced players who have played together for several years and have top 4 finishes in both the ECL and SCL under their belt. We're moving fast in traditional hockey and we aim to do the same in esports. ECL Elite starts this week and our team takes on the challenge of competing for the best European team in hockey esports." - Andreas @AntzLhf Joanson, Sporting director at Luleå Hockey For some comments about the team, we caught up with skilled defenseman and assistant captain Hampus @The_Alpha_Furyan Duvefelt: What was it with Luleå Hockey that made you want to sign with them? Well, first of all it’s a classic Swedish hockey team. Luleå might not have 100+ years of history, but in the 42 years they’ve been around they’ve played in the top Swedish league for most of that time. What made us keen to represent Luleå though was their incredible enthusiasm when it came to the world of NHL esports. Not to mention their exciting vision for the future. Having someone like Andreas @AntzLhf – who is familiar with EASHL and NHLGamer – leading this venture on Luleås part gave us a lot of trust that they would “get it right”, which was important to us. We had a few other offers, but Andreas consistently made sure to let us know the clubs plans moving forward and how much they specifically wanted to bring us onboard and in the end, that was one of the deciding factors. What will set Luleå apart from the competition going forward? Off-ice, I think the dedication and commitment from Luleå Hockey to developing their esports section will be as good as any organization in the NHLGamer scene. We feel confident we will have everything we need to be able to perform our best in EASHL competition. On-ice, we’ll continue to rely on our usual quick offense and creative passing game we’ve been using for the past couple of tournaments. When its off its off… but when it’s on, it can hopefully wreak some have havoc for our opponents. What are your thoughts in general on several traditional hockey organisations recruiting esports rosters? What do you see as the potential benefits? Well, I know I speak for everyone when I say its an amazing and inspiring thing. To actually put pen on paper and sign a contract to play the game you’ve played for years and years, since you were a kid, just feels tremendous. Unreal, almost. The benefits for the scene are hard to put into words. It means everything to have esports organizations like HAVU and sports organizations like DEG, ZSC Lions, Växjö Lakers, Färjestad BK and now Luleå Hockey join our community and show that faith in us that this can continue to grow and evolve. For the teams themselves, it's probably exciting to open up a new way of communicating with fans and to perhaps one day play in a league against each other – capitalizing on the already existing rivalries. For example, we look forward to playing Färjestad where you’ll have both the rivalry of Northern Ascendancy vs. Bucketeers, but also Luleå vs. Färjestad. NHLGamer extends a warm thank you to Hampus and wishes good luck in their debut season wearing the Luleå colors. Follow Luleå Hockey Esport on their Twitter and Twitch channels for all the updates you might want on the team! Luleå Hockey Luleå Hockey hails from the city of Luleå in Northern Sweden. Having been founded in 1977 makes the club rather young, but despite that they have had some success in the form of one national championship, one European Trophy and their most recent trophy - a CHL victory in 2015. Luleå Hockey has been the incubator for highlight reel talent like Linus Omark and journeyman goaltender Anders Nilsson to name a few.
  6. NHLGamers, The season of competitive NHL is well underway, but we’re just starting to ramp up the heat with the ECL kicking off and more good things in our near future. The skill and hard work in this community does not go unnoticed as all of us together act as the driving forces for the sport that we love. With that being said, it’s an honour to have the opportunity to present the newest organisation entering competitive NHL - Färjestad BK! Färjestad BK is one of the most successful Swedish hockey clubs and therefore it is only right that they would acquire a prestigious virtual counterpart as they will be represented by the former Bucketeers. The team was formed in 2016 and has been playing together in some capacity ever since. ECL 5 was their first outing at NHLGamer and after one season of getting acquainted, they quickly paved their way to Elite competition in consecutive seasons from ECL 6 to ECL 8. The teams strongest competitive showing so far was the first SCL season in the spring of 2019, when they placed 3rd after going undefeated through the group stage. Stefan Larsson, CEO of Färjestad BK comments as follows: “Of course, this is an interesting investment that we are getting into. The esports is growing globally and is already established in many other sports such as basketball and football. We are inspired by the opportunity to step into a relatively unknown but potentially large market, where we hope and believe in strong synergies going forward.” What is the long-term goal of FBK in esports? “It is still too early to say what the long-term goal may include, but I see it as we now have an opportunity to broaden the Färjestad BK brand by reaching people we may not have previously been able to reach. This creates a potential platform for us to grow in the future, even in a digital world.” - Stefan Larsson, CEO of Färjestad BK We also got in touch with team captain Filip @Obagol Feldt for some comments about their team and what’s in the horizon for them: What will your squad look like the upcoming season? How have you improved your game? There have been a couple of changes in the squad quite recently. Our long-time captain @Dercie has unfortunately decided to step down and take a break from NHL. We have also lost our left defender Daniel @Demski13 Gadd who is a part of another interesting project. We have therefore had to replace two top players and really nice persons and we have found excellent replacements in Mattias @Tacterz Hjelm (LW) and Atte @Aze Turtiainen (LD). Bucketeers is mostly known as a compact and defensive minded team. We know that we can always rely on that part. We have most recently focused on improving our pressure and our offense and we strongly believe that Tacterz together with Robin @Rubituss Söderqvist, Christoffer @I-Maise-I Berntsson and Matti @SelanneFIN Makkonen will form an offensive force to be reckoned with. We are very happy with the squad we have registered for ECL. We enter the ECL with a squad consisting of four forwards, four defenders and two goalkeepers. Our offensive lineup looks really interesting and we believe we have a lot of experience and stability on the defensive side as well with Finnish defender l-Aze-l bringing a lot to the table. We also have reliable defenders in long-term team members Johan @Jerkix Eriksson and Pontus @Terasniska Teräsniska. Another interesting recruit is Anton @pajenc Carlsson who not only is a useful addition on the back end but he can play on any position and is a useful asset to any team. We have also recruited an exciting goalkeeper in Pascal @Waern26 Waern who is not yet especially known on the ECL stage. It will be interesting to follow his journey and continuous development. He will be in charge of guarding the net together with myself. What does it mean for your players to represent a big and well-known organization such as Färjestad BK? It feels like the NHL esports is growing rapidly and we are very proud and happy to become a part of Färjestad BK as they are now entering the esports scene. We have a very close cooperation and we believe that Färjestad can help us develop and take our game to the next level. Färjestad always strives to become the best at everything they do and that is very inspiring to us. I think it is safe to say we have never been more excited about the future! Do you have any relations to Färjestad within the team? As of right now we have a couple of guys with a close relationship to the team and to the city. Jerkix, Tacterz and our newest recruit Waernn_ are all big supporters of the team. Färjestad BK plays in a city called Karlstad and since Rubituss most likely will move here we will have three players in the city in the near future (Tacterz and Jerkix already live in Karlstad). That helps us a lot in the day-to-day contact and it is of course something of a dream come true for our players who have been long-time supporters of the team to also represent them in the esports scene. What are your goals as a club in the near future? We will strive to become the best team in Sweden and in Europe. It is a long and tough journey to get to that point, but we are more than ready to put in the work that is required to get us there. We feel like we have improved much since our third place in the SCL in spring and want to keep improving in every game and every season. Färjestad BK has high ambitions just like us and it will be super exciting to find out what we can achieve together. Let’s get this started! Thanks for a great interview and extensive answers to Obagol. Good luck with the upcoming season to the team! FBK’s ECL season kicks off Wednesday - stay tuned for more announcements regarding that. You can follow the team on their social media channels over at Twitter, YouTube and Twitch. Färjestad BK FBK is one of the absolute Elite organisations in Sweden. The team hails from Karlstad in central Sweden and managed playoffs for 20 years straight between the seasons of 94-95 and 13-14. Färjestad is also one of the most economically prevalent clubs in Sweden, showcasing their excellent management alongside strong performances on the ice.
  7. Image credit: Estudios Zürich NHLGamers, It’s yet another beautiful day as we get to announce another traditional sports franchise solidifying their presence in the rapidly growing esports environment. This time the Swiss hockey powerhouse ZSC Lions are making an entry into NHL esports by signing Swiss-based team The Black Jacks. The team, led by captain Sven @Original-SnuS Julmi has been competing at the ECL stage for three total seasons now, being promoted to the pro level to cap off a championship run in ECL 7. The three founding members SnuS, Mike @burban26 Müller and Mario @Cami_7 Camenzind are still proudly sporting the teams colours after transitioning over from Xbox in late 2017. Besides ECL competition the former The Black Jacks have played GCL rather successfully, amassing three seasons worth of experience but never managing to overcome their arch nemesis BRAYCE Phantoms in the finals. Is that the hottest non-scandinavian rivalry in the scene? "I met our manager Hakan Pazarcikli at a Call of Duty tournament some time ago, we had a short chat and I asked about the possibility to host an NHL tournament, which he showed some interest in. The tournament was held and with 124 participants signing up, we had proven the potential of NHL esports even in a non-traditional market like Switzerland. Negotiations ensued and Hakan managed to get us in touch with ZSC Lions about a 1 year engagement in NHL esports. We are happy to act as pioneers in the Swiss NHL community and eager to collect valuable experience with this project." - Captain Sven “Original_SnuS” Julmi on the negotiation process Image credit: Estudios Zürich & NHLGamer We had a short chat with captain @Original-SnuS about his feelings on the new partnership: ZSC Lions is one of the more prestigious Swiss clubs and seems to have the urge to be pioneers on many fronts (Case Matthews). Now heading into esports, how does it feel to represent an organisation like ZSC Lions? We are honoured to represent this club on the virtual ice. I am very happy that one of the best Swiss clubs showed interest in taking this step. We will proudly represent the colour of ZSC Lions in every game. You’ve now established yourselves as a Pro level team - what are your goals going into your second season at that level? Well, we only have one season behind us. The first one was decent but showed a lot of our weak points. Rest assured those quirks have been worked out and the next step is reaching playoffs. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves by setting bigger goals than that. The team didn’t give us any specific performance related goals to meet. ZSC Lions eSports will play their first games on Sunday, 3rd of November in a friendly matchup against Växjö Lakers. The puck drops at 20:00 CET and the action can be followed at www.twitch.tv/zscesports. Team captains Mike @burban26 Müller (A), Sven @Original-SnuS Julmi (C) and Reto @afc_Tschitsch Ulrich (A) Image credit: Estudios Zürich ZSC Lions ZSC Lions is a hockey club hailing from the Swiss city of Zürich. The club was founded in 1930 and is one of the most prestigious clubs in the country with a total of eight national championships and several other accomplishments such as a CHL championship in 2009. The club is also known for being Auston Matthews’ home for the 2015-2016 season when the superstar got his first taste of pro hockey after going through the US National Team Development Program. ZSC Lions is the first Swiss organisation to venture into NHL esports.
  8. NHLGamers, IS Cup 4 is well on its way and we've been treated to a some great games already. Over the course of the group stage we've seen a massive 2,984 goals scored in 462 matches, we also have three teams are who yet to be beaten, and four more who have only dropped one game thus far. All this means is that the playoffs are going to be heck of a treat to watch for the spectators as the 32 most competitive teams go to head to head, with the goal of making their way into the final four, securing a spot at GameXpo - as well as a shot at the title itself. As this group stage has been played under a particularly tight set schedule, we would like to take a moment and thank all participating teams for working well within the given limitations. Please note that the schedule for the IS Cup 4 playoffs is as follows: Round 1: 28.10 - 30.10 Round 2: 31.10 - 3.11 Quarterfinals: 4.11 - 6.11 Semifinals & Finals @ GameXpo: 15-16.11 Regarding the matchups we feel that transparency is the best policy. As such, it has to come our attention that the rule book had an omission in that when tie-breaking teams from different groups, PPG was ignored, with the following statistics being used instead to seed teams: Wins*; Goal difference*; Scored goals*. The major oversight in this was of course, a team could end up being seeded below another team despite finishing at an equal rank in a group while having earned more points over the course of the regular season. As such, we felt that such an omission should be corrected for as opposed to carrying on and the rules have been clarified. Without further ado, here are the matchups for round 1: (1) HAVU Gaming vs We Kings (32) (2) Delusion vs Shooting Stars (31) (3) Symphony vs Alliance HT (30) (4) TIKI TALK vs HC SKULL TOWN (29) (5) FILADELPHIA vs Oton Letkutemppu (28) (6) Butterfly Effect vs GHETTO FIREBIRDS (27) (7) Bucketeers vs Miracle (26) (8) POGGERS vs BRAYCE Phantoms (25) (9) Synergy Hockey vs Vaxjo Lakers HC (24) (10) Dynasty vs Reality Check (23) (11) Northern Ascendancy vs Nordic Lightning (22) (12) Roots vs Nightmare (21) (13) Unlucky Boys HC vs Sandstorm (20) (14) Vesa Pompa HC vs Black Horse (19) (15) Raccoon Rampage vs Checkmate (18) (16) Cowabunga Hockey vs Almost Famous (17) We would like to wish all of the teams good luck! Please agree on your game times as soon as possible and let us know in the comments when your games will be played. We will be broadcasting some games during the playoffs, so knowing our options well ahead of time gives us the best chances of featuring matchups! Also feel free to let us know your predictions for this round in the comments!
  9. NHLGamers, We’re proudly welcoming yet another traditional sports organisation into the world of esports and NHL gaming as Växjö Lakers from Sweden have acquired the team formerly known as Lavetten. Recently we’ve seen an increasing number of teams sign deals and represent various organisations in our tournaments, not only is this a step towards a more professional environment but it is growing the game that we love. With traditional sports teams such as Düsseldorf, AIK and today Växjö Lakers joining our ranks we create a connection between the traditional sport and the quickly growing esports scene. This connection will hopefully induce growth on both the virtual and real life sides of the sport. Fredrik Sandberg from the Växjö Lakers organisation highlights the fact that esports is an uncharted territory for them: “In esports, we’re reaching a new demographic in which we see tremendous potential. We’re excited about setting the Växjö Lakers brand into new waters and very happy to have a few hometown guys on the roster.” We caught up with Växjö Lakers captains Fredric @EDHOLMINHO Edholm and Fredrik @Kattenj Jansson for a short interview about the teams current status: How did this project take off and is there a specific connection to Växjö within your team? Fredrik (Kattenj): It all took off a couple weeks back when we made the decision to make a return as Lavetten. One of our new recruits is @Hockeyjohannes, who mentioned that he’s been in talks with Växjö previously and that there’s interest on that front. After some emails back and forth with Fredrik Sandberg at Växjö, we set up a meeting and things went on smoothly from there. We’ve got three guys from Växjö on our roster, so that’s the main reason and it’s with pride we represent our club. Both of you have represented Lavetten before, your new roster consists of some familiar faces but a whole bunch of new guys, what kind of hockey can we expect from you guys in IS Cup 4? Fredrik (Kattenj): Both me and Edholm have represented Lavetten before. Ever since that era came to an end, we have been thinking about joining forces again and now the time seemed right. We knew our team could be successful if we find the right pieces to fit our puzzle. We’ve been able to recruit a competitive roster with impressive depth and having @Hullued as our backstop is a great confidence boost. Our aim is to play fast counter hockey and I believe that is something we’ve excelled at in the last few weeks. We’ve been on a hard grind and are definitely ready for what IS Cup has in store for us. How excited are you about representing Växjö Lakers and what are your goals for IS Cup 4? Fredric (EDHOLMINHO): First of all, we’re extremely grateful to have this opportunity. Växjö Lakers is a large and very well-known organisation and it’s very motivating to represent them in the upcoming IS Cup. Our number one goal is to make the playoffs, after that we’ll see what we can make happen. The roster of Växjö Lakers for IS Cup 4 Växjö Lakers Esport will be making their debut tonight as they face the German based Shooting Stars in an IS Cup 4 double-header tonight at 21:00 CEST. The games can be watched on the Växjö Lakers Esport Twitch channel and will be commentated by Adam @esdor Ericson. The team also has new Twitter and Instagram profiles that they welcome you to follow. Växjö Lakers Växjö Lakers Hockey Club, commonly referred to as Växjö Lakers is an ice hockey club playing at the highest level in Sweden (SHL). The club was founded in 1997 and plays their home games at Vida Arena. Despite their short history, the team has seen some success in recent years, hoisting the Le Mat Trophy awarded to the SHL champions in both 2015 and 2018.
  10. Hi there NHLGamers, We're kicking off the 4th iteration of the IS Cup with a bang. At NHLGamer we really appreciate the possibility to cooperate with Ilta-Sanomat on this traditional tournament. This year we welcomed teams from all around Europe and with that we're happy to say that we've set an IS Cup record in terms of teams signing up. With 73 total teams signed up this time, let's make sure we are as welcoming to new members as possible to make sure we continue on this path. If you didn't read our news story with information about the event and prize pool, check it out here. The group stage kicks off today on Sunday 13th of October. Default gamedays are set to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Please prioritize your default opponents when scheduling. All games have to be played by Sunday, October 20th at 23:59 CEST. Please head over here to find the group stage schedule. Now let's get into all you need to know: IS Cup 4 Rules As usual, we have fine-tuned our ruleset, so we suggest you give them a good read before going ahead with your games! Please find the rulebook here. Tournament Administration All league related verdicts will be decided by the Tournament Administration. To open up a case, visit the new Support section on the forums. Please note: before contacting the Tournament Administration, teams are expected to solve issues they might have on their own. Familiarize yourself with our rules first, as they include lots of guidance for different issues. League Administration is always to be used as the last resort to solve any disagreements. In which group can I find each team? Groups were drawn by dividing teams into baskets based on skill level and previous merit. Each group contains an even amount of teams from each basket. The groups were revealed in our stream on Saturday, October 12th. Team management tools All teams have been created, the team management tools on the main page have been unlocked for the team captains (find the Team Tools dropdown in the top right corner of the menu). All players need to be invited to the team rosters ahead of your first game. Please note that all invited players need to accept the invitation (there will be a popup alert on the main page for them) before they show up on the team roster and can start playing! Playoffs A total of 32 teams will make the playoffs The top 3 teams from each group will progress to the playoffs Out of all the remaining teams across all groups, the top 2 based on PPG will be selected to advance. Playoff Seeding Group winners are seeded #1-10 Group runners-up #11-20 Teams that finished 3rd #21-30 Remaining teams with the highest PPG #31-32 The seeding of the teams within these levels will be decided using the usual tiebreakers, found in 11.3 of the IS Cup 4 Rules. Playoff Schedule Based on your feedback we were able to extend the playoffs to give the teams a little bit more time during these important games. Online Playoffs 28.10.-6.11. Round 1 (BO5): 28.-30.10. Round 2 (BO5): 31.10.-3.11. Quarterfinals (BO5): 4.11.-6.11. Semi-finals & Finals @ GameXpo 15.-16.11. Friday, November 15th 2019: Fri 15.11. @ 13.30 Semifinal #1, games 1-2 Fri 15.11. @ 14.45 Semifinal #2, games 1-2 Fri 15.11. @ 17.00 Semifinal #1, games 3-5 * Fri 15.11. @ 18.45 Semifinal #2, games 3-5 * Saturday, November 16th 2019: Sat 16.11. @ 12.00 Bronze Battle Sat 16.11. @ 13.45 Finals, games 1-2 Sat 16.11. @ 14.55 Intermission Sat 16.11. @ 16.00 Finals, games 3-4 Sat 16.11. @ 17.15 Finals, games 5 * Sat 16.11. @ 18.00 Finals, games 6 * Sat 16.11. @ 18.30 Finals, games 7 * *as necessary Semifinals = Best-of-Five Bronze battle = Best-of-Three Finals = Best-of-Seven Captain and player chat on Discord You can join the NHLGamer Discord and talk to your fellow players. For captains there's the captain channel, where you can ask fellow captains for help, schedule games or get notified of anything important going on right now. You can join the Discord by clicking here. The Discord is available throughout all of the NHLGamer leagues and tournaments. In case you have further questions, feel free to use the comment section below this article. We hope everyone has a great IS Cup 4 and good luck to all teams!
  11. NHLGamers, In the background of all the NHL 20-hype, we've been experiencing the finals of our annual Summer Cup and as we're used to, we saw some great stories and a somewhat surprising champion at the end - congratulations to NG Moevenpick! The Summer Cup is a tournament aimed to generate new friendships (or rivalries) and unite our community into a more casual environment while still having competitive games going on for you guys. With the somewhat renewed drafting system we employed in this years iteration we wanted to both level the playing field in the sense that teams would be more balanced and simultaneously promote the networking aspect of our tournament. NG Moevenpick 🏆 Regular season record: 11-4-3 Round 1: vs NG Baarikarpanen 3-2 Quarterfinals: vs NG Take Me To Church 3-2 Semifinals: vs NG Karaokemiehet 3-2 Finals: vs NG Vilun Taksi 3-0 Goaltenders #29 S.Netcirgenov @Darcam #33 J.Plattner @Joshua Plattner (C) Defensemen #9 M.Tetarenko @Toneee9 #19 S.Braun @Charly #55 R.Sepp @x Holtbeast #63 N.Schmitz @xXPsykoSkillsXx Forwards #6 J.Palapuz @Krinke #11 S.Seibert @Seibertus94 #22 B.Stotz @xxairmax1oo #34 F.Kiss @ProfaneKiss #79 T.Mouting @LosTypos #89 A.Eder @Fire_019 #96 -.Zettsyuk @Playmaker Congratulations to our champions NG Moevenpick! Captain Darth-SidiouzZ comments on his teams success as follows: "No one really expected us to go that far and to even win the whole tournament makes it that much more satisfying. It was a really exciting league, but now we wish all the best for all teams in NHL 20 😉👍" We're hoping to hear your thoughts on this years Summer Cup, so please share your feedback in the comments section. We know you guys are passionate and want games to play throughout the year, how can we make your experience even better? Keep in mind the original reasoning behind the Summer Cup though, we want to keep it casual and promote networking. Shoot!
  12. Hey NHLGamers! The sun is coming up and the Summer Cup 4 is about to start soon. Here is our service announcement that provides all the necessary details for all captains and regular players to be ready for today's Live Draft and the league start. THE DRAFT The Live Draft will take place today, Sunday 4th of August, on NHLGamer Twitch at 17 CEST / 18 EEST and we will be streaming for approximately ~6 hours in an effort to draft all of the ~400 players, meaning the draft procedure will be finished by 00 CEST / 01 CEST. This will require all of the captains to make their selection in 30-60 seconds per turn. @Kenu and @Janikka will be functioning as our hosts during that time. We will also have a few topics to discuss, and are happy to answer any questions that come up in the chat! To all captains: We have sent out a private message to all of you, asking to confirm your presence for today's draft. It is crucial all of you are able to attend - otherwise we need to find backup captains on short notice! You have also been sent a message with more information about the player list and options to get connected. The draft order will be decided in a draft lottery, which we will broadcast very shortly, so get ready for a marathon stream! The draft will be a so-called 'snake draft', meaning that if you get the first pick in round 1, you will have the last pick in round 2. If you had the last pick in round 1, you'll have the first pick in round 2 - and so on. In addition to this, based on your feedback we've decided to run the draft with option number 1 from the SC announcement last week: Every team should have 1 Elite, 1 Pro and 1 Lite player in their roster after the first two rounds. For example: If you as a captain played in the Elite division in ECL 8, you have to pick one Pro and one Lite player in the first two rounds. If you as a a captain played in the Pro division in ECL 8, you have to pick one Elite and one Lite player in the first two rounds. If you as a captain played in the Lite division in ECL 8, you have to pick one Elite and one Pro player in the first two rounds. If you are a rookie and didn't play ECL before, you get recognized as a Lite player and have to pick one Elite and one Pro player in the first two rounds. After these first two rounds however your picks are unrestricted. We do kindly ask all players and captains to be aware of the picks of the other captains because our code will not cover this rule, so we have to manually catch those eventual mistakes. USEFUL LINKS FOR FOLLOWING THE DRAFT We will do our best to entertain you and keep you up to date on our stream. However, if you're a captain, or simply enjoy browsing through lists, you might find these useful. Full list of everyone who signed up for Summer Cup 4 (static) Same as above, but only including players that are undrafted (dynamic) See the draft picks here (dynamic) Static means that the information will not be updating, while dynamic means that these pages will update (requires a browser refresh) according to what happens in the draft DO YOU WISH TO BE A CAPTAIN? As always, if you're in anyway interested in being a captain but haven't been able to update your sign-up sheet to show this, then please send a message to @jahajaha93 and / or @MartindalexC as soon as possible. The more captains the better as it allows us to make sure that we hit our targets and thusly can provide you, the player, with the best Summer Cup experience possible! THE RULES The ruleset for this year's Summer Cup is currently being tweaked, however we will try to make it available to all players as soon as possible, so please stay tuned. LEAGUE FORMAT As we get a better picture on how many captains there are (and thusly the amount of teams) we will update this. Generally speaking however, we are looking to have 4 groups, with 8/9 teams in each. Additionally, we are aiming to have the regular season run for around 3 weeks, giving us this timeline: Regular season: 5.8.-25.8. Playoffs round 1: 26.8.-28.8. Quarter Finals: 29.8.-1.9. Semi Finals: 2.-4.9. Finals: 5.-7.9. As you may have noticed, the schedule for the SC this time around is quite intensive. All this means is that it is especially important that captains draft players who are available more often than not. That's all you need to know for now. Make sure to tune in for today's Live Draft!
  13. NHLGamers, That's another one in the books! What a weekend we've had at Assembly Summer 2019. Four tremendously skilled teams showed up to battle for the brightest medal, but one prevailed as champion - HAVU Gaming! It's been a year of success for the team, as they've now acquired three major titles during NHL 19. The ECL 8 and Spring League championships under the Written In The Stars banner and now the FCL championship in their new green HAVU Gaming colours. All in all, we can state that HAVU was the team to beat in NHL 19. The Top 4 of FCL 6vs6 season 1: HAVU Gaming 🏆 Regular season record: 12-2-0 Round 1: vs POGGERS 2-0 Quarterfinals: vs Almost Famous 2-0 Semifinals: vs Butterfly Effect 2-0 Finals: vs FILADELPHIA 3-0 LW #6 Ilmari @Buantso Lehkonen C #13 Risto @Dominointi Järvi RW #91 Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha LD #78 Kristian-Mikael @Nassustelija Katajisto RD #43 Wille @willekunq Juntunen G #88 Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen FILADELPHIA 🥈 Regular season record: N/A Round 1: vs Invictus 2-0 Quarterfinals: vs GHETTO FIREBIRDS 2-0 Semifinals: vs Symphony 2-0 Finals: vs Havu Gaming 0-3 LW #44 Paul @PleeMaker Arontie C #86 Joonas @Juunas Paatiala RW #25 Erik @Eki Tammenpää LD #82 Janne @Janzuh Nyqvist RD #7 Aleksi @vatalisti Loimuvirta G #88 Oskari @sibeelius Grönroos Butterfly Effect 🥉 Regular season record: 9-2-1 Round 1: vs Rusty Blades 2-0 Quarterfinals: vs Northern Ascendancy 2-0 Semifinals: vs Havu Gaming 0-2 Bronze Game: vs Symphony 1-0 LW #89 Vili @Vilupoika Häkkinen C #91 Jere @jergelii Jortama RW #23 Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen LD #27 Aaro @xDoumi Ruuhinen RD #39 Ville-Petteri @vviljo Särmä G #85 Reittu @Roisto999 Hynynen Symphony Regular season record: 9-2-1 Round 1: vs Dynasty 2-1 Quarterfinals: vs SOPPAJENGI 2-0 Semifinals: vs FILADELPHIA 0-2 Bronze Game: vs Butterfly Effect 1-0 LW #92 Joakim @Joukki Nyholm C #96 Perttu @Beniittto Kemppainen RW #9 Santeri @indi969 Pendolin LD #4 Markus @Makeaxl Lahti RD #63 Ilmari @Ilmari_30 Töyrylä G #25 Casper @ICappeI Lundgren Champions, enjoy this feeling! NHLGamer extends a warm thank you to everyone who made their way to Assembly Summer and checked in on the stream. Also a big thank you to Gigantti who made it all possible! Next up is the Summer Cup, if that's not for you, we'll see you in NHL 20!
  14. NHLGamers, The FCL season has been played in a quick pace so we can't really be talking about a "long, exhausting season" here. Instead we'll bring up the interesting and somewhat extraordinary circumstances that we're heading into the final weekend from. Everyone that's somewhat caught up with what's happening around the EA Sports NHL franchise is aware of the fact that the NHL 20 Beta has been out for the past few days. The fact that all of the players involved have spent the days leading up to a major tournament playing a completely different game might be mind-boggling to some, but I've heard through the grapevine that these guys trust their skill enough to not let that faze them. Nevertheless, all of that adds to the interesting nature of these finals. There's a lot on the line and the best team is going to take it home come Saturday evening. (#1) FILADELPHIA vs Symphony (#8) FILADELPHIA Regular season record: N/A GF/GA (Regular season): N/A Road to the Semi's: vs Invictus (2-0), vs GHETTO FIREBIRDS (2-0) FILADELPHIA headed into the tournament from an interesting position. It's customary in esports for a reigning champion to participate by invite but this is the first time that model is put into practice at NHLGamer. Some people worried if their form would be there and I would personally feel a bit odd coming into a tournament directly into the playoffs, but FILA passed that test with flying colours. Playing with exactly the same lineup as last time they took the title, we can surely expect them to put forth an impressive campaign once again. The advantage FILA has is certainly their established chemistry and according to themselves on multiple occasions a relaxed team spirit. FILADELPHIA has done some team practice in NHL 19 during the past week, so that might also benefit them. Symphony Regular season record: 9-2-1 GF/GA (Regular season): 54/13 Road to the Semi's: vs Dynasty (2-1), vs SOPPAJENGI (2-0) We saw symphony at the finals of IS Cup 3 too, as they finished 3rd after an outstanding campaign in which they dominated their groupstage and suffered their only playoff series loss against the eventual champion FILADELPHIA in the semifinals. The team has experienced some player turnover since then, but the efforts so far seem to be indicative of an eventual top 3 finish again. It'll be interesting to see how they fare against FILA this time, as their opponents are sporting exactly the same lineup as last time. The changes in Symphony has sacrificed a bit on their defensive end but bolstered their goaltending as they signed Swedish superstar netminder @ICappeI, which has turned out to be a great move. The Swede has been hard to beat and will definitely make scoring difficult for FILA. (#4) HAVU Gaming vs Butterfly Effect (#7) HAVU Gaming Regular season record: 12-2-0 GF/GA (Regular season): 72/17 Road to the Semi's: vs POGGERS (2-0), vs Almost Famous (2-0) The former Written In The Stars kicked off FCL with a boom as they announced their affiliation with HAVU Gaming and with that also assumed their name and appearance. The first few games under the new banner were a bit shaky, but in reality, no concern was warranted. The players were still the same and so was the game. After all, these are your reigning European champions. HAVU quickly took up pace and finished 2nd in their group after SOPPAJENGI. The playoffs haven't proven to be a challenge for these guys as they've swept the opposition in both matchups, and as a 4th seed these opponents were viable teams to put up a fight in POGGERS and Almost Famous. Butterfly Effect Regular season record: 9-2-1 GF/GA (Regular season): 58/15 Road to the Semi's: vs Rusty Blades (2-0), vs Northern Ascendancy (2-0) Butterfly Effect has played a tournament for the ages so far in the FCL. They quickly made their come up by grinding through our ECL divisions system and has been a consistent Elite performer ever since - though never really pushing past the last barrier. With the FCL they allowed themselves the possibility to do so by putting forth a satisfying groupstage effort but going off on a tear in the playoffs by dominating both Rusty Blades and Northern Ascendancy in their BO3 series. Youngster @NikkeDangles has been their main new recruit and he has performed extraordinarily alongside captain @jergelii and top-scorer @Vilupoika. FLY is looking good and are now also hoping to prove it in their first lan event. HAVU is a big mountain to climb, but an upset is not out of the question. Preliminary schedule for Saturday 3.8: (Times in CEST) 12:30-13:00 FILADELPHIA vs Symphony - Game 1 13:00-13:30 Symphony vs FILADELPHIA - Game 2 13:30-14:00 FILADELPHIA vs Symphony - Game 3 14:00-14:30 HAVU Gaming vs Butterfly Effect - Game 1 14:30-15:00 Butterfly Effect vs HAVU Gaming - Game 2 15:00-15:30 HAVU Gaming vs Butterfly Effect - Game 3 —————————————— 30 MIN BREAK —————————————— 16:00-16:45 SF1 Loser vs SF2 Loser - Bronze Game 17:00-20:10 Finals, BO5 Arttu @OLVARI Hämäläinen and Joonas @SUPERVIRTA Virta will be your commentators throughout the day. All games will be streamed on the Pelaajat.com Twitch channel.
  15. NHLGamers, It's been a long Friday at Assembly Summer, but at the end of the day we're pleased to announce your new FCL 1vs1 champion - @kriketski17! Let's take a look back at 's road to the championship: Group stage record: 9-1-0-0 Knockout stage: vs Janeccu91 2-0 vs @Ojamoska 2-0 vs @Vilupoika 2-1 Finals group stage: 2-0-1-0 Quarterfinals vs @Dreamickie 2-0 Semifinals vs @FlyerKungen 2-0 Finals vs @Eki 2-0 The top 3 of FCL 1vs1 are: 1. @kriketski17 2. @Eki 3. @FlyerKungen NHLGamer would like to congratulate Kriketski17 on a tremendous tournament and the championship! See you tomorrow for some FCL 6vs6 action!
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