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  1. NHLGamers, First round action in the FCL was short but sweet! The games continue in quick succession as we are closing in on the grand final at Assembly Summer 2019. The quarterfinal round of playoffs is to be completed and reported by end-of-day Wednesday July 24th. Playoffs are played best-of-3 - meaning two wins takes you to the next round. FILADELPHIA (#1) vs GHETTO FIREBIRDS (#11) The reigning champion kicked off their FCL campaign by a first round matchup against Invictus, in which they showed no signs of rust or struggle to get going. Although Invictus put up a good fight in game 2 by taking it to double overtime, FILA were in the drivers seat all along. That is exactly what we are expecting of this series. The Firebirds have already played a sensational tournament by making it this far and have a chance of extending their streak by upsetting a giant in this series. They are heavy underdogs and have nothing to lose going into these games. The games will be played on Wednesday, 24th of July at 21 CEST. SOPPAJENGI (#2) vs Symphony (#8) I'll bet you most people hadn't even heard of SOPPAJENGI prior to the FCL. Their tournament so far has been a fairytale for them as they had an incredible road paved for them, starting with splitting points in their very first group stage matchup against HAVU Gaming. SOPPAJENGI is a wildcard and is by no means to be counted out of the top 4 contention. Although being one of the more established top-tier teams, Symphony only came in 3rd in their group 3. Swedish import goaltender @ICappeI paired with their overwhelming offensive firepower will be the tools they need in order to make a second consecutive final event appearance. According to current information, the games will be played on Wednesday 24th of July, time TBA. Northern Ascendancy (#3) vs Butterfly Effect (#7) Northern Ascendancy are sporting a somewhat different lineup than usual, as they are now trying to invade Finnish soil and therefore forced to comply with FCL rules. The teams new recruits are no slouches, as they've brought in veterans @Aze and @Nampa77 together with goalie @Supreex, who we're used to seeing between the posts for Rusty Blades in the past. Butterfly Effect are a younger team who made a fast rise to the top and have been steadily improving in the recent tournaments. Their lineup is stacked with talent. Don't be surprised if they manage to take the series. It looks like the games will be played on Tuesday, 23rd of July at 20 CEST. HAVU Gaming (#4) vs Almost Famous (#5) HAVU dropped a few positions due to surprising group stage losses but still managed to climb to a #4 spot overall. Despite not having an undefeated record this time around, they are as big of favourites as ever to take the trophy home. Almost Famous is going into the series with a rather heavy underdog status. The team has never beaten HAVU in a competitive setting and needs to do that twice in the coming days. To quote NHLGamer insider @vSilenttio: "aF good luck :D" Currently it looks like the series will be played today, Monday 22nd of July at 22:00 CEST. Stay tuned for possible broadcast announcements!
  2. NHLGamers, As promised, we'll be delivering a good amount of FCL action tonight. The group stage of the league is heading into the conclusive fixtures and we've secured some crucial games to be streamed for you guys. Arttu Hämäläinen and Joonas @SUPERVIRTA Virta will be your casters. Tonight's matchups: 20:00CEST Symphony - Blackdawgs Symphony were one of the favourites to win group 3, but due to unfortunate point losses against a surprisingly strong GHETTO FIREBIRDS and Virtual Horizons, their chances to win the group are looking slim. Blackdawgs are still in the playoff race, but this matchup will seal their fate. 21:00CEST POGGERS - Cannonieris POGGERS didn't do a lot of training efter their last ECL stint so their form was a bit in question, but they have surely proven themselves, going 5-1-0 so far and looking like very strong candidates to win their group. Cannonieris haven't performed up to par, but can put a dent into POGGERS' playoff aspirations tonight. 22:00CEST SOPPAJENGI - Supernatural Group 1 has a surprising leader as SOPPAJENGI has taken the league by storm. The eccentric mix of players managed to win favourite HAVU Gaming in their debut and have gone 10-0-0 in their last ten. Supernatural are out of the playoff race, but will be looking to effect SOPPAJENGI's playoff seed. Tune in tonight at www.twitch.tv/pelaajatcom
  3. NHLGamers, Today we’re extremely happy in announcing that Written In The Stars - our reigning ECL Champions and one of the most successful teams in the NHLGamer era has commenced a partnership together with HAVU Gaming - one of the most exciting organisations in Finnish esports. HAVU is one of the most well-established and active organisations in the Finnish esports scene and they have been announcing lots of convincing partnerships as of late. With the start of FCL today the timing is great to commence yet another tale of success. “HAVU has been looking for different options to expand into more games in competitive esports. Both the growth in popularity in different sporting games & the strong community and history around ice-hockey really made sense to go strongly into NHL esports. We had a great open discussion with the the team and our goals in the future were really similar. We want to show the world that Finnish NHL esports is going to stay in the absolute top also in the future. We are here to stay and to win titles.” - Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU Gaming "It is a great honor to welcome HAVU Gaming into NHL esports. HAVU has in only a couple years been able to make themselves an impressive powerhouse within esports and we know that anything they decide to dive into, they do it with focus and effort. NHL esports has taken some massive strides recently and a lot of the credit goes to organisations such as HAVU that possess the vision and courage to jump into uncharted territory, providing support to a very potential competitive NHL Gaming scene and bringing it to the eyes of an even bigger audience. Written In The Stars is the reigning ECL Champion and one of the most consistent performers in the NHLGamer era, I am confident these guys representing HAVU are destined to do great things in the future." -NHLGamer founder Kenneth @Kenu Lehtinen HAVU will from today onwards take the spot of Written In The Stars in ECL Elite. All team history will also be assumed by the new organisation. We had a short talk with the team captain Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha: HAVU has formed several interesting partnerships as of late and is making a convincing surge for the top of Finnish esports. What does it mean for you guys to represent HAVU? - We’re very excited and privileged to have this opportunity. HAVU has a great drive, an exciting brand and an organisation full of amazing people. We really got the feeling that HAVU wants to make a big push and invest in us, which surely adds to our excitement. How does it feel to turn a new page in the history of Written In The Stars? After all, you were one of the most consistent top-level performers in recent years at NHLGamer. - Personally I feel a bit sad, but all things must end someday and this new chapter will certainly be an interesting one. We’ve always wanted to lead the way and you’ll be seeing an even bigger push from us in the future tournaments. In the end, there’s nothing else but excitement about this new venture! Do you think the new organisation will effect your team in some way? What can we expect from HAVU’s NHL team going forward? - That’s a question you’ll have to ask again in a few months, but obviously the organisation having our backs will be a massive help to our team. We’ll have to take this chance in absorbing the positive energy and turning it into our asset moving forward. After all, we’re still playing the same game with the same guys, now only with more style! HAVU NHL Roster: Risto @Dominointi Järvi Ilmari @Buantso Lehkonen Topi @topikeranen Keränen Wille @willekunq Juntunen Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen Vesa @VesKuLiNe Voutilainen Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha Kristian-Mikael @Nassustelija Katajisto (In order of appearence in photo, from left to right) About HAVU Gaming Having been established in April of 2017, HAVU Gaming has just over 2 years worth of history in the rearview. Despite a rather young age, the organisation has been making waves in the esports world and is currently one of the most followed Finnish organisations. The organisations most notable accomplishments include a Finnish Esports League Counter Strike-championship in 2018 and a second place finish in 2019. In addition to this, HAVU has an impressive variety of streamers on their roster. Partnerships with the wildly popular lifestyle clothing brand Billebeino, Finnish hypermarket giant Prisma and multinational tech company Lenovo in the last month speaks volumes about the impressive surge for the top HAVU is starting to make. About NHLGamer Since its inception, NHLGamer has continuously strived to offer the best possible experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA Sports series of NHL games. We made our biggest stride forward yet when we in late 2015 introduced the first ever European Championship League (ECL) - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6vs6) for the title of best EASHL Team in Europe. Since then, NHLGamer has hosted a wide variety of leagues worldwide and live-events in both Finland and Sweden.
  4. NHLGamers, It's surely been a long road and no one knows that better than the new NHL Gaming World Champion Matthew "Top-Shelf-Cookie" Gutkoski! Let's take a look back at Cookie's road to the championship: US regionals: vs NippinBiscuits 2-0 vs NJD3VS 2-0 vs Johnwaynee 2-0 Grand Final: vs Mg x Nuclear 2-1 vs Johnwaynee 2-1 The top 3 of the 2019 NHL Gaming World Championship were: 1. Matthew "Top-Shelf-Cookie" Gutkowski 2. John "Johnwaynee" Casagranda 3. Karl "Mg x Nuclear" Caslib NHLGamer congratulates Cookie on a tremendous tournament, the championship title and collecting a big check of $50,000! Congratulations also to all other players for an outstanding effort in the tournament.
  5. Hey there, Glad to have you on our site! If you're looking to play some casual games I'd recommend checking out our PSN Community called NHL Gamer. Great way to get the hang of things and make some new acquaintances.
  6. NHLGamers, This upcoming Tuesday (18th of June) marks the date of the grand final of the 2019 NHL Gaming World Championship! We'll once again be treated to the skilful play of ECL poster boy and reigning world champion Erik @Eki Tammenpää, who is joined by fellow Finnish NHL gaming juggernaut Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen. The European duo will be taking on the two best players from both the US and Canada in a quest for the world championship title and a cash prize of $50,000. The US finalists are winner Matthew "Top-Shelf-Cookie" Gutkowski and runner-up John "Johnwaynee" Casagranda. The Canadian finalists are winner Karl "Mg x Nuclear" Caslib and runner-up Matthew @YungGren Grenier. As anyone whose been following the NHLGWC might know, this years iteration of the tournament has been played with a slightly different format and also the game-mode has changed from online versus to HUT. The change of game-mode has brought some sought after diversity to the teams used by competitors and on top of that a draft prior to the finals has ensured that no competitor will be sporting the same two players in their lineup. Now enough with the talk, let's take a look at the lineups of each player. Link to HutDB team, 2019 placement and 2018 placement in brackets. 🇫🇮 Erik @Eki Tammenpää (EU Winner - Reigning champion 🏆) Eki is the reigning champion and is going into the tournament as a heavy favorite at least on our side of the pond. So far, the reigning champion has played through the tournament entirely undefeated besting the likes of @Dominointi, @kriketski17 and his fellow EU finalist in the regionals. The man himself has spoken about being able to go into this years tournament with a calmer attitude than last year despite being the defending champion. Confidence is oozing from this youngster and we're all certainly anxious to see what he will bring to the table come Tuesday night. 🇫🇮 Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen (EU Runner-up - Did not make finals in 2018) Hansu already made the headlines earlier today as his new contract with HAVU - a promising Finnish gaming org was announced. HAVU has been making some serious waves recently by signing major partnerships together with Finnish entertainment & IT giant Elisa Viihde and the almost cult-like clothing brand Billebeino. Hansu mentioned that moving on to HAVU is a natural step in the development of his career and will hopefully benefit both him and the organisation. On his way to Vegas, Hansu managed to win (still) young prodigy @PleeMaker in a thrilling bout. 🇺🇸 Matthew "Top-Shelf-Cookie" Gutkowski (US Winner - 3rd place in regionals of 2018) Cookie made the regionals last year and was the last man out of the grand finals. That certainly must have stung, but the man showed relentless drive by coming back and catching fire by first winning the Columbus Blue Jackets Esports tournament in April and dominating the US regionals shortly thereafter. Cookie went undefeated through the regionals and beat competitors such as NippinBiscuits and US regional favourite johnwaynee along the way. 🇺🇸 John "Johnwaynee" Casagranda (US Runner-up - Grand finals 3rd place in 2018) John played his way into the hearts of NHL gaming fans during the 2018 iteration of the NHLGWC, when he became known as the Alaskan sensation. He was kind of an outsider who people didn't have a read on yet but he quickly proved he belongs at the top by ultimately finishing third over the likes of @Fool x 90 and YungGren. In an interview with NHL last week, John said his team might not be the strongest on paper, but if there was a "heart trait", his team would have 1980 "miracle on ice"-type heart! 🇨🇦 Karl "Mg x Nuclear" Caslib (Canadian Winner - Did not participate in 2018) Nuke is the black horse in this years iteration of the NHLGWC as he hasn't really played that much competitively before. We had the opportunity to grab a quick chat with this young man: Nuke, you haven't played too much competitively before, what sparked your interest and how did you end up where you're at now? - I used to play NHL a lot on old gen. However, as time went on, I wasn’t really having fun with the current gen games. I watched last years grand finals and seeing how much fun those guys had coupled with the fact that I could play NHL for money, I thought I would at least give it a shot. What's your experience of playing the other guys like, who's the guy to beat? - I’ve played all the other competitors except the Finnish players. As far as I’m concerned, Cookie is the toughest guy for me to beat. I can only reach the finals if I beat him. Now, after the Canadian regionals you tweeted out your rather spartan home setup - how different is it to play on this new equipment on stage? - Playing on a competitive pro set up is something I really loved. I play on a 2008 model TV so there's definite input lag. I will really look forward to playing on future LAN events. You're going with some rather unorthodox lineup decisions into the finals - a rather diminutive team in size and Gaudreau on center to name a few quirks, thoughts on that? - My new team is definitely smaller than my old team. Gaudreau at center is definitely unconventional. However, he does have 76 faceoffs which will hold up relatively well. I feel my new team is definitely fast and skilled. Do not underestimate them because of their size. 🇨🇦 Matthew @YungGren Grenier (Canadian Runner-up - Grand finals 5th place in 2018) Gren is one of those personalities that splits opinions in the community. Some will love him and others - not so much. When it's all said and done though we can all agree that his playing skills are up there with the very best of them. Gren quickly caught the eye of te audience in the 2018 GWC when he made the finals as the youngest competitor at only 16 years old. The native of St. Georges, Quebéc is surely an interesting sight on stage as he plays with a lot of emotion and isn't shy to show it. Well, there you have it, folks! A short NHLGamer insight into the NHLGWC Grand Finals that will be played on Tuesday, 18th of June, 2019 at 21 CEST. Make sure to tune in on www.twitch.tv/NHL in order to cheer for your favourite, who hopefully is one of our NHLGamers! We would also like to remind our Finnish members that you can now bet on the grand finals at Veikkaus! Do so responsibly.
  7. One of these days.. 😅
  8. NHLGamers, A bit over a week ago we concluded a project that's been in the works for a long time - the ECL is waiting on its ninth season, the Finnish community has enjoyed eSM's and whatnot, GCL is alive and kicking and even the RCL has been running for some time. The thing that was missing was something for our Swedes, who make up a large portion of the community. Well now, some months back we announced a change to this stalemate as we launched the SCL, which is the very project I referred to at the start. It's been a long road, 22 teams signed up and we were treated to some high quality hockey all along the season. The regular season kicked off on Tuesday, 16th of April with a 22-team regular season. Teams were divided into two groups, out of which the eight best would make it into the playoffs. It's often a point of debate wether or not a final seed into the playoffs should be overly speculated, as in the end in order to be a champion you need to beat everyone, right? Well, one team certainly took this into consideration and finished above everyone else - Bucketeers bested the opposition by a wide margin in the group stage as they went a perfect 20-0-0, overcoming teams such as the eventual champion Vesa Pompa HC and the respectable Northern Stars (RIP) along the way. The "Buckets" were a clear 1st place seed into the playoffs, but the five remaining teams of the top six were all neck and neck, finishing within a five point margin of each other in the following order: Northern Ascendancy (35p), Vesa Pompa HC (34p), AIK Hockey (33p), Synergy Hockey (32p) and Northern Stars (30p). It was great seeing some new teams entering our tournaments and although some might have had a tough time, we hope they will be back stronger next time around. Not only new teams had a difficult season though, one of the most mentionable playoff no-shows was Korpens Finest, who actually finished a lackluster season in last place of group 1. This is in no way an acceptable performance for a well established team, we'll be looking for these guys to bounce back in coming tournaments! Interestingly enough, we ended up seeing the four best performers of the group stage paving their way into the final four. Through the first two rounfs, we only saw one series where the lower seeded team overcame the higher seed, this example was Stayhard Stallions (5) beating Cannonieris (4) in seven, so we can't talk about any kind of major upset here. "The playoffs are a different beast" - that's a phrase heard in the hockey world quite often and it's even considered a cliché, but it's also the cold hard truth all too often. That was the case in the final four of the SCL's inaugural season. We saw Bucketeers come in sporting an undefeated group stage record and Northern Ascendancy marching on stage with the championship in sight only to see Vesa Pompa and AIK steal the show - Vesa Pompa doing so in a very convincing manner to add insult to injury. We all know how that ended by now. If you for some reason missed out on the action from the finals at Birdie, please check out our broadcast below: AWARDS Most Points: @Tacterz, Northern Ascendancy, 35 Goals, 36 Assists, 71 Points in 20 games Most Goals: @FlyerKungen, AIK Hockey, 43 Goals, 26 Assists, 69 Points in 18 games Most Assists: @pajenc, AIK Hockey, 18 Goals, 38 Assists, 56 Points in 18 games Most Hits by a Forward: @bede, Verket, 96 Hits in 20 games Best +/-: @Tacterz, Northern Ascendancy, +63 in 20 games Most Points by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 20 Goals, 26 Assists, 46 Points in 20 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: @Drunkendefender, SPARTANS, 20 Goals, 26 Assists, 46 Points in 20 games Most Assists by a Defenseman: @The_Alpha_Furyan, Northern Ascendancy, 11 Goals, 28 Assists, 39 Points in 20 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: @Skogan, Nordic Vipers, 157 Hits in 20 games Now, enough with the writing - let's see some pictures: @Zalaz and @esdor were the dynamic duo in the commentary booth for all of the Finals weekend. Northern Ascendancy went into the finals with a commanding favorite status, but struggled mightily, ending up at fourth place. Before the final day commenced, players gathered for a photoshoot and some interviews. AIK captain @Bjono being interviewed for a video segment. AIK Hockey and Vesa Pompa HC went head to head in the Finals, @FlyerKungen with a staredown of the opposition. The trophy was up for display during the final day of the Finals. Tensions were rising as players awaited their turn to take the stage. Vesa Pompa HC remained focused and felt right at home on stage all weekend.
  9. NHLGamers, During the weekend we've played a massive amount of virtual hockey. The main goal was to determine the Swedish champions in 1vs1 and 6vs6 NHL19. Well, that has been done - Henrik @Eken45jr Eklund is your 1vs1 champion and the 6vs6 champion is Vesa Pompa HC! It's been a long road to get here, countless hours of work and a lot of sweat has been put into this tournament both from the players side and our NHLGamer staff. The experience at Birdie was extraordinary despite all the troubles along the way. We'll keep this post short for now, but stay tuned for better recap material coming later! The Top 3 of SCL 6vs6 season 1: Vesa Pompa HC Regular season record: 16-2-2 Round 1: vs Western Express 4-0 Quarterfinals: vs Northern Stars 4-0 Semifinals: vs Northern Ascendancy 4-1 LW #33 Andreas @affelj96 Ljungberg C #25 Erik @Eki Tammenpää RW #19 Henrik @Eken45jr Eklund LD # Anton @antoniomannen004 Svensander RD #50 Johan @Lehmannens Lehmann G #1 Edvin @Thunborg5 Thunborg AIK Hockey Regular season record: 16-3-1 Round 1: vs Verket 4-0 Quarterfinals: vs Synergy Hockey 4-1 Semifinals: vs Bucketeers 4-3 LW #32 Anton @pajenc Carlsson C #84 Björn @Bjono Nordetun RW #96 Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha LD #7 Olof @Gustafsson7 Gustafsson RD #86 Johan @JaikenK Kumling G #27 Philip @Pippo Johansson Bucketeers Regular season record: 20-0-0 Round 1: Bockens 4-1 Quarterfinals: Stayhard Stallions 4-0 Semifinals: AIK Hockey 4-3 Bronze Game: Northern Ascendancy 2-1 LW #8 Matti @SelanneFIN Makkonen C #10 Christoffer @Chrisbernt Berntsson RW #7 William @Dercie Boutelje LD #28 Daniel @Demski13 Gadd RD #55 Johan @Jerkix Eriksson G #1 Filip @Obagol Feldt Champions, enjoy this feeling! NHLGamer extends a warm thank you to everyone who made their way to Uppsala and checked in on the stream. We hope to see you again soon!
  10. NHLGamers, Today we got a feel for 6vs6 action on Swedish soil as the very first live 6vs6 games were played at Birdie in Uppsala. We had four strong teams show up wit the same thing in mind - crushing the opposition and paving their way to the final. A total of 13 played games later, we've found out two deserving finalists, which are Vesa Pompa HC and AIK Hockey. Vesa Pompa HC went into their Semifinal matchup against the prestigious Northern Ascendancy with a clear underdog status, which they proved wrong right off the bat by scoring two early goals in game 1 and taking the driver seat from that point forward. @Eken45jr and @Eki were impressive to say the least, combining for nice passing plays and contributing to their teams possession play. Northern Ascendancy for that matter didn't show up with the flow we're used to seeing from them as they struggled with maintaining offensive pressure and as a result putting the puck in the net. Let's take a look at Vesa Pompa's road to the final: Regular season record: 16-2-2 Round 1: vs Western Express 4-0 Quarterfinals: vs Northern Stars 4-0 Semifinals: vs Northern Ascendancy 4-1 Bucketeers and AIK dove head first into a defensive battle in the later matchup of today. The Buckets played an impressive (undefeated) regular season but that didn't mean much when AIK got their engines started. Six games were played with a total of 10 goals scored between the two teams. In the fourth game AIK and especially their import player @FlyerKungen exploded, resulting in a 4-0 win in game 7. The success AIK has came looking for is surely an arms length away, but to get to the final destination they'll have to beat Vesa Pompa tomorrow. Let's take a look at AIK Hockey's road to the final: Regular season record: 16-3-1 Round 1: vs Verket 4-0 Quarterfinals: vs Synergy Hockey 4-1 Semifinals: vs Bucketeers 4-3 Preliminary schedule for Saturday 1.6: 12:00-12:30 BRONZE - Game 1 12:30-13:00 BRONZE - Game 2 13:00-13:30 BRONZE - Game 3* 13:45-14:15 FINALS - Game 1 14:20-14:55 FINALS - Game 2 15:00-15:35 FINALS - Game 3 ------------- BREAK 1h ---------------- 16:45-17:15 FINALS - Game 4 17:15-17:45 FINALS - Game 5* ------- BREAK 10 min ------- 18:00-18:30 FINALS - Game 6* 18:30-19:00 FINALS - Game 7* *If required The SCL Finals are presented by Comeon! and we're really happy in being able to bring these games up for betting on their site. Unfortunately the Finals won't be up for betting but we hope you were able to bank some cash on the semifinals and betting on the champion beforehand! All games will be streamed on Twitch.
  11. NHLGamers, As you all might have noted, we've traveled to Uppsala in Sweden for the SCL Finals. Birdie has treated us well so far and it's with great pleasure we got to announce @Eken45jr the new Swedish champion in 1vs1 NHL 19 earlier today. We even sent the kid home with a nice pocketful of change! Friday and Saturday are going to be dedicated to our 6vs6 gamers as we're extremely proudly bringing our Swedish community their first ever 6vs6 LAN event. These events have seen great success in Finland, so it's very timely we bring the action over the pond. The season kicked off with 22 teams, all dead set on achieving one goal - being crowned champions by the end of a gruelling season. 16 teams headed into the playoffs, some being eliminated round by round as is customary to these tournaments. Now we're at the point where we have only four left. We all know the Swedish community hold some very talented players, some have been there for years and some have astonished with their play more recently. This Nordic "home of the Vikings" is also home to some of the most prestigious and long-lived teams, such as Northern Stars (RIP) or Nordic Ascendancy, whose play we'll be treated to during the weekend. Also AIK (the former Sjukstugan) has been around for quite some time. Talk about heritage. (1) Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey (4) Regular season record: 20-0-0 GF/GA (Regular season): 66/15 Top scorer (Regular season): @Chrisbernt (l-maise-l) 22+30=52pts in 20 games Goaltending stats: @Obagol 20W, 87.50 SV%, 0.75 GAA in 20 games The course of Bucketeers quickly skyrocketed after the team made their entry into the 6vs6-scene and NHLGamer. A mere four seasons ago, they started their journey in ECL Lite - the entry level division of our ECL franchise. After getting accustomed to the new environment in their first season, the "Buckets" made their presence felt by putting forth three very successful consecutive seasons advancing to the Elite Level as a result. Their defensive style of play and impressive shutdown ability has proven to be a recipe for success even at higher levels as the team came very close to making playoffs in their first Elite campaign. What is maybe most interesting about the team doesn't directly concern their impressive on-ice feats, but the fact that a large part of their starting six has actually been preserved from their very early days. Original members @Dercie, @Jerkix and @SelanneFIN have stayed with their team and played a majority of games throughout all of the clubs history so far. It's quite impressive to look back at the development curve of these players as it isn't all too usual for teams to make such a rapid climb towards the top - even more without radically retooling their lineup. "Continuity", is the word founding member and now right winger Dercie uses to describe the strength of his team. "The base of our teams is built from guys that have been playing together for a very long time, so the chemistry is definitely there.", he mentions that he, Jerkix, and SelanneFIN have played various games together for around ten years. "Vesa Pompa or Northern Stars have been our toughest opponents. NOS were actually the better team against us in the regular season, but somehow we managed to come away with the wins anyway." Dercie, do you have any last words for your opponent AIK? "I hope we'll have a tight and especially fun series, but Buckets will prevail." Regular season record: 16-3-1 GF/GA (Regular season): 84/23 Top scorer (Regular season): @FlyerKungen 43+26=69pts in 18 games Goaltending stats: @poliskontroll 8W, 74.07 SV%, 1.40 GAA in 10 games AIK is a franchise of such a caliber that surely a majority of Swedes and even non-Swedes are familiar with them. The Prestigious traditional sports franchise made their first endeavour into virtual hockey in ECL 8 and are now looking forward to achieving their first real success as they've pushed through to the semifinals in SCL 6vs6. After a difficult ECL Debut, the team decided to shuffle things around a little. Their moves seem to have worked wonders for the team, as AIK found themselves placing second in the regular season of group 2, losing only 4 games out of which one in overtime. 'as for the changes made in the offseason, AIK basically swapped goalies with Northern Ascendancy as they sent over @ICappeI and got @poliskontroll in return. Both very solid goaltenders. Other than that, AIK added old acquaintances and great defensemen @JaikenK & @Klingen45 to assist @Gustafsson7 on the back end - all old players from the Sjukstugan days. Not only did the defense get reworked, AIK also added on offense by signing recent ECL champ and Written In The Stars captain @FlyerKungen, who has been doing exactly what he was signed to do in scoring goals and creating chances. (2) Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa HC (3) Regular season record: 17-2-1 GF/GA (Regular season): 99/21 Top scorer (Regular season): @Tacterz 35+36=71pts in 20 games Goaltending stats: @ICappeI 8W, 83.58 SV%, 1.10 GAA in 10 games After a short hiatus, Northern Ascendancy are making a very welcome return with a slightly renewed lineup that is looking stronger than ever. Even though they're missing @Foppatofflan, who is remembered as one of the more prolific scorers in club history - NOR is still arguably the strongest bunch on paper. The reworked NOR is expected to ice @jtorro1233 and @The_Alpha_Furyan on defense, together these two make up an intimidating duo with impressive scoring power simultaneously possessing the ability to complete smothering defensive plays. The forward group of NOR is definitely as dangerous as ever with @Tacterz more than effectively plugging the hole that Foppa left in the lineup - by being the league top scorer that is! The teams long lasting captain is at this point stuck waiting for a connecting flight, so we had to settle for interviewing the rest of NOR's lineup: "I had a lot of options but I knew I wanted to play with a strong offensive team. After some tryouts, NOR was the obvious choice.", says Torro, who is arguably one of the teams more high profile recruits. Although experiencing a relatively large scale makeover, the team has still managed to find chemistry "We've shuffled our lineup around a little bit, but after a short adjustment period the flow and chemistry has been there.", all the guys agreed. Regular season record: 16-2-2 GF/GA (Regular season): 70/21 Top scorer (Regular season): @Eki 14+35=49pts in 20 games Goaltending stats: @Thunborg5 16W, 85.10 SV%, 1.05 GAA in 20 games Vesa Pompa is quite the new acquaintance for many, as the team only played very casually and didn't have any notable success prior to the SCL. Don't sleep on these guys though, all of them are world class versus players and know how to handle themselves on the virtual ice. Their youngster and very talented right winger @Eken45jr, who recently introduced his patent pending "Eken-backskate" to the world in the Caps Esports Faceoff. As a result of some high-profile visibility, the team came in contact with arguably the worlds best player right now, @Eki, whom they recruited to play with them in the SCL. Vesa Pompa is still the fun-loving, easy going group of youngsters, but now their play has more of an objective. "We've put an immense effort into SCL. Eki has helped out a lot and it's not only that he's the best player in the world but such a nice guy too", says team captain @Lehmannens. Eken adds that they have been watching a lot of video of their games in order to get better and learn from their mistakes. The SCL Finals are presented by Comeon! and we're really happy in being able to bring these games up for betting on their site. Head over to https://m.comeon.com/fi/sports/e-sports/nhl-19/ in order to place your bets now! Preliminary schedule for Friday 31.5: 10:00-10:30 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 1 10:30-11:00 Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa - Game 2 11:00-11:30 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 3 11:45-12:15 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 1 12:15-12:45 Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey - Game 2 12:45-13:15 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 3 —————————————— BREAK —————————————— 15:00-15:30 Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa - Game 4 15:30-16:00 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 5* 16:15-16:45 Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey - Game 4 16:45-17:15 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 5* 17:30-18:00 Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa - Game 6* 18:00-18:30 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 7* 18:45-19:15 Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey - Game 6* 19:15-19:45 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 7* All games will be streamed on Twitch. Who do you think will win?
  12. NHLGamers, After a long Thursday at Birdie we're able to present to you the new SCL 1vs1 Champion Henrik @Eken45jr Eklund! Let's take a look back at @Eken45jr's road to the championship: Group stage record: 9-0-1-0 Knockout stage: vs @Jerker 2-0 vs @eliekamel87 2-0 Finals group stage: 2-0-1 Quarterfinals vs @ohrstedt07 2-0 Semifinals vs @antoniomannen004 2-0 Finals vs @Rubituss The top 3 of SCL 1vs1 are: 1. @Eken45jr 2. @Rubituss 3. @Lehmannens NHLGamer would like to congratulate Eken on a tremendous tournament and the championship!
  13. NHLGamers, Today is Thursday, May 30th, which marks the start date of Birdie 29 - the event at which the very first SCL finals will be held and one of our competitors will leave with a nice chunk of change in their pocket. Without further ado, we present to you the final groups of the SCL 1vs1 Final: Group 1: @Darkic01 - Darko Micic @esdor - Adam Ericson @Thunborg5 - Edvin Thunborg @ohrstedt07 - Andreas Öhrstedt Group 2: @Lehmannens - Johan Lehmann @Eken45jr - Henrik Eklund @amadee21 - Amadeus Carlsson @Basstian23 (JaromirSniper68) - Sebastian Nagel Group 3: @Hockeyjohannes - Johannes Hultmark @antoniomannen004 - Anton Svensander @Dercie - William Boutelje @Edhoolm97 - Fredrik Edholm Group 4: @Rubituss - Robin Söderqvist @Tmybror - Timmy Eriksson @SebbeLarsen86 (SebbeLarsen99) - Sebastian Larsen @jtorro1233 (jtorro_) - Joel Tourunen These players will first compete in a group stage, after which the two top seeds from each group will advance to the playoffs, which are played in a best of 3 manner. Group 1 will be matched against group 2 and group 3 against group 4 in the playoffs. The evening will culminate in a best of 3 final series. The bronze game will be played prior to the final. Preliminary schedule for Thursday 30.5: 10:00-10:30 Check-in för spelarna samt installation av konsolerna 11:00-13:00 Group stage 14:00-15:00 Kvartsfinal, BO3 15:15-16:15 Semifinal 1, BO3 16:15-17:15 Semifinal 2, BO3 17:20-17:50 Bronsmatch, BO1 18:00-19:00 FINAL, BO3 Watch the action live on Twitch starting 14:00 CEST.* *Times may be subject to change
  14. Hej där alla gamers! Som ni väl vet ser vi alla fram emot ett actionpackat förlängt veckoslut på Birdie i Uppsala. Det är inte bara traditionella LAN-aktiviteter som försiggår, i år kommer även NHLGamer finnas på Birdie i form av finalevenemang av två stora turneringar - det är nämligen Svenska mästare i ehockey som skall kronas! SCL 1vs1 Vi kickstartar helgen tidigt på torsdag med riktigt högklassig hockey och 16 av de bästa Svenska 1vs1-spelarna som kör hårt mot hårt då en mästare skall avgöras på Birdie! Alla spelare gick igenom ett tufft online kval på NHLGamer och de absolut främsta har pressat sig fram till final och möjligheten att tävla för prispotten på 15 000 kronor och titeln som Svensk Mästare! Bland dessa 16 spelare ser vi bland annat förra årets Svenska NHL GWC-hopp Darko "Darkic01" Micic som tycks ha NHL i sitt blod trots att han påstår sig inte haft så mycket tid för träning. Vi ser också den väldigt populära streamern Adam "Esdor" Ericson, som kommer göra allt för att ta hem huvudpriset på torsdag. SCL 1vs1-finalturneringens spelare: jtorro_ - Joel Tourunen Tmybror - Timmy Eriksson Darkic01 - Darko Micic JaromirSniper68 - Sebastian Nagel antoniomannen004 - Anton Svensander Edhoolm97 - Fredrik Edholm Lehmannens - Johan Lehmann Thunborg5 - Edvin Thunborg eken45jr - Henrik Eklund Dercie - William Boutelje Hockeyjohannes - Johannes Hultmark Ohrstedt07 - Andreas Öhrstedt Rubituss - Robin Söderqvist amadee21 - Amadeus Carlsson Esdortwitch - Adam Ericson SebbeLarsen99 - Sebastian Larsen Schema inför torsdag 30.5 (preliminärt): 10:00-10:30 Check-in för spelarna samt installation av konsolerna 11:00-13:00 Group stage 14:00-15:00 Kvartsfinal, BO3 15:15-16:15 Semifinal 1, BO3 16:15-17:15 Semifinal 2, BO3 17:20-17:50 Bronsmatch, BO1 18:00-19:00 FINAL, BO3 SCL 6vs6 På fredag kommer vi få avnjuta massor av väldigt spännande hockey då SCL 6vs6 och dess fyra bästa lag Northern Ascendancy, Vesa Pompa HC, Bucketeers och AIK Hockey tar scen på Birdie för att tävla om titeln som den första 6vs6 Svenska mästaren samt en rejäl pott på 50 000 kronor. I uppställningarna av dessa lag ser vi bland annat den regerande 1vs1 världsmästaren och guldkillen Erik "Eki" Tammenpää från Finland, då han spelar vid sidan om den Svenska supertalangen Henrik "eken45jr" Eklund. Alla lag är naturligtvis värda att hålla ett öga på men AIK Hockey skall inte gå onämnt - den prestigiösa klubben hoppade med i den virtuella hockeyvärlden i höstas och ser nu fram emot deras första stora framgång då kapten Björn "lbjonol" Nordetun bland annat rekryterat den pinfärske Europeiska 6vs6 mästaren Tuukka "eKungen" Kuha som förstärkning. Utan tvekan kan det sägas att vi kommer få njuta av väldigt högklassigt spel och otroligt spännande matcher! Schema inför fredag 31.5 (preliminärt) 10:00-10:30 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 1 10:30-11:00 Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa - Game 2 11:00-11:30 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 3 11:45-12:15 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 1 12:15-12:45 Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey - Game 2 12:45-13:15 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 3 —————————————— PAUS 1 TIMME —————————————— 14:15-14:45 Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa - Game 4 14:45-15:15 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 5* 15:30-16:00 Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey - Game 4 16:00-16:30 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 5* 16:45-17:15 Northern Ascendancy vs Vesa Pompa - Game 6* 17:15-17:45 Vesa Pompa vs Northern Ascendancy - Game 7* 18:00-18:30 Bucketeers vs AIK Hockey - Game 6* 18:30-19:00 AIK Hockey vs Bucketeers - Game 7* *Vid behov På lördag fortsätter våran 6vs6-karneval då de två absolut bästa lagen möts i final och en tuff bäst av 7-serie! Vi börjar dagen med en bäst-av-3 serie för bronset och fortsätter därefter till helgens höjdpunkt som kulminerar i en stor fest och kronandet av de första Svenska mästarna i 6vs6 ehockey. Schema inför Lördag 1.6 (Preliminärt) 12:00-12:30 BRONZE - Game 1 12:30-13:00 BRONZE - Game 2 13:00-13:30 BRONZE - Game 3* 13:45-14:15 FINALS - Game 1 14:20-14:55 FINALS - Game 2 15:00-15:35 FINALS - Game 3 ------------- PAUS 1h ---------------- 16:45-17:15 FINALS - Game 4 17:15-17:45 FINALS - Game 5* ------- MINIPAUS 10 min ------- 18:00-18:30 FINALS - Game 6* 18:30-19:00 FINALS - Game 7* *Vid behov SCL finalevenemanget kommer spelas på de nya RL-series esportmonitorerna av Zowie. Vi ser fram emot att ge spelarna de bästa möjliga tävlingsförhållanden med hjälp av dessa Sony-licenserade och esport-optimerade monitorer. Alla ovannämnda matcher kommer sändas live på www.twitch.com/nhlgamer, men vi ser er gärna på plats i Uppsala också!
  15. NHLGamers, The European Regionals of the second iteration of the NHLGWC are in the books and we have weeded out the two best players in the European scene. Unsurprisingly, these players are long time NHLGamers and absolute beauties in the scene. After battling through the gruelling single elimination online qualifiers and taking on some elite opposition in the regional final, the golden boy @Eki and hairy veteran @Hansulinho are the first two players to secure their spot at the world finals in Las Vegas. Both Eki and Hansu paved their way through the Xbox online qualifiers and dominated their opposition in the regionals, with the reigning world champ going undefeated in the tournament so far. Being the reigning champion and going undefeated through all of the qualifying stages certainly puts a target on Eki's back. Whoever has been following the man play have surely become familiar with his stellar puck possession skills and outstanding patience when creating scoring chances. The champ seems to acknowledge that he is the guy to beat in this tournament, obviously it puts some pressure on the young gun but he is now a man on a mission - to secure a second consecutive championship and cement his position as the best in the business. Hansu is one of the most experienced players in the whole tournament for sure. He isn't making his first trip to Vegas either, as he actually participated in the NHL Virgin Gaming Championship in 2013 with some success, finishing in 3rd place just short of a hefty cash prize. In order to reach the runner-up spot of this years European regionals, Hansu picked apart @Sagee95 in the quarterfinals and went up against @PleeMaker in the semifinals, arguably as a minor underdog. The youngster Plee managed to steal one game but in the end nerves of steel and experience prevailed - Hansu was in the top 2. This is what the final bracket of the European Regionals looks like: If you missed the action from this past Saturday, you can watch the whole broadcast here: There's still three events of NHLGWC action left to go, as we'll be treated to the Canadian Regionals on Saturday, 25th of May, the US Regionals on Thursday, 30th of May and capping off the season with the Grand Final on Tuesday, June 18th. Here's a list of competitors at the upcoming regionals: CANADA RyanVince19 @xDubz 17 Mg x Nuclear @Sitballs (Sitful) @YungGren mrdreeezzee Joshfearless @Jer Dubz USA Top Shelf Cookie NippinBiscuits @McLxvinn NJD3VS JrPens91 Fishercelll25 johnwaynee90 frogstomp33 Who are your picks to make it through to the finals? Wo do you think will take it all home? Let us know in the comments section and make sure to turn up to the streams at www.twitch.tv/nhl and show your support!
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