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  1. NHLGamers, The European Regionals of the second iteration of the NHLGWC are in the books and we have weeded out the two best players in the European scene. Unsurprisingly, these players are long time NHLGamers and absolute beauties in the scene. After battling through the gruelling single elimination online qualifiers and taking on some elite opposition in the regional final, the golden boy @Eki and hairy veteran @Hansulinho are the first two players to secure their spot at the world finals in Las Vegas. Both Eki and Hansu paved their way through the Xbox online qualifiers and dominated their opposition in the regionals, with the reigning world champ going undefeated in the tournament so far. Being the reigning champion and going undefeated through all of the qualifying stages certainly puts a target on Eki's back. Whoever has been following the man play have surely become familiar with his stellar puck possession skills and outstanding patience when creating scoring chances. The champ seems to acknowledge that he is the guy to beat in this tournament, obviously it puts some pressure on the young gun but he is now a man on a mission - to secure a second consecutive championship and cement his position as the best in the business. Hansu is one of the most experienced players in the whole tournament for sure. He isn't making his first trip to Vegas either, as he actually participated in the NHL Virgin Gaming Championship in 2013 with some success, finishing in 3rd place just short of a hefty cash prize. In order to reach the runner-up spot of this years European regionals, Hansu picked apart @Sagee95 in the quarterfinals and went up against @PleeMaker in the semifinals, arguably as a minor underdog. The youngster Plee managed to steal one game but in the end nerves of steel and experience prevailed - Hansu was in the top 2. This is what the final bracket of the European Regionals looks like: If you missed the action from this past Saturday, you can watch the whole broadcast here: There's still three events of NHLGWC action left to go, as we'll be treated to the Canadian Regionals on Saturday, 25th of May, the US Regionals on Thursday, 30th of May and capping off the season with the Grand Final on Tuesday, June 18th. Here's a list of competitors at the upcoming regionals: CANADA RyanVince19 @xDubz 17 Mg x Nuclear @Sitballs (Sitful) @YungGren mrdreeezzee Joshfearless @Jer Dubz USA Top Shelf Cookie NippinBiscuits @McLxvinn NJD3VS JrPens91 Fishercelll25 johnwaynee90 frogstomp33 Who are your picks to make it through to the finals? Wo do you think will take it all home? Let us know in the comments section and make sure to turn up to the streams at www.twitch.tv/nhl and show your support!
  2. NHLGamers, We've had reports of inactivity with communication when scheduling Spring League games. Therefore, we feel it's timely to issue this reminder to all captains. Although we have a set schedule with gamedays that should be respected, please ALWAYS contact your opponents ahead of a scheduled game. This way several misunderstandings can be avoided and eventual rescheduling can be agreed upon. We recommend contacting your opponents both on PSN and NHLGamer. Please be transparent and respond to your opponents messages. At this point we would also like to remind you that the trade deadline for Spring League is on the 19th of May, 2019 at 23:59 CEST. Your NHLGamer Staff
  3. NHLGamers, As promised, we're now kicking off the Swedish championships of NHL 19 1vs1. The tournament is hosted by us and online qualifiers will start in early May depending on how many participants we'll have. Unlike the SCL, this tournament is only for Swedish citizens. All participants must obtain the Swedish Esports License from SESF. The SCL 1vs1 will conclude at Birdie together with the SCL Finals. Out of all participants, the top 16 will be making it to the final event in order to battle for the grand prize of 10 000 SEK and the Swedish Championship title. Please note that both PS4 and Xbox One Players are welcome to participate. The amount of qualifying spots on each console will be relative to the amount of total participants on each platform. Here's a preliminary schedule: 6.-8.5. Qualifying round 512 (If necessary) 9.-11.5. Qualifying round 256 12.-14.5. Qualifying round 128 15.-17.5. Qualifying round 64 18.-20.5. Qualifying round 32 30.5. Top 16 Finals @Birdie LAN Obtain your Swedish Esports License here. Registrations Registrations are now open, please head over here in order to sign up. You can sign up until Saturday, 4th of May, 2019 at 23:59 CEST. Stay up to date with the SCL 6vs6 and the 1vs1 tourney by checking out the SCL main page: https://nhlgamer.com/scl/ We're excited to see you guys at Birdie, good luck in your upcoming games!
  4. NHLGamers, Dagens datum markerar starten för den första säsongen av SCL och därmed vill vi poängtera lite viktig info för alla deltagare. Detta kommer bli en lite stökig informationsartikel, så gör er redo för vad komma skall: Först och främst - grundserien i SCL börjar idag, tisdagen den 16:e april, 2019 och slutar söndagen den 12:e maj, 2019. Regelboken Regelboken hittas här. Vi ber alla lagkaptener att bekanta sig med reglerna så snabbt som möjligt. En stor del regler har blivit ändrade från ECL. Säsongens tidtabell Som sagt slutar grundserien den 12:e maj och slutspelet går av stapeln direkt följande dag. Slutspelet spelas med bäst av 7 format (vi erhåller möjligheten att ändra semifinalerna till bäst av 5 ifall tidtabellen på Birdie kräver så) förutom bronsmatchen, som avgörs på en match. Åttondelsfinal: 13.5-19.5 (Online) Kvartsfinal: 20.5-26.5 (Online) Semifinal: 31.5 @ Birdie Bronsmatch: 1.6 @ Birdie Final: 1.6 @ Birdie Uppdelning av prispott Totala prispotten på Birdie kommer vara 65 000 kr. Dessa 65 000 kr uppdelas på följande vis: Registreringen för 1vs1 kommer att öppnas senare denna vecka. Obligatorisk Licens Vi påminner om att Svenska och Finska deltagare skall ha licens från esportförbundet i deras respektiva hemland. Svenska medborgare: SESF Finska medborgare: SEUL Free Agents Alla lag är tillåtna att lägga till spelare under första veckan av SCL. Detta betyder att tisdagen den 23:e april klockan 23:59 stängs transferfönstret och nya spelare kan efter det inte läggas till. Observera att transfers är inte tillåtna i SCL, endast free agents är tillåtna att skriva på för nya lag. Kvällens drabbning Första matcherna av SCL går av stapeln ikväll när Borgarbracka HC möter Cannonieris klockan 20 och Stayhard Stallions kör mot det prestigiösa Northern Stars klockan 21. Matcherna kommenteras av Adam @esdor Ericson och Kenneth @Kenu Lehtinen. Klicka er in på vår Twitchkanal klockan 20!
  5. NHLGamers, Today marks the start of the SCL! The regular season starts today, Tuesday 16th of April, 2019 and will end on Sunday, the 12th of May, 2019. We're issuing this announcement in order to secure that everyone is up to speed with some crucial info and therefore this will be something of an info post. There's a few different things we'd like to go over so get ready for the barrage: SCL Rulebook First off, we'd like to announce that the SCL rulebook is now available by clicking here. We ask all team captains to familiarise themselves with the rulebook as soon as possible. The rules have been altered from the ECL format. Season Schedule As stated, the regular season ends on Sunday, the 12th of May and marks the start of the playoffs the next day. The playoffs will be played in a best of 7 manner (we reserve the right to change the semifinals into BO5 to the schedule at Birdie) except for the Bronze Game that will be decided in one game. Here's the playoff schedule: Round 1: 13.5-19.5 (Online) Round 2: 20.5-26.5 (Online) Semifinals: 31.5 @ Birdie Bronze Game: 1.6 @ Birdie Finals: 1.6 @ Birdie Prize Pool Division You might have noted that the SCL will feature a prize pool amounting to a total of 65 000 SEK. This prize pool has been divided into 50 000 SEK for SCL 6vs6 and 15 000 SEK for our Swedish 1vs1 Championships that will be hosted at Birdie. The 50 000 SEK will be divided between the top 3 teams of the SCL as follows: 1vs1 sign-ups will open during this week. Mandatory License We would also like to remind all Swedish and Finnish players to obtain a license from their countrys respective esports association. Swedes: SESF Finns: SEUL Transfer Window The SCL will include a one week transfer window at the start of the season in order to allow teams to make some minor adjustments to their squads. With this being said, transfers can be made until Tuesday, 23rd of April, 2019 at 23:59 CEST. Please note that trades are not allowed - only picking up free agents. Tonight's Broadcast Tonight's SCL Broadcast will be live at 20:00 CEST at twitch.tv/NHLGamer, featuring Borgarbracka HC vs Cannonieris and Stayhard Stallions vs Northern Stars Tonights games will be commentated by Adam "@esdor" Ericson and Kenneth "@Kenu" Lehtinen.
  6. Hey! Currently we are only involved with SESF in Sweden and SEUL in Finland and therefore licenses are only required for players of those nationalities to participate. We haven't communicated with other esports associations actively and are not aware if for example the British Esports Association offers competitive licenses for their players. In short: Mandatory for Swedes & Finns, voluntary for others.
  7. NHLGamers, Although the ECL season is in the books, this past weekend has still been full of excitement and drama for NHL gaming fans around the world. That's because the NHL GWC is rolling on and this Saturday marked the date for the European Play-In Bracket that determines which gamers are punching their ticket to the regional finals at Viasat studios in Stockholm on May 18th. The games started Saturday afternoon and although they are something of a grind - the format this year was a single elimination bracket which resulted in the day progressing rather quickly. The single elimination format has been criticised heavily on social media due to the harshness and the nature of the game in its current state - meaning it allows for uncontrollable bounces and unfortunate goals to happen on the regular. Regardless of this, a good player can always create their own luck and at the end of the day we're certainly seeing some top notch gamers grabbing their spot in the regional finals. Here are the gamers moving through at the end of Saturday: PS4 Saku @Sagee95 Björn, Kristian @kriketski17 Veijola, Risto @Dominointi Järvi and Paul @PleeMaker Arontie. Xbox Erik @Eki Tammenpää, Eilung, Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen and Joonas @SUPERVIRTA Virta. Check Eki's reaction to making the regional finals: The defending champion didn't beat around the bush when asked about the NHL GWC format this year: "I don't like the format, you simply need to have more shots at making the biggest tournament of the year than one. One and done isn't the way to do it. It's the same for everyone but at the end of the day think we're going to see some players at the finals who probably wouldn't deserve to be there." It's great to see a few names making their presence felt, although it means a few established players have to face disappointments. Some of last years regional finalists including @Artuzio, @Darkic01 and @FlyerKungen fell short this time, being eliminated in the earlier stages of the brutal single elimination bracket. One of the new names included is Saku @Sagee95 Björn, who we reached for some comments about the NHL GWC so far: "There's certainly some positives and negatives about the format this year. I like moving over to HUT in the sense that you're seeing some diversity in the teams which wouldn't be there if it was versus. The single elimination bracket is rough, since one mistake could cost you the whole tournament." "I don't want to put down my opponents, but I think I had an easy way to the regionals. None of my opponents so far really tested me too much. The upcoming draft is going to be interesting, I'll try to build a team with big bodies and Zdeno Chara is a guy I hope I can secure in my lineup.", Sagee continues. Joonas @SUPERVIRTA Virta is another new name, who's been one of the fastest growing NHL streamers out there recently: "It feels amazing to qualify for my first bigger tournament. What makes it extra special is sharing those moments with all the people in my stream and getting all the support from there." The NHL GWC will continue with the Canadian Play-In Bracket next weekend and the US Play-In Bracket the weekend after that, so there's still lots of action to go around before the grand finals. Remember to tune in and watch the regional finals on May 18th. Who will you be cheering for? @jahajaha93 NHLGamer Editor
  8. NHLGamers, After an incredibly eventful ECL 8, POGGERS are crowned the champions of ECL 8 Pro! The finals were extended due to the widely known issues with the game. As that got fixed, TIKI TALK and POGGERS battled it out for the title during the past week in a series, which ended 4-1 in favour of POGGERS. NHLGamer would like to congratulate our newly crowned champion on the title and a promotion to ECL 9 Elite. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate TIKI TALK, Gotham Knights and Checkmate for outstanding performances and an opportunity to qualify for ECL 9 Elite. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: POGGERS - TIKI TALK 2:1 OT Game 2: TIKI TALK - POGGERS 1:2 Game 3: POGGERS - TIKI TALK 1:2 Game 4: TIKI TALK - POGGERS 1:2 Game 5: POGGERS - TIKI TALK 4:2 POGGERS championship roster: GOALTENDERS #41 V.Lehto @Janne Hietala DEFENSEMEN #5 J.Pappas @MrNaiMiZ #87 X.Ripe @Riipperi87 FORWARDS #9 V.Saarijärvi @Chafak #17 -.ENZA @ZPalffy #29 A.Laine @Wickedtah69 #38 -.UI JUMA @Yoloberg #83 S.Gonzales @Speedy104 #98 D.DelaVega @JaKurrii POGGERS road to the trophy: Regular season: 18-8-4 (5th in Group 1) Round 1: 4:1 vs. Raccoon Rampage Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Gotham Knights Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Checkmate Finals: 4:1 vs. TIKI TALK Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Now that all divisions have finished playing, stay tuned for our season previews out soon. Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
  9. NHLGamers, After long season and some incredibly tight turns, we're proud to be crowning Oton Letkutemppu your ECL 8 Lite champion! It was certainly no easy feat, but Oton really found their stride in the playoffs. The absolute clinic put on in the finals goes to show that we are talking about a Pro ready team and we'll be waiting eagerly for what next season entails for these guys. NHLGamer would also like to congratulate Vesa Pompa HC, We Kings and Cheers Hockey for outstanding performances and promotions to ECL 9 Pro. The game by game results for the finals are as follows: Game 1: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 5:0 Game 2: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 0:1 Game 3: Oton Letkutemppu - Vesa Pompa HC 3:0 Game 4: Vesa Pompa HC - Oton Letkutemppu 1:2 Oton Letkutemppus championship roster: GOALTENDERS #4 K.Makise @Huuru #62 S.Rakastaja @Theoikeakarim DEFENSEMEN #16 J.Pappas @JokkePappa #44 O.Keskitalo @Duran93 FORWARDS #9 T.Lehclair @Thounimeister #9 O.Kuhta @Matson94 #15 T.Rautavaara @builtforspeedos #59 V.Svitov @RappioTaide #87 S.Crosby @Lehikoinen_ #88 P.Kaukalo @Juha88 Oton Letkutemppus road to the trophy: Regular season: 17-6-1 (14th) Round 1: BYE Round 2: 4:1 vs. Finnish Hockey Legends Round 3: 4:0 vs. Me Carvoset Quarterfinals: 4:2 vs. Blackdawgs Semifinals: 4:1 vs. Cheers Hockey Finals: 4:1 vs. Vesa Pompa HC Once again on behalf of all of us, congratulations! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
  10. NHLGamers, It's been almost a month since we announced the NACL, and finally we have arrived at the doorstep of the inaugural season of what we hope will be as successful of a ride we've had with the ECL in Europe. The signup phase is over and after a short break in order to get everything set up the time has come to play. For NACL Pro on Xbox, we have a total of 14 teams participating. Due to all of the teams being new on our site and a majority of NHLGamer staff being EU based, we have very limited knowledge about participating teams so far. For that reason, we reached out to the players and asked each team to submit a prediction of the final standings for NACL Pro. Based on all of these predictions, we've generated a prediction ranking: 1. Epicenter 2. Problematic eSports 3. Code of Conduct 4. Quality Control 5. Heroes 6. Complex 7. GT R 8. Kangaroo Court 9. True North 10. PREDATOR 11. Chaos Esports 12. Chicago Mafia 13. NACL 2nd Battalion HC 14. Fox Squad As we've seen over and over. Predictions don't always mean much when it's all said and done, but we hope that this ranking will give you guys a snapshot into what we can expect from these teams. We're very excited to have so many teams participating in the Pro division and look forward to delivering the high quality league experience NHLGamer is associated with. As it is now, our knowledge of these teams is limited, but as the action takes off and we get to see some games, we'll be able to provide better and more detailed reports and previews about the ups and downs this upcoming season. Let's get the hockey underway! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
  11. Hello Gamers, We're glad to share with you what the NHL has prepared for their biggest gaming event so far - Season 2 of the NHL Gaming World Championship! Registrations kick off March 6th and closes on March 31st. However, online qualifiers will be starting already on March 13th. Ahead of the announcement, NHL Vice President of Business Development Chris Golier stated: “We’ve listened to the players and measured how the live events and content were received and are making changes this year that we think will make for a more competitive tournament and more engaged community.” So, what are the changes? First off, the NHL GWC Season 2 will be played in Hockey Ultimate Team. This will allow for players to create unique teams that are tailored according to their own style of play. It is definitely an interesting switch over from versus and it's refreshing to potentially see something else than the same two teams matching up against each other for the entire tournament. Right from the get-go, the switch to HUT received heavy criticism from some of the best gamers out there, and it hasn't been toning down. What do you think? The second new thing was the qualifier system, which was renewed as a natural continuation of switching to the HUT game mode. In order to qualify for the tournament, a player needs to register at Battlefy.com/NHL, whereafter one is eligible to play Online Open Play in order to qualify for the Online Play-in Bracket, where the top 23 players per console and region for each weekly period will compete for a spot at the Live Regional Finals. Online Play-in Brackets are hosted twice for each region (EU 13th & 20th of April, CAN 20th & 27th of April, US 27th of April & 4th of May). In the Online Play-in Bracket, the top 128 players from each console and region will battle it out for four spots at the Live Regional Finals. The third new thing is also related to the switch over to HUT and this is an interesting one. From the Live Regional finals onwards, players will be drafting their teams from a preselected player pool and no duplicate players will be allowed - meaning every team will be completely unique! This adds another layer of strategy to the competition and will definitely be some fun to speculate on. Players will draft their team for the Regional Live finals and redraft again for the NHL GWC Final. Andrew "Nasher" Telfer, who will be returning as analyst for season 2 of the NHL GWC commented on the draft as follows: “Players will be forced to step out of their comfort zone, some players stick to versus (with actual NHL teams), others focus on HUT, but for the first time, players won't know exactly what their team will look like going into the tournament. Tough decisions will have to be made during the draft, I'm sure we'll see some pretty crazy lineups come the live events. The good news is players will be able to build a team to fit their play style.” Prize pool: $100,000 1. $50,000 2. $15,000 3. $10,000 4. $5,000 5/6. $2,500 You can see the full schedule for the tournament below: EU US CAN March 6th Registration opens at Battlefy.com/NHL March 13th Online open play begins March 31 Registrations close April 7th Online open play ends April 13th European Online Play-In Bracket Day 1 April 20th European Online Play-In Bracket Day 2 April 20th Canadian Online Play-In Bracket Day 1 April 27th Canadian Online Play-In Bracket Day 2 April 27th US Online Play-In Bracket Day 1 April 27th European Regional Draft May 4th US Online Play-In Bracket Day 2 May 4th Canadian Regional Draft May 11th US Regional Draft May 18th European Regional Finals (Stockholm, Sweden) May 25th Canadian Regional Finals (Toronto, Ontario) May 30th US Regional Finals (Stamford, Connecticut) June 3rd NHL GWC Final Draft June 18th NHL GWC World Finals (Las Vegas, Nevada) Also check what your reigning champion @Eki has to say: Will we see you on the ice in season 2 of the NHL GWC? Who do you think will win? What are your thoughts on the GWC moving over to HUT? Let us know in the comments! NHLGamer Writers @jahajaha93 & @Serg1vratar
  12. NHLGamers, Almost two weeks ago, we announced our venture into the North American NHL gaming scene and we received a warm welcome! Registrations have come along nicely, but there's still some space both in our Elite and Pro divisions. The Elite division is aimed at teams who are looking to play at a highly competitive level and fight for the prize pool of $3000*. The Pro division on the other hand is aimed for teams that are looking to introduce themselves into more competitive play and enter the world of 6vs6 leagues. An excerpt from our NACL announcement: We're really excited to have two as experienced guys as @Scheckel29 and @TheCreasePolice running our league. They will provide lots of knowledge and will work together with existing pieces in the NHLGamer staff in order to bring our new NA players an excellent first season to build upon and strive for bigger things. In order to kickstart the NACL 1 season, I got in touch with @Scheckel29 for a short interview: Please introduce yourself to the community My name is Scheckel29, most commonly known by my last name Scheckel or Scheck. I am one of the original players of EASHL. I fell in love with the game mode in NHL 09 and haven't looked back. I have been around the competitive community since then and mostly play goalie, although my secret that I can actually play forward decently well was let out of the bag recently in another league. I am the current goalie for Entourage, a new team, but filled with players that have been around the scene for a few years and have won some money leagues in the past. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and proud to be a cheesehead! Currently getting my masters, my full time job has me working lots of weekends and starting up NACL is really all I have time to do besides playing video games in my free time. What do you expect from the first season of NACL? I hope we have a good amount of familiar top NA teams that can put on a competitive season. I hope we can have some great broadcasts to show NHLGamer and the world, that 6s can be very entertaining. Also would like to see a successful PSN league as there really isn't much out there for PS players on the competitive side in North America. A successful season is one with few forfeits and lots of great games! Any team/players to look out for especially? I may be biased but I think our team (Entourage) is definitely one to look out for. In another league we have been playing well and should make the playoffs. If we keep riding this streak we are on, I think we will do very well in the NACL. We definitely have our eyes set on being crowned NACL champs in season 1. I see some newer teams sign up as well (Next Question and Natty Light Knightz) and this should be a real test to see how they compete in more traditional season format. It is exciting to see new teams try to compete against the best. Anyway, I think we have some of the best teams signed up right now and some more should be signing up soon. Any greetings for new fans of the league or players coming across a stream or the site for the first time? Welcome to NHLGamer! They have been doing amazing things for the 6s scene in Europe and I am extremely excited to be working with them on NACL. If everything goes to plan, we should have some fantastic broadcasts and some really great games of NHL being played. I look forward to continuing to help 6s esports grow in North America with NHLGamer! Keep your eyes wide open, as we'll be bringing you some prime NACL action on our Twitch channel very soon! Yet again, welcome to NHLGamer, North America. Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93 * The $3000 (USD) prize pool is confirmed when NACL Elite has 16+ participating teams.
  13. NHLGamers, We've reached the final bout of the ECL 8 Pro season! After being treated to yet another eventful season, the eventual crowning of a champion is at our hands. Yet again, the playoffs have left us in awe from time to time. This season, 1st overall seed The Next Gen had a convincing group stage and pushed through the first two rounds with ease, after which they hit a brick wall and got eliminated in 4 games by Black Horse. A less surprising feat is seeing 2nd seed TIKI TALK paving their way to the finals. TIKI seems to have found their winning way and look to retrieve a spot at the highest level of ECL hockey by overcoming their opponent POGGERS in the finals. On top of these two, Black Horse and Checkmate also fought their way to the Semi-finals, which allows them a chance to battle for promotion to ECL 9 Elite. This season, it's worth noting that only the Pro champion gains direct promotion, as the 2nd place team will face Synergy Hockey in a relegation matchup. These are your ECL 8 Pro finalists: (2) TIKI TALK vs. POGGERS (9) Going into the ECL 8 Pro finals with a slight hint of favourite status we have TIKI TALK, who have managed to build an astonishing legacy for themselves by powering on for what seems to be an eternity through thick and thin. Before and even during the season, they've made some changes in hopes of pushing their team onto the right tracks and it seems as if they've managed to pull it off as of late. As stated, the team is one of the most long lived ECL franchises, having been there ever since the start of the new era of NHL gaming here at NHLGamer. It's a familiar sight seeing captain @itspardytime leading the team in scoring, which he has done ever so dominantly this season again. Another notable steady performer is goaltender @PCJP, who now in his second season with the team has got in the groove of stopping pucks quite efficiently, arguably being one of the most underrated netminders in the league. TIKI TALK is never an easy team to face, they play a fast paced style of hockey, which sometimes can be regarded as a bit chaotic. Stay alert at all times, TIKI is looking for the cup. POGGERS on the other hand is a new acquaintance. Although they are formed around the shell of last seasons Wasps Gaming and consist out of several very experienced players, they are the youngins by far in this matchup. My instinct would be to say what they lack in experience as a team, they more than make up for in skill. Offensive trio @[email protected]@Chafak are no strangers to tough matchups and all of them possess that x-factor that could make the players beside them so much better. The newly founded team struggled a bit to start the regular season, but once they have solidified their starting six, there has been very little stopping them as they have taken down strong teams such as Raccoon Rampage, Gotham Knights and most recently Checkmate in the playoffs. POGGERS has also been getting some decent goaltending for all of the ongoing season, as @Janne Hietala(Hassu85) has played an outstanding season and is surely looking to push his name into brighter lights. Prediction: POGGERS win 4-3. Schedule for the finals: Game 1: Wednesday, 6th of March 20:30 CET TIKI TALK vs POGGERS Game 2: Wednesday, 6th of March 21:00 CET POGGERS vs TIKI TALK Game 3: Wednesday, 6th of March 21:30 CET TIKI TALK vs POGGERS Game 4: Thursday, 7th of March 20:30 CET POGGERS vs TIKI TALK Game 5: Thursday, 7th of March 21:00 CET TIKI TALK vs POGGERS Game 6: Thursday, 7th of March 21:30 CET POGGERS vs TIKI TALK Game 7: Thursday, 7th of March 22:00 CET TIKI TALK vs POGGERS Tune in for broadcasts of the games at our Twitch channel! Tonight, yours truly and @Kenu in the booth! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
  14. Picture courtesy of SEUL ry, Jääskeläinen. Taken at GameXpo 2018. Read more: ECL 8 Elite Finals: "I just want my team to win" The wait for the finals is coming to an end as Friday is here and the NHLGamer staff has arrived safely at LanTrek 19. Players will be dropping in at the venue shortly, so what better time than to release our final interview - this time we're bothering the highly praised Written In The Stars right defenseman @willekunq: For the first time in a while, you've had a season where you've played a lot. You also have a new defensive pair in @Nassustelija - how has it felt? - This season has been fun. It feels good to play and I'm enjoying myself out there. At first we had some problems and Nassu is pretty inexperienced at the highest level, but he's improved tremendously and proven to be a great asset for our team. What are you going to do to make sure Written In The Stars comes out with the win tonight? - I'll come into the games with a good nights sleep, eat well, bump fists with @Hansulinho and just play my game. Any greetings for the FILA players? - Nothing special, let's play some good games and may the best team win. You'll get to see Wille and many more of the best NHL gamers in Europe at LanTrek tonight! Remember to tune in to our stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer if you can't make it to the live event! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
  15. What's up, gamers? As we're at the doorstep of the ECL 8 Elite Finals between Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA, NHLGamer founder @Kenu joined Mika Kuha from radio station Aito Hitti for a short interview about the upcoming weekend and one of, if not the biggest NHLGamer event so far. It's about ten months ago since Kenu last sat down with Mika for an interview about our site and now we're treated with another short segment. For those that understand Finnish, listen to the interview below, for those that don't we have a short recap. The ECL 8 Elite Finals: (1) Written In The Stars vs. FILADELPHIA (2) LIVE at LanTrek '19 in Tampere, Finland. Stream at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer Schedule:* Game 1 17:00 CET Game 2 17:40 CET Game 3 18:20 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 18:55-19:55 CET --------------------------------------- Game 4 20:00 CET Game 5 20:40 CET --------------------------------------- BREAK 21:10-21:20 CET --------------------------------------- Game 6 21:25 CET Game 7 22:05 CET *ECL Staff withholds the right to alter the schedule if need be. What's the underlying reason we're seeing an ECL 8 live final at LanTrek in Tampere? - Well, there were many. First off, the timing was right and we had been taking massive steps further, so we were happy to take the natural step with organising a live final. Tampere is at a good location as it's very central and easily accessible from all around Finland and even from abroad. I've never attended LanTrek, but heard good things about it, so I'm happy to be able to showcase the pinnacle of our league at this event. Are you surprised about these two teams matching up against each other in the final? - Anyone could have made it, but it's not a massive surprise that Written In The Stars and FILADELPHIA meet at the very first live ECL Elite final. These two have been some of the stronger teams in our league for quite some time now and they actually had their last live event clash at the IS Cup 3: 6vs6 eSM, where all three games went into overtime before FILADELPHIA managed to win and ultimately hoist the cup. Both teams surely have those games in fresh memory. In the regular season, FILA won both games in the matchup between these two teams. Nevertheless, both of these teams are tremendously skilled and wether you are a fan of versus NHL or 6vs6 NHL, expect the very best at this final event. Bringing these games to a live setting must surely bring an interesting twist to playing, how do you feel about that? - It's certainly different and I think it'll have an effect on the players. For both FILA and SKY it's kind of a familiar situation, though. If I recall correctly, @Eki stated that it's even easier for him to play live sometimes and looking at his performances, I don't doubt that. When playing live, it's always interesting to see how players react to the pressure of the crowd and the cameras. It's been nice to follow what's been going on in the ECL throughout the season. It seems like you're a tight knit community, talk a bit about that. - Yeah, we're enemies on the ice and competition is tough, but the community is very tight knit and it all comes together nicely at these live events. This community has been built by the players and we've grown quickly on to bigger things lately. Let's take a quick look across the pond. You recently announced the NACL - When does that kick off? - The NACL kicks off on the 11th of March. I can't stress enough how excited I am about this, I know the North American community has been itching for our market entry and now the time was right. The announcement blew up on social media and we've had some registrations already. We expect more of the very Elite of NHL 6vs6 to join our site now that we offer a chance for North American players to compete in one of our leagues too. Kenu, ECL action is at it's best when it's live. What do you have to say to all the people doubting attendance? - Couldn't say it better myself. ECL action is at it's best when it's live. Entry to LanTrek is only 15€ and on top of some excellent ECL action you'll get to devour some delicious Rustica Pizza right next to our stage. Thank you all and see you at LanTrek! Puck drop is at 17 CET tomorrow! Your NHLGamer Editor, @jahajaha93
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