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  1. NHLGamers, With the surge of traditional hockey teams towards the esports scene before ECL 10, interest among other clubs have started rising. Hammarby IF is a prestigious club hailing from the nation's capital Stockholm, with operations in several different sports - now also esports. The person behind the initiative is team captain Pontus @Pontinho Claughton (IPontus-), who is a long-time supporter of "Bajen" and contacted the club in early April with an immediate positive response. "Hammarby Hockey is a big trademark and well-known name, so I thought they should have an esports initiative alike other large Swedish clubs. The response was very positive and our discussions went along smoothly. I'm a supporter of Hammarby since childhood, so it's a dream come true to represent my dear club this way." - Captain Pontus Claughton in an interview at hammarbyhockey.se L-G Burman is responsible for developing the esports side in the organisation and talks about the confidence that the club board has with Pontus and the boys: "We've had several suggestions on the table about getting into esports, but the contact we had with Pontus struck us as very professional and the board was convinced that he is the man for the job after the first meeting." Here is the roster that will be representing Hammarby IF in the ECL and SCL: Hammarby IF Hammarby If is a traditional sports club from Stockholm with a wide variety of representation in various sports, such as football, icehockey, bandy and hanball to mention a few. The club was founded in 1889 as a rowing club that is still going strong as one of the biggest of it's kind in Sweden.
  2. NHLGamers, With Saturday night and game seven of the finals still in fresh memory, what a way it was to end the season. The past ECL was a wild run with a diverse selection of storylines all around the league, perhaps more so than usually. As customary, we'll be taking you through the events of the past in this snapshot into ECL 10 Elite. First of all, on behalf of NHLGamer, I'd like to extend a thank you to our sponsors Prisma Gaming and IS Esports, without whom none of this would have been possible. It was a record-setting season and we're proud to have hosted a league with the biggest prize pool yet. We're at a good place as a community - a strong foundation is built and the trend is looking great! Naturally, we also want to thank the players who are at the very core of all that we do, for putting on such a show over the course of the season. Last but not least, thank you also to each and every one of you who have tuned in for a stream, given a like on social media or shared the notion of our league with a friend - your input to growing the community is invaluable. To differ from the usual, the season had a fair bit of uncertainty at the start. Live-events were put on hold due to the still ongoing COVID-19 situation which naturally didn't effect the online side of things but let's be frank - all of us love that live action. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances out of our control we couldn't deliver on that front this time, but as things slowly get back to normal we're looking forward to providing the next live-event soon enough. Regular season With the eSHL jumpstarting things, we saw a great influx of new organisations into the scene before ECL 10, which naturally is greatly appreciated. Some of these new teams included JYP Jyvaskyla, hREDS, KOVA Esports and SJ Gaming, who joined competition at the Elite level. Out of the new orgs, JYP and hREDS immediately signed up for title contention and put up a warning for HAVU and Linköping - a duo that had been reigning supreme for quite some time already. As seen in the final standings of the regular season, competition was tough. JYP came in hot right out of the gate and didn't let up, managing to close out the competition and secure a regular season win, whereas LHC and HAVU performed along the expected level. On the other hand, hREDS came in fourth but due to a less ideal start to the season, the talented bunch didn't quite keep up in pace with the other three big names. None of the four top teams made large adjustments over the course of the season, as hREDS were the only team to really have rotation in their lineup when founding member Tuukka @Tuukka.R Röpelinen stepped in for a few games here and there. The top four was a collective according to expectations, whereas the rest of the playoff-bound teams could have been a multitude of teams from the wide selection of remaining competitors. After a tough start, Unlucky Boys HC managed to pull it together by acquiring familiar face Ville @Viltzup Poutiainen and finished the season in 5th place with one of the hottest streaks in the league. Close behind came German powerhouse BRAYCE Phantoms, who have been causing waves in the community for a long time due to their impressive skill level, but also due to being the only Elite team from outside the Nordic countries. This has come with some downside for BRAYCE, since they have had trouble finding adequate practice games - an issue which evidently hasn't had too much of an effect on their play in the end. In seventh place, we find Roots who played a very balanced season. The team consists of some of the more experienced gamers in the scene, which was evident in their play throughout the season. While the team dropped points in some unfortunate matchups, they also managed to steal some important games against the likes of JYP and hREDS. Closing out the segment of playoff-bound teams is Farjestad BK, who were a somewhat unexpected addition to the playoff race with a high player turnover in the offseason. Both wingers were new faces, a new defenseman joined the squad and even the starting goaltender was acquired before the season. Despite being so new to each other, FBK managed to stay around .500 throughout the season and eventually edged out Checkmate for a spot among the top eight teams. Moving on to the bottom half of the standings, we have four teams within a points margin of each other - possibly a mere point away from making it into the postseason. Checkmate, KOVA Esports, Vesa Pompa HC and GHETTO FIREBIRDS all put forth very solid efforts but ended up coming just short this time around. Out of these teams Vesa Pompa and GHETTO were making their first run in the Elite division and immediately managed to make an impact around the league. Vesa Pompa had a difficult start but started improving after acquiring legendary scoring machine Vili @Vilupoika Häkkinen, who naturally finished with the highest points/game average in the team - by far. GHETTO FIREBIRDS came in with a bang and made questionable ECL Elite history right out of the gate. The team took a whole 12(!) games to overtime throughout the season and managed to win the extra point in only one of these contests. With eight victories, the newcomers pushed to 12th place only a point away from tying 8th place (by points). The unfortunate part about sports is that someone always has to lose, and that's what the bottom four teams did a lot of this season. SJ Gaming had a solid start but drifted in the wrong direction rather quickly, dropping down to 13th which puts them in a relegation battle against HanaaHC (2-1 for SJ currently). Lulea Hockey has been in a somewhat turbulent state for the past few months with a disappointment in the eSHL and now not being able to produce as expected in the ECL either. The team faced off against Reality Check in a relegation battle and retained their Elite spot with four straight wins. Gotham Knights came in 15th place in their return to the Elite level, not the kind of performance the team would have hoped for, but one of the most long-lived teams in the scene now has a chance to redeem themselves against Pro runner-up Enigma in a relegation battle. The last team and therefore facing direct relegation was Almost Famous, who made a brave attempt at coming back from losing almost their entire roster in the offseason, but the struggle was in vain this time. Playoffs I'm going to start off by using one of the most overused hockey clichés known to man - the playoffs are a different beast. That's the reality that Farjestad BK force fed JYP with in the quarterfinals, running over the #1 seed in five games with their unorthodox stretch passing and excellent play by goaltender Johan @Rundqviiist Rundqvist. Linkoping HC made quick work of Roots whereas HAVU Gaming provided the same treatment for BRAYCE Phantoms, who weren't a match for the #3 seed this time. One of the most exciting quarterfinal series in a while was seen between hREDS and Unlucky Boys HC. The series was taken all the way to a game 7, where Unlucky Boys looked like a certain winner with around 30 seconds to spare in the third period of game seven. UB were awarded a powerplay when Teemu @Xteemuz Polttila headed to the box for hooking at 59:34. After that - mayhem ensues. Joakim @Joukki Nyholm takes of directly from the faceoff, splits the defense and ties the game up shorthanded with 20 seconds to spare in the game. The teams headed into overtime and it was evident that UB had the wind knocked right out of them, as hREDS had the control for most of the 15 minutes until Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen put the nail in the coffin and sent hREDS to the semifinals. Farjestad BK providing one of the greatest upsets in ECL playoff history certainly shuffled the playoff picture around a bit, but that did not stop the inevitable from happening. Both Linkoping HC and HAVU Gaming were set on making it back to the finals and getting their shot at the title. With 4-1 victories in both series, there was really no question about who we were going to se fight it our for the ultimate prize. The finals The ECL 10 Elite Finals were a two-day event, this time online due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting plans on hold when it comes to live-events. Both Linkoping HC and HAVU Gaming had been at this stage multiple times before, in fact three straight times in the ECL between the two of them. Going into the first three games on Friday, tensions were high as the stakes were higher than ever before. Eventually we saw some exciting and low-scoring hockey for three games straight, all ending in a 2-1 result in favor of HAVU Gaming who were set on reclaiming the throne. Going into Saturdays games with a 3-0 chokehold on the series almost set the stage for an early finish but that was not what LHC had on their mind. The reigning champions completed an impressive comeback from a 3-1 series deficit in ECL 9 and looked to do even better this time when they came back step by step eventually tying the series at 3-3 and pushing the finals into a game seven that was one for the ages - a phrase that seems to be repeated opver and over again when it comes to battles between Linkoping and HAVU. Once again, the seventh game of the series was an intense back and forth battle that wasn't finished until overtime with who better to close out the season than HAVU Gaming captain Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha, who managed to find an open opportunity head-to-head with LHC goaltender Casper @ICappeI Lundgren. Here's the madness that ensued: 🏆 AWARDS Playoff MVP: Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen, HAVU Gaming Most Points: Paul @PleeMaker Arontie, Linkoping HC, 78 Goals, 44 Assists, 122 Points in 46 games Most Goals: Paul @PleeMaker Arontie, Linkoping HC, 78 Goals, 44 Assists, 122 Points in 46 games Most Assists: Erik @Eki Tammenpää, Linkoping HC, 42 Goals, 75 Assists, 117 Points in 46 games Most Hits by a Forward: Kristian @kriketski17 Veijola, JYP Jyvaskyla, 409 Hits in 35 games Best +/-: Joel @jtorro1233 Tourunen, Linkoping HC, +91 in 46 games Most Points by a Defenseman: Aleksi @loimmu Loimuvirta, Linkoping HC, 13 Goals, 43 Assists, 60 Points in 46 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: Wille @willekunq Juntunen, HAVU Gaming, 14 Goals, 27 Assists, 41 Points in 46 games Most Assists by a Defenseman: Aleksi @loimmu Loimuvirta, Linkoping HC, 13 Goals, 43 Assists, 60 Points in 46 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: Saku @Sakkem Saaranluoma, GHETTO FIREBIRDS, 245 Hits in 30 games Best goaltender (SV%):Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen, HAVU Gaming, 340 saves on 403 shots, SV% 84,37 in 46 games
  3. NHLGamers, What a showdown the two most prevalent ECL dynasties HAVU Gaming and Linköping HC put up for us over the course of these two nights! Based on the ECL 9 finals, we were expecting close games and the teams delivered. All seven games of the ECL 10 Elite finals were decided with a margin of one goal and four games required overtime to sort out a winner. Friday was all about HAVU Gaming as we witnessed three straight games ending 2-1 in favour of the green squad, when in turn Saturday was all about flashbacks galore when Linköping managed to clutch three games and push it to a seventh. Memories from the wild comeback in ECL 9 flashed through our minds, but ultimately - HAVU Gaming prevailed! HAVU Gaming 🏆 Group stage record: 26-3-1 (3rd) Quarterfinals: vs BRAYCE Phantoms (6th) 4-0 Semifinals: vs hREDS (4) 4-1 Finals: vs Linköping HC (2) 4-3 GOALIES #88 H. Kettunen @Hansulinho DEFENSEMEN #28 E. Koski @Eemil #43 W. Juntunen @willekunq #78 K. Katajisto @Nassustelija FORWARDS #6 I. Lehkonen @Buantso #13 R. Järvi @Dominointi #87 T. Keränen @topikeranen # 91 T. Kuha @FlyerKungen Conclusively, it's been one wild ride throughout this season. 16 teams went into battle with the same ambition - some more set on the final objective than others. We were expecting a tighter season than ever before and through some surprising turns of events along the road to the finals, we saw a three-peat of the HAVU & LHC duo in the last series of the season. On behalf of the NHLGamer staff congratulations to our champions HAVU Gaming! We also extend a warm thank you ta everyone who tuned in to the streams over the weekend, if you happened to miss some of the action, the streams are archived on our Twitch-channel. Please find yesterdays broadcast here:
  4. NHLGamers, The days to the big finale are dwindling down as we eagerly await yet another clash of the titans. Tomorrow #2 seed and reigning champion Linkoping HC will be taking on HAVU Gaming in the third straight ECL Elite final between these two clubs. The score is even, who will take the advantage? As we interviewed LHC goaltender and ECL 10 cover gamer Casper @ICappeI Lundgren last time, it is only right that we turn to HAVU goaltender and ECL 9 cover gamer Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen this time: Both Linkoping and HAVU have been dominating the scene for way longer than any other team in recent memory. What do you think is the key to success here? - A similarity is obviously that both teams have kept their core intact over their period of success. This has led to superior chemistry between the forwards and a suffocating defensive unit. This is your third straight final appearance where you meet Linkoping HC, what similarities or differences do you see in this season when comparing to the previous ones? - This time it was more of a surprise than earlier, thanks to JYP letting it slip in the playoffs 😅. ECL 10 was supposed to be the battle between three greats, but it turned out differently. In general I don't think much has changed - pokaali takas kotiin! How have you developed personally if we'd look back at ECL 8 for example? - ECL 8 was our championship season, so I've tried to emulate the same kind of game. Honestly, I don't think there's much development to be done, you do what you can and pray for the big man to give you fortunate bounces. Any last greetings to the fans or opponents? - Let's fight hard and put on a great show! How to watch? The ECL 10 Elite Finals will be played on Friday, 5th of June and Saturday, 6th of June with a broadcast on our Twitch-channel. The broadcast is also available on Ruutu.fi & ISTV. Friday, June 5th 20:00 CEST Games 1-3 (puck drop around 20:25) HAVU Gaming vs Linkoping HC Saturday, June 6th 20:00 CEST Games 4-7 (puck drop around 20:25) HAVU Gaming vs Linkoping HC
  5. NHLGamers, Third time's the charm? As customary, ECL 10 Elite culminates at the pinnacle of the season - this being the final series between #2 seed Linkoping HC and #3 seed HAVU Gaming. It feels like I've written this text before and as a matter of fact I have. This duo has been dominating the scene for the past three seasons with this being the third straight ECL Elite final series, in which these powerhouses will be going to battle. This season, it was evident that competition are closing in, but for now it's time to find out who takes the crown once and for all, as reigning champions LHC defend the throne against former titleholder HAVU. We reached out to Linkoping HC goaltender and ECL 10 cover gamer Casper @ICappeI Lundgren for a few comments on the season and the upcoming series: Paul @PleeMaker Arontie has had an outstanding season, possibly drawing attention away from the fact that Aleksi @loimmu Loimuvirta also has performed at extraordinary level throughout the season. How does it feel to have these guys on your side and what do you see as the base for their excellent performances? - Yeah, it's amazing to play behind these guys every night. A natural reason for the performances we've seen is the incredible amount of individual skill that both of these guys possess combined with the chemistry they have together with @Patzlaf, @Eki and @jtorro1233 on the ice. Every guy knows they can count on the one next to them and the high morale is one of the greatest assets we've utilized to come this far. A while ago, you became a member of the gaming chapter at The Goalie Guild. The club consists of several of the worlds top goaltenders, how has that helped your game? - It's a great asset and a helping hand. The greatest thing is being able to talk things through and exchange thoughts with some of the greatest in the world. In this years iteration of NHL, you've had to make a number of changes and GGG has been a great help in finding the right adjustments to make. This is the third straight ECL Elite final in which these two teams will go at each other. You're definitely familiar with the other team - what would you say will be the decisive factor? - As said, we're two teams that certainly have become acquainted over the years. I'll give you the same old answer. The team that is better defensively will win the series. Any final greetings before the puck is dropped? - Kom igen Cluben! Photo credit: Elias Gammelgård How to watch? The ECL 10 Elite Finals will be played on Friday, 5th of June and Saturday, 6th of June with a broadcast on our Twitch-channel. The broadcast is also available on Ruutu.fi & ISTV. Friday, June 5th 20:00 CEST Games 1-3 (puck drop around 20:25) HAVU Gaming vs Linkoping HC Saturday, June 6th 20:00 CEST Games 4-7 (puck drop around 20:25) HAVU Gaming vs Linkoping HC
  6. Thanks, that's on me. I got some games mixed up. Fixed now though.
  7. NHLGamers, Some weeks ago, the IIHF announced their Esports Fan Championship, that is meant to be a replica of this years cancelled IIHF worlds, but taking place online on EA Sports NHL 20. At this point, the qualifiers for each nation have been held and a participant on both PS4 and Xbox have been chosen for each nation. The teams have been placed into a bracket and will play from a round of 16 onwards, starting May 29th. Here's a link to the tournament schedule & bracket. At NHLGamer, we're incredibly happy to see a strong community representation in the tournament as 13 (that we know of) out of the total 32 participants have earned their stripes in leagues organised by us. We're especially sending our good luck wishes to the following gamers representing their countries in the tournament: 🇱🇻 @PSchibra 🇱🇻@JLopatko 🇸🇪 @SebbeLarsen86 🇸🇪 @Eken45jr 🇮🇹 @Tron1x90 🇨🇿 pepcastachurcik 🇷🇺 @Serg1vratar 🇨🇭 @Original-SnuS 🇳🇴 @Larsto50 🇫🇮 @rottadee 🇫🇮 @Eki 🇬🇧 @MartindalexC 🇩🇪 @Timasy 🇩🇰 @vibholm10 Some exciting clashes in the round of 16 will obviously be the headline matchup between Canada and USA, but also some of the more non-traditional hockey markets have solid representation. The battle between Germany and Denmark will feature NHLGamers Tim @Timasy Hess and Martin @vibholm10 Vibholm in a heated battle on the PS4 side, whereas Swiss native Sven @Original-SnuS Julmi will go head-to-head with Norwegian Lars Petter @Larsto50 Stø. We reached out to some of the gamers for comments about the tournament: Sven @Original-SnuS Julmi, Swiss player on PS4, captain of ZSC Esports First of all, what does it mean for you personally to represent your country in a historic tournament like this? - It's an awesome feeling. I went into this tournament without any ambitions whatsoever. Having a versus record of 2-0-0 going in, I definitely wasn't expecting to go all the way in the qualifiers. Now I'm training hard to represent Switzerland to the best of my abilities in the tournament. A lot of new names are getting a shot at the big stage in this tournament. Do you know the players well and would you like to highlight any underdogs? - I know a few players from seeing them on the ECL ice. I think a great underdog would be Mirco @Tron1x90 Salvi, who is playing for Italy - Sweden better watch out in the first round! Also I think @PSchibra had a great qualification run for Latvia. What do you think about the tournament format and did you know your teammate from before? - I Think it's a great format and highlights the teamwork aspect in hockey. Reto @Haldeem Haldemann was playing on Xbox and the goal was to have two ZSC players represent our country, but Marco came out of the blue and won the finals against Reto on that side. I didn't know him from before but I'm confident in his talents. Sergei @Serg1vratar Filippov, Russian player on PS4, Captain of Blackdawgs What are your thoughts on the tournament format and did you know your teammate from before? - I really enjoy the format and it's cool that the IIHF was bold enough to bring something new to the competitive community. The thing i dislike a bit is that several top players from PS4 are switching over to Xbox just for the sake of these kinds of tournaments, making the contest less balanced. I didn't know my teammate from before, but from a short discussion we had I understood that he's a quite casual player. As there's a lot of new exciting names in the tournament, who would you want to highlight with the potential to cause an upset? - I have to say Czech Republic looks promising and I think they could have a real chance to compete. Also Switzerland has one of the strongest squads in the tournament. If we're looking at exciting players, I'd keep an eye on Sebastian @SebbeLarsen86 Larsen representing Sweden. He's already put his name on the map from performances in Linkoping and Vesa Pompa though. @rottadee for Finland is an exciting name too, he's overcome the likes of @Artuzio and @Hansulinho, which shows that there is a high level of talent there. Finally, I'd point out that the Czech pepcastachurcik is a talented guy with extremely good puck skills that have impressed me. We're excited about the tournament moving forward and will be following the progress of our community members. More info about the tournament can be found on the IIHF Esports Fan Championship website.
  8. NHLGamers, As in all of our divisions, the playoffs are also underway in our entry level Neo division, and have been for a while already. We're currently in the third round with 16 teams remaining. It's a long way that these teams have come and there's still a good part left to push, purely looking at the effort in terms of games played in order to win it all - Neo is one of the divisions that require the most consistent effort and we all respect the teams who are able to grind through it. Here are your third round matchups: Ringette HC (1) - EIS Force Hockey (43) Pahat Pommittajat (2) - Evolution HC (41) Taavetin Starat (3) - Beastie Boys (32) Jarnkaminerna (4) - MAXIMUM EFFECT (31) ScandinavianFishingGroup (6) - Masiina (21) Suomen Dynamo (9) - Wisby Islanders (20) Veikkolan Veikot (10) - NHL4you Gaming (18) Polarbears HC (11) - Otukset (12) As always, play hard - have fun!
  9. NHLGamers, We're advancing on to the most exciting games of the season in our ECL Pro division. As we're down to four teams remaining, all of the teams left in the battle will earn a chance to fight for a promotion spot as the season comes to an end but the marching order still has to be determined and obviously the biggest price at stake is being crowned the ECL 10 Pro champion and being granted instant promotion. Here are the semifinal matchups of ECL 10 Pro: (1) Black Horse vs HanaaHC (14) Series score 2-0 Black Horse is a force to be reckoned with and seems to be absolutely unstoppable so far into the season. The team faced disappointment before the season when they were unable to advance trough the Elite Qualification Series but have bounced back nicely. @Tapparafan is leading the club from the front with solid backup from @Pasi Modry who recently made the switch over to the center position from his more familiar defensive post while @PCJP is a wall at the back end with an outstanding SV % of 85,11. Whereas Black Horse was considered a team able to qualify for Elite before the season, HanaaHC was among the group of Lite teams that were up for Pro consideration. After getting and proving a deserved promotion, the team has now risen out of nowhere into actual title contention. @Hazard-laser has proven to be a scoring weapon and is leading the team with his experience. Players to watch: @Pasi Modry (10+15=25) Black Horse @Hazard-laser (13+11=24) HanaaHC (9) Reality Check vs Enigma (10) Series score 0-2 Reality Check is a team that alike Black Horse that had to face disappointment before the season when being unable to advance in the Elite Qualification Series, but the consistently strong squad has been given second wind and are running with their chances. Their regular season performance granted the team a 9th seed into the playoffs, which has led them to going up against a very tough challenge in Enigma in these semifinals. Enigma is a group of guys with plenty of Elite experience both at the back end and in their forward department. Being one of the more high-scoring groups, Reality Check will have their work cut out for them. I'd keep an eye out for the battle between Enigma scoring leader @Nieppii and Reality Check goalie @Jann3_67_. Players to watch: @jorma2001 (12+10=22) Reality Check @Nieppii (11+13=24) Enigma Both series are already underway, but there's hopefully a whole lot of good hockey left to be played. As always , have fun - play hard!
  10. NHLGamers, You've worked hard and come all this way. Now it's only time to work harder. "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.. Then you'll be a man, my son.". The iconic poem If by Rudyard Kipling addresses the reader in an attempt to build faith. If you believe, then you will also more likely succeed - all four remaining teams will want the trophy in a few weeks time. In the upcoming semifinals, we'll be in for some interesting battles and some exciting storylines, as both Swedish and Finnish esports fans will have something to cheer for as one matchup showcases SHL teams Linköping HC and Färjestad BK, whereas the other one is a clash between finish esports organisations HAVU Gaming and hREDS. Here are the matchups for the ECL 10 Elite semifinals: (2) Linkoping HC vs Farjestad BK (8) PLAYOFF RECORD 4-0 (Roots) vs 4-1 (JYP Jyvaskyla) TOP SCORER Erik @Eki Tammenpää (3+7=10) vs Andreas @affelj96 Ljungberg (6+2=8) GOALTENDER Casper @ICappeI Lundgren (4 W, 87,88 SV%, 1 GAA, 1 SO) vs Johan @Rundqviiist Rundqvist (4 W, 86,44 SV%, 1,6 GAA, 0 SO) Let's start off by acknowledging the incredible feat of upsetting the number 1 seed that Farjestad BK pulled off to start the playoffs. It's something out of the ordinary and has last happened back in ECL 4 in a matchup between #1 seed MUKIMIEHET and #8 seed Limitless, a series in which now dear teammates in Linköping, Erik @Eki Tammenpää (MUKIMIEHET) & Paul @PleeMaker Arontie (Limitless) took part on opposing sides of the ice. Having such an upset occur at an early stage can throw off the playoff picture a bit, which it has in this case too. Linkoping is a tremendously consistent team, which is easily proven by the fact that they've been either title holders or contenders ever since surfacing at the Elite level in ECL 7. This season, the team has been on a record-setting streak with both a forward (Plee) and a defenseman (Aleksi @loimmu Loimuvirta) setting all-time scoring records. In the quarters, the white lions laid a beating on Roots by sweeping the 7th seed in convincing manner. Now, in comparison Roots and FBK are two very different opponents. Actually FBK entertains a playing style unlike any other at this level. The team has been looking for stretch passes up the boards and the coined "Pelimies"-play up the middle all season long, and have seemingly found space to create other plays due to the constant threat of a stretch pass. That combined with a solid defense and goaltender Johan @Rundqviiist Rundqvist making a solid case for being among the top goaltenders in the world is what led to the team overcoming heavy favorite JYP and now being a solid contender. (3) HAVU Gaming vs hREDS (4) PLAYOFF RECORD 4-0 (BRAYCE Phantoms) vs 4-3 (Unlucky Boys HC) TOP SCORER Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha (4+8=12) vs Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen (5+11=16) GOALTENDER Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen (4 W, 90 SV%, 1 GAA, 2 SO) vs Niklas @uhNikke Nieminen (4 W, 83,91 SV%, 2 GAA, 1 SO) HAVU Gaming and hREDS are a somewhat expected pairing at this point of the season, as both of these powerhouses were predicted to finish among the top teams in the standings. HAVU is the more established team and obviously some heavy expectations rest on those shoulders - nothing the guys aren't used to. On the other side, hREDS is the home to some of the most exciting talent in the game right now, but the team being more of a combination of talent from various sources isn't as coherent of a unit - at least yet. We've seen a number of surprises in the playoffs over the years and this season has been no exception to that, so maybe hREDS can overcome the odds? With certainty we can say that this battle will determine who is the greatest gaming org in the ECL at the moment, and a victory will surely provide the prevailing side with some social media ammo for the foreseeable future. For HAVU, the team has been led from the back by Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen, who as usual has been a beast in net and will continue to pain the forwards facing him. The REDS have the offensive tools to match HAVU with Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen leading the way over the course of the season, but they need to focus on staying out of the box, 5 on 5 hockey is what they need as much as possible of if they want to walk away as winners. How to watch? The games will be broadcasted at NHLGamer's Twitch-channel according to the schedule below: Monday, May 25th 20:00 CEST Series 1: Games 1-2 (puck drop around 20:20) Farjestad BK vs Linkoping HC 21:30 CEST Series 2: Games 1-2 (puck drop around 21:30-22:00 - but only after the above games are finished) hREDS vs HAVU Gaming Wednesday, May 27th 20:00 CEST Series 3: Games 3-4 (puck drop around 20:20) Farjestad BK vs Linkoping HC 21:30 CEST Series 4: Games 3-4 (puck drop around 21:30-22:00 - but only after the above games are finished) hREDS vs HAVU Gaming Thursday, May 28th 20:00 CEST Series x: Games 5-7 (puck drop around 20:20) AFTER THAT Series y: Games 5-7 (only after the above games are finished)
  11. NHLGamers, We're rolling on with the playoffs also in our Neo division! The largest out of our divisions still has a total of 32 teams left in the 2nd round. In best of 5 series, every game matters! Here are your second round matchups: Ringette HC (1) - Arctic Blaze (60) Pahat Pommittajat (2) - ALLSTAR TAMPERE (50) Taavetin Starat (3) - Redlight Jokers (49) Jarnkaminerna (4) - Morganchipsen HC (48) ScandinavianFishingGroup (6) - Bauer Rangers GmbH (46) Grilli Tulille (7) - EIS Force Hockey (43) Bahamas Mamas (8) - Evolution HC (41) Suomen Dynamo (9) - Vemppaosasto (40) Veikkolan Veikot (10) - Charleswood Chiefs (38) Polarbears HC (11) - Bull Dozer (37) Otukset (12) - Russian Lightning (35) EV Duisburg (13) - Beastie Boys (32) Niederrhein Canucks (14) - MAXIMUM EFFECT (31) NHL4you Gaming (18) - The Mighty Skunks (29) Wisby Islanders (20) - UKnighted HC (26) Masiina (21) - Thunder United (23) Games can start already tonight, as always play hard - have fun!
  12. It is with a heavy heart that we're today announcing a hiatus of undecided extent for Almost Famous. I've personally been a part of this squad since the first strides on ECL ice back in late 2017 and ECL 5 Lite and it's been one hell of a ride. I'm proud to say, that together with dear rivals Butterfly Effect (RIP), we were the first teams to work our way through the divisions framework all the way to the prestigious Elite, paving the way for other similar stories, such as GHETTO FIREBIRDS most recently. I had better things in mind for our team than to go out like this, we fought at the highest level for four consequent seasons and came just short of playoffs a few times, but things don't always go as planned. After a right out catastrophic offseason before ECL 10, the team was close to falling apart, but together with the great group of guys we had, we decided to give it all we've got and go out on our own terms if it came to that. Now, our "one last shot" might not have seemed like much but it means the world to at least give it a try instead of just rolling over because someone says so. I'm proud of the guys who came to play every night despite the past few months being extremely draining mentally. Let me tell you there's not one bit of anger or resentment in this group, every night was a new chance to better things and each and every one of us took the ice with a positive attitude and a hope for a better outcome. Thank you for that, teammates!I'm wishing all former aF players good luck on their journey onward, we'll be seeing each other on the ice soon enough. Until next time!
  13. NHLGamers, We've come a long way from where we began, as we started out with 16 teams at the same line, all with one goal in mind - hoisting the trophy and cashing in to cap off the historical ECL 10 Elite season. Now, obviously things don't always go as planned and I'll be the first to attest the truth of that statement. Some stories didn't go as planned, but to those teams we say thank you for a good fight and we truly hope to see each and every one of those back in the competition as soon as possible. To the eight fiercest competitors who have come all this way - now the real fight begins. It is time to see who will perform under pressure. Here are the matchups for the ECL 10 Elite quarterfinals: (1) JYP Jyvaskyla vs Farjestad BK (8) RECORD 26-2-2 vs 13-14-3 TOP SCORER Antti @tbnantti Kuittinen (32+37=69) vs Christoffer @I-Maise-I Berntsson (12+38=50=42) GOALTENDER Oskari @sibeelius Grönroos (26 W, 85,86 SV%, 1,43 GAA, 8 SO) vs Johan @Rundqviiist Rundqvist (13 W, 75,44 SV%, 3,27 GAA, 1 SO) I'm doubting it can be called a surprise that JYP eventually secured the number one seed with how dominant they looked from time to time. The former Symphony squad had a massive deviation from their normal form in ECL 9 as they nearly missed out on postseason action, but managed to sneak in and eventually lost in the quarterfinals. Having recruited defensive superstars Aaro @xDoumi Ruuhinen and Ilmari @iilmarii Töyrylä, offensive force Kristian @kriketski17 Veijola, and capping that off with a backstop the caliber of Oskari @sibeelius Grönroos the black and red look more powerful than ever and are certainly sending a storm surge the way of Farjestad BK ahead of their clash. Much alike JYP, Farjestad also had a rather comprehensive makeover before the ongoing ECL season, the team acquired two new wingers, overhauled their defense and also brought in a goaltender. New faces Sebastian @eBasstian Nagel, Andreas @affelj96 Ljungberg, Harri @Totalii Joona and Johan @Rundqviiist Rundqvist have all fared well so far into the season, but JYP and their smothering physical play can be a difficult beast to overcome for the hard striking offense and quick-footed wingers of FBK. (2) Linkoping HC vs Roots (7) RECORD 26-3-1 vs 15-10-5 TOP SCORER Paul @PleeMaker Arontie (58+35=93) vs Timi @Rimpe Rimpeläinen (22+22=44) GOALTENDER Casper @ICappeI Lundgren (26 W, 80,67 SV%, 1,53 GAA, 5 SO) vs Joonas @swagx88 Kuossari (15 W, 81,73 SV%, 2,4 GAA, 2 SO) "At NHLGamer, we're all about setting records..", yes, that's something we wrote in our first ever tweet about the 10th iteration of the ECL. It seems that Paul @PleeMaker Arontie didn't just rest on his laurels, but took this as literally as can be and put up a record-setting goal total of 58 notches in 30 games. Scoring nearly two goals per game as an individual at the highest level of competition is entirely unheard of, but this is where we've come and boy, are we happy to be on that ride! Let's not forget that the reigning champions have a roster full of other superstars too and that will cause trouble for Roots in a best-of-7 series. The fresh organisation hailing out of Kerava, Finland will have their work cut out for them in when taking the ice against one of the most successful teams in ECL history. Roots made a trademark out of keeping scores low, which was a recipe that worked out for them for long stretches of the season. A majority of Roots games were one goal battles and if they can keep that same trend going against LHC, they could very well be able to steal some wins. (3) HAVU Gaming vs BRAYCE Phantoms (6) RECORD 26-3-1 vs 17-11-2 TOP SCORER Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha (29+44=73) vs Simon @PlaymakerSJ Junker (19+31=50) GOALTENDER Hannes @Hansulinho Kettunen (26 W, 83,26 SV%, 1,33 GAA, 7 SO) vs Patrick @RPH_31 Braun (17 W, 75,79 SV%, 2,18 GAA, 6 SO) The clash between HAVU Gaming and BRAYCE Phantoms is not only a battle of the 3rd seed and the 6th seed of ECL 10 Elite. It is also a battle of nations, with the full roster of HAVU hailing from Finland while BRAYCE is flying the German flag high. Furthermore, it is a clash between two different styles of play. Both squads enjoy keeping the puck within the team but whereas HAVU prefers keeping it in the offensive zone, BRAYCE is just as happy patrolling the neutral zone – patiently waiting for the correct spot to send in main offensive threat Simon @PlaymakerSJ Junker with the puck through the center lane. Both teams have championship experience. BRAYCE has brought home the German championship on four separate occasions (GCL 2-5) and stand as the reigning champions of that tournament. HAVU has collected three separate titles (ECL 8, eSM 2019 & IS Cup 4 – four titles including Spring League) in the span of about a year, with the same six players on the ice for each one. Captain Tuukka @FlyerKungen Kuha usually finds a way to motivate his players for the big games. And it does not get any bigger than the Elite playoffs. Expect HAVU to come out firing right away in Game 1. (4) hREDS vs Unlucky Boys HC (5) RECORD 19-9-2 vs 17-10-3 TOP SCORER Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen (25+45=70) vs Antti @Anhel Kuru (23+21=44) GOALTENDER Niklas @uhNikke Nieminen (11 W, 75,6 SV%, 2,28 GAA, 2 SO) vs Ville @Viltzup Poutiainen (10 W, 84,48 SV%, 1,93 GAA, 2 SO) Prior to the season a top four was predicted in many sources and the turnout was exactly as expected, probably just not in the order as expected. The big bad red is one of the stronger teams in the league but from looking at the regular season, there still is a gap between them and the top three that set themselves apart with a quite clear 13-point margin. Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen continues on the path to stardom that he started last season in the now defunct Butterfly Effect. 70 points in total matches his last season totals and earns him a 4th place finish in the scoring race. Unlucky Boys HC is stepping up against the hREDS skilled offense in this battle. UB had very fittingly an incredibly tough start of the season and their first ten games yielded only two wins. It took some time to fins their stride, but the mid-season acquisition of goaltender Ville @Viltzup Poutiainen seems to have sparked the fire, that pushed UB to one of the hottest runs in the league to finish the season. How to watch? The games will be broadcasted at NHLGamer's Twitch-channel according to the schedule below: Monday, May 18th 20:00 CEST Series 1: Games 1-2 (puck drop around 20:15) (1) JYP Jyvaskyla vs Farjestad BK (8) 21:15 CEST Series 2: Games 1-2 (puck drop around 21:30 - but only after the above games are finished) (2) Linkoping HC vs Roots (7) Wednesday, May 20th 20:00 CEST Series 3: Games 3-4 (puck drop around 20:15) (4) hREDS vs Unlucky Boys HC (5) 21:15 CEST Series 4: Games 3-4 (puck drop around 21:30 - but only after the above games are finished) (3) HAVU Gaming vs BRAYCE Phantoms (6) Thursday, May 21st 20:00 CEST Series x: Games 5-7 (puck drop around 20:15)
  14. NHLGamers, The playoff train in our Pro division is chugging along and we surely saw some interesting turns of events in the first round! One of these surprises were definitely HanaaHC outplaying the #1 seed Leksands IF and advancing with a series score of 4-2. The same storyline applied in the series between Nordic Stars (#2 in their group) and Children of Ice (#7), where the experienced group in Children of Ice took the series home in a game 7 finish. We await with excitement if the underdogs will prevail again! Here are the quarterfinal matchups of ECL 10 Pro: Black Horse (1) vs Children of Ice (15) Players to watch: @PCJP (4 W, 87,18 SV%, 1,43 GAA, 2 SO) Black Horse @Jorma Parola (8+10=18) Children of Ice Team Frosty (3) vs HanaaHC (14) Players to watch: @imosi (4+7=11) Team Frosty @Raikkoneeh (2+7=9) HanaaHC Reality Check (9) vs Blackdawgs (13) Players to watch: @Jann3_67_ (4 W, 90,54 SV%, 1,4 GAA, 1 SO) Reality Check @Serg1vratar (4 W, 85,71 SV%, 1,5 GAA, 1 SO) Blackdawgs Enigma (10) vs Vaxjo Lakers (11) Players to watch: @Nieppii (4+7=11) Enigma @Hullued (4 W, 94,74 SV%, 0,5 GAA, 2 SO) Vaxjo Lakers Unfortunately the we didn't have the resources to generate an in-depth preview this time, but will aim to provide for the semifinals. The quarters start tonight, so good luck to all teams - play hard, have fun!

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