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  1. True, me too. Its nonsence that atm lower group rank team is higher in playoff rank. Kenu you really should fix this.
  2. Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): itspardytime (C), Saviinainen (A), P____C____J____P (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): itspardytime TeMeX Sagee95 mir0zkin thewix_1 Saviinainen I_gibs_l P____C____J____P Pettersson12 EA SPORTS club overview: later... Team Logo: same as always
  3. Tiki Talk is looking for solid LD for FCL and next ECL. Spot is free tonight 21fin time. Contact here or PSN: itspardytime
  4. TIKI TALK need active (rather finnish) defender or LW. We play almost every evening starting 21fin time. ECL Lite or Pro experience is enough as long as you are willing to develop your game. Contact psn: itspardytime.
  5. Can you tell their account so teams can dodge them.
  6. Your comment tells me a lot about you as a person. You truly don’t understand why we seek a game? And if you don’t understand that was only rhetorical question. We have played only few evenings during this problem (because we have 3 "DNA players")but when we play we managed to get atleast 2-3 games/evening which is better than nothing. Its frustrating (for all of us) and that’s why I have tried to help solving this problem and tried to activate others but some of you rather be a loudmouth - its not suprising. I knew that my message might activate some morons but also I hope that it activates some smart ones too. I hope you and your followers could use few minutes of your precious time and help this genre via the link https://tuki.dna.fi/org/dna-fi/d/dna-laajakaista-ja-nhl19/ , thanks. Meanwhile if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
  7. Sorry that I use finnish but link is for finnish dna users. Käykää mahdollisimman moni laittamassa tänne kommenttia, niin dna saattaa yrittää myös tehdä asialle jotain, kiitos. https://tuki.dna.fi/org/dna-fi/d/dna-laajakaista-ja-nhl19/ Btw today we tried to play over 4 hours and managed to get 2 games with 3dna players. We cant continue with our normal lineup before this bug is fixed. After that we tested to play 3vs3 against each other and couldnt even join same rooms or start the game.
  8. Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) itspardytime, (A) jirsimarco, (A) Saviinainen Team roster (PSN IDs): itspardytime jirsimarco Saviinainen thewix1 TeMeX TuomoP83 Pettersson12 weelmax zapoZapo361 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/TIKI TALK Team Logo: same as before
  9. TIKI TALK is looking for new forward (c/lw) and defender. You should be active, we play almost every evening around 21-00 fintime. Rather finnish player with mic. We are still playing in ecl pro, hopefully not long. I hope that new players rather helps team to rise back to elite than drop to lite. Contact psn itspardytime , thanks Atm we are looking for only active ld. Experienced ld contact me for tryout, thanks!
  10. TIKI TALK etsii yhtä aktiivista pakkia eashl ja ecl varten, kätisyydellä ei väliä. Joukkue pelaa miltei joka ilta noin klo21 alkaen. Arkisin pelit jatkuvat klo23-00 asti, viikonloppuisin pidempään. En kirjoittanut Lontooksi, koska joukkue on100% suomalainen. Ota yhteyttä psn: itspardytime , kiitos
  11. Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): itspardytime (C) , Wuorio (A) , P____C____J____P (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): itspardytime Wuorio haqqura Temex_ Vale_ oo-joystick-oo Molotiira Sluibaaja_88 laflamme P____C____J____P Weelmax kontiovaara59 Riemsdyk https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/TIKI%20TALK logo: same as always
  12. Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): Itspardytime (C), Temex (A) 0o-Joystick-o0 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): itspardytime¨ temex terrorsenko xcrimson jaromirsniper68 0o-joystick-o0 Sluibaaja88 weelmax a_pantera ea_thuglife diro373 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/de/nhl/clubs/ps4/TIKI TALK
  13. Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): itspardytime (C), Takajeejee1 (A), Temex (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Itspardytime Takajeejee1 Temex Kookasi Vale-9- Veskku Octobussy Tepazor Weelmax A_pantera EA SPORTS club overview:https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/TIKI TALK
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