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  1. Haha! Game 6 against Hawks Hockey club in ECL 4 For those of you who wonders why ppl say GGs Lavetten 0,1 sec this is the reason for that:
  2. Nasher can do that but it´s not only about virtual hockey for him. He is doing real hockey vids aswell.
  3. I just recorded this interview with my phone to be able to write this article. @Kenu did a video interview with Rammer from the event in Helsinki
  4. Hey NHLGamers, Earlier this week EA SPORTS hosted a NHL 19 pre-launch event in Stockholm where invited guests got the opportunity to play the game before the upcoming release. This time it was me being lucky to attend at the event during the NHL 19 Producers Tour. Other NHLGamers attending were @The_Alpha_Furyan, @Darkic01 and @PillenUpp. I got the chance to interview the lead producer of the NHL Franchise, Sean Ramjagsingh. First off, I took the time to tell him that me and many others enjoyed the NHL 19 Beta a lot. I gave them credit for the skating in the game and for ma
  5. I asked that type of question yesterday. I will post an article about it tomorrow
  6. To start off with I want to say the beta felt really good. Some things that could be changed though 1. Passes: For some reason it felt like the passes sometimes went to the opposite direction of where you wanted to pass. For example I tried to pass it forward but instead I passed it backwards to my defender. 2 Afkers: This problem has been in the game for a really long time, especially in HUT where ppl want their coins. EA needs to add some kind of timer that will kick you from the game if you are inactive for like 5 minutes. Add some kind of punishment to prevent ppl from goin
  7. We play right now! You can join if you want.
  8. King Cappe! Best goalie in ECL He is a great guy aswell!
  9. KattenJansson97 aka the HUT hater I like the idea of HUT Champions but it will not be that great I suppose cuz 40 games in NHL takes longer then in FIFA and the player base in NHL is not enough for something like this.
  10. esdor

    ECL 5 - Pro Season Review

    I guess they won the game that are not in the standings then. Wierd that the table shows that they only played 29 games^^ My bad.
  11. esdor

    ECL 5 - Pro Season Review

    +4 Overtime wins that I forgot to add. My bad sorry. Idk why it says you played 29 games.
  12. Hello NHLGamers, The ECL 5 Pro season was an exciting battle from the very start, until the overtime winner in game 7 of the finals. Let's start with the group stage: Group 1 In this group all of the top 3 teams from The_Alpha_Furyan'ss ECL Pro Preview made it to the playoffs. Gotham Knights and SIKA ended up in the top 2 during the regular season and White Trash finished 6th in the group. Group 1 was tighter than group 2, with only 13 points between Gotham Knights - that won the group - and Murohoki and Black Panther Party, who finished in 9th and 10th place and just barely missed th
  13. I agree! It was amazing to experience this event live in Finland 🇫🇮
  14. Hi fellow NHLGamers. Like many of you guys know the IS Cup was played about a week ago in Helsinki. I want to say thanks to everyone involved and to all the Finnish guys in the community that made me feel very welcome. Now to the more important stuff, the actual gaming. On the first day of the tournament, players that did not make it to the main tournament through the online qualifiers had a chance to qualify. 64 players got divided into two different knockout brackets. The winner of the first bracket was hardly surprising, as on top came @Dominointi after beat

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