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  1. Free LD/RD Prefer teams whose players dont start to make suicides if we lose some games. Any div, Any role. Hmu.😘
  2. Team name: SOPPAJENGI Team abbreviation: SPJ Team captains (PSN IDs): pro-m99 (C) MrNiceguyEddie (A) Jondeezz (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): baukkuu ibee999 MrNiceguyEddie Mehiiss pro-m99 Pasi-Fism Jondeezz farssine Randomjanne jormatsefiina nouluuk14 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=238131&platform=ps4 Team logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
  3. SOPPAJENGI is looking for one forward, C or RW and one Defender, LD or RD. Contact @MrNiceguyEddie or @Prom99here or via psn. 🍻
  4. Hi and welcome to the soppa thread! It all started almost a year ago when ECL 8 had just ended and SOPPAJENGI was created just to have some team to play club games. After the announcement of Spring League we thought of entering to the tournament with SOPPAJENGI just to have a bit of fun. Roster got put together and we played though the tournament. It went alright, but the team wanted to try again in a tournament that had some kind of stake. FCL was announced pretty much out of nowhere and we knew that this could be a huge opportunity for us to rebuild a decent from scratch. It was only two days before the registration closed when we started to find the pieces we were looking for. Soon we had putted together a pretty much completely new roster to see if could achieve something. Everything seemed to work out perfectly in the group stage as we lost only one game to HAVU and won the group. We carried our momentum to the first round of playoffs where we managed to beat Mockba 2-0. With seed #2 in the playoffs and having an excellent form we were ready to clinch our spot to Helsinki. Unfortunately we weren't able to pull of the upset as Symphony ended up winning the series 2-0. Nevertheless, great effort for a team that was created just a few days before the tournament. After FCL we knew that it was going to be end for SOPPAJENGI as most of the roster had their own teams elsewhere. So that was it for a while. Fast forward to present time. The idea for making a comeback had been brewing for a while and finallyit was time to do it. Roster is being put together and looks like we might see SOPPAJENGI make a debut in ECL soon! Our Core-team @Prom99 (Founder and dear Captain) @MrNiceguyEddie (Founder and Alternate Captain) @Jondeezz (Alternate Captain) @Mehiiss (Founder) Our current roster (updated 03/04/2020) Goalies: Mehiiss jormatsefiina Randomjanne Defenders: pro-m99 MrNiceguyEddie Pasi-Fism Forwards: Jondeezz Nouluuk14 ibee999 baukkuu #jaksaakonäitävastaa Twitter @soppajengi
  5. When I first decided to start playing Defender on a regular basis, I knew nothing about anything. Sami replied to my writing on NHLGamers free agent -topic and asked if I was interested in becoming to her defender partner. I answered "hell f*cking yes" and it didn't take long for us to set-up SBH together with @mir02k1 and @Pettersson12. At that time I hardly even knew the buttons to the game, but Sami believed in me and many, many times he told me that I'm really talented player and one day I'll be playing really high level. Sami has been like a mentor to me during my career. Life is not fair. Sometimes it gives and sometimes it takes. R.I.P, my friend.
  6. Still need players. Roles which is open are all starter roles.
  7. 🆘❗ SOPPAJENGI ❗🆘 has made a comeback! We are looking for hot players on every positions. Especially we need fws, g's and maybe some backup d also. We are aiming to win few club games during the offseason and so on, so you have to be in good shape.🍑👈 Contact me or @Prom99 here or via psn.
  8. Because of inactivity, I decided to leave sikala and search for a little bit more active doing. Nothing much to tell, under 30 games in this release, so you will experience the saddest nice guy ever. Pos: LD/RD Contact me here.
  9. Free LD/RD for future tournaments. Prefer teams where players don't start to make suicides if we lose some games. Any role. Hmu 🙂😘
  10. Free backup D for FCL. Can occasionally appear in the DR. Hmu ☺️

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