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  1. Many games have been played this past week. Passes have been made and goals have been scored and it is time for us to reveal our POTW. This week we have chosen @Klassikko_ of Perttilan Kommandot. The finnish defensman had 3 goals combined with 10 assist in 6 games and a spectacular +/- of +25! PSN-ID: Klassikko_ Team: Perttilan Kommandot Position: Right Defenseman Games played this week: 6 (North Pole Huskies, Scrubs of Sweden, FarmiNaattori) Goals: 3 Assists: 10 Points: 13 +/-: 25 @Willander97 had a chance to catch up with the man in such great form lately. Congratulations on being named the Player of the week! How are you feeling about that? - Thank you. I have to say that I wasn't expecting it so I feel very surprised. In the past you have been playing as a forward, what made you start playing as a defender? - We have many players who played last season in Perttilan Kommandot also. One defender wanted to try to play forward this season and I was interested in playing defense. Perttilan Kommandot is currently leading leading their group in Lite with a record of 20-3-1. What makes your team so good? - Like many other teams we also try to play as a team as good as we can. Every guy participates in defense as well as in offense. We also have a team captain (Jarmonen) who knows how to boost up the team before the games. He also possesses great tactical vision which helps us to win tight games. If you have to pick a player from the Lite division and add him or her to you roster, who would it be and why? - There are many good players in lite but I have to say @ahonaattori from The Dudes. This guy makes everything for his team so he would be a good addition for Kommandot also. Last question. How far will you guys make it in the playoffs? - We will go as far as we deserve. Hopefully we can use the marketplace which our captain has already booked to celebrate our rise to ECL Pro. Thanks for your time Klassikko_ and we wish all the best for PeKo and yourself in the postseason! ECL Lite Writing Team @Willander97 & @Tonimo92
  2. NHLGamers, A week has been played in the ECL Lite division and we in the ECL Lite Writing Team have decided to choose a player of the week, making it a weekly thing. This weeks player has shown a lot of individual skill and managed to rack up a total of 40 points in just 6 games during the first week of competition in ECL 8 Lite. The guy we’re talking about is @Basstian23 (JaromirSniper68) and down below you can see his stats this past week. PSN-ID: JaromirSniper68 Team: Dynamic Position: Center Games played this week: 6 (vs HC Slapshot, Slapshot Club Germany and Niederrhein Canucks) Goals: 15 Assists: 25 Points: 40 +/-: 19 I sat down with JaromirSniper68 and asked him a few questions: You have been awarded this weeks Player of the week award. How do you feel about that? - I’m very happy. I would like to thank my teammates. Without them, this wouldn't have happened. Describe yourself as a player. - I would say that I’m a skilled two way player who sees the ice very well. I consider myself more of a passer. I'd rather pass for an open net for my teammate than take the shot. Why does it work out so well for you? - It’s about my teammates. They’re making it easy for me to score and to get assists. To be honest though, the opponents so far haven’t been the best and I have so much more to show. A BIG thank you to JaromirSniper68 who took the time and answered our questions. As the season moves on and the opponents get tougher, it'll be exciting to follow the progress of JaromirSniper68. It'll remain to be seen if Dynamic can stay in form and the man himself can keep scoring. Until next time! On behalf of the ECL Lite Writing Team, @Willander97
  3. Team name: Western Express Team abbreviation: WXP Team captains (PSN IDs): Willander97, Fuufank65, Dgsson Team roster (PSN IDs): Willander97 Fuufank65 Dgsson Tlindgren96 Pillenupp Zoxeiz Kikkideeee Taskig Tiberian91 Muskelpaket77 Forsberg_21 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/se/nhl/clubs/ps4/Western Express Previous team name(s): Team Logo: ECL Pro application: NO
  4. Former Pro Players are starting a new club for ECL 8. Looking for active Goalie.
  5. Scoring Forward looking for ECL club. Psn ID: willander97
  6. Rutiga Stringtrosor looking for goalie and LD. Add willander97 on psn if interested
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