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  1. Hello! 👋 Free FA for upcoming tournaments looking for team with good comunication and desire to win every game! Free Forward peferably Center with secondary positions Left and Right wing, can play Defence to. Both handed no difference. Lite/PRO division team, back up role fine to. My play time almost everyday from 21.30fin at workdays and any time when do not work. Please contact here or PSN Best regards, Rocky 🥊
  2. AARGGGHH .... 🦁 See ya FILA ❤️ 😘 Welcome Linkō 💣🤜🤛 welcome old/new contender Good luck and have fun! 🥊 Rocky 🥊🏒
  3. Jesus, so many esports teams establishing! Happy to see! 😍 Good luck and play Hard! 😁 🥊
  4. New things, bigger tournaments, big prizes, bigger family. Nice to see progress! Cheers! 😎 Thanks all NHLgamer management and ECL9 postcard face aka Burns - Hansu! 😄 Best regards, Rocky 🥊
  5. Still positive with offers 🥊
  6. Hello! Free FA for upcoming ECL9 season. Preferred positions C/LD/RD, passing play in priority and defend goalie in front of the net! Looking for team with good communication and attitude, prefer advice and communication NOT blaming and raging! Fresh start to help win trophies! // ========================================================================== // My playtime everyday after 21:30FIN time if working, if free day can start when needed! Latvian player - talk Latvian, English, Russian and Finnish(understand only swearing words) 😄 Both handed left/right dosen't matter! // ========================================================================== // Feel free contact here or psn: Rocky_x15_Balboa or watssapp +37129830500 Best regards, Rocky 🥊
  7. Hello, community! 🏒 Sorry for asking, maybe somewhere was a information about specific time when will start new ECL9 season(ECL (Europe - Q4 2019)), can you guys say about when we need settle our teamates and gather together to more ready to coming season!? Sorry once again! 😀 Best regards, Rocky! 🥊
  8. Good luck new staff members, we will be very happy to evolve nhlgamer community, play together or against and have fun! 😎 Best regards, Rocky #15
  9. Спасибо! Думаю это интересно будет, да и формат можно придумать какой душе хочется а желающие найдутся!
  10. Привет всем! Прошло уже не мало времени с того как мы начали играть на nhlgamer, вопрос очень простой. Будет ли Чемпионат по мимо 6vs6 RCL4 и индивидуальный 1на1 "Versus", да бы разнообразить сезон и всем было бы чем занятся!? Да и понимаю Администрация штат увеличила! 😉 Пишите все у кого какие мысли, за или против не важно! 🤝 С уважениям Рокки!
  11. Kriketsi was in great form at this tournament, deserved win! Good luck in future! gg 🏁
  12. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0006-CUSA16390_00-NHL2020BETAGAME1
  13. Good, fast information. Can't wait to START!!! 😎
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