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  1. Team name: Black Horse Team abbreviation: BH Team captains (PSN IDs): Wirtsuuu (C), Exel56 (A), Ollizhki (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Wirtsuuu Exel56 Ollizhki Since2009- Hullued Originaljets29 Tonppaa Lonkkalamari Villamies95 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Black Horse Previous team name(s) : - Team Logo:  ECL Pro application:  Yes!!!
  2. Hey! Black Horse is looking for players for the upcoming ECL, we are mainly searching for a starting goalie (!!), one defender and a backup forward. For the defender and forward positions dual handedness is a plus but not mandatory by any means. For all the positions we need for you to be active. Contact me for tryouts! PSN: Wirtsuuu
  3. Looking for a team, I can play lw/c/rw (ld maybe)
  4. 1. Stilando 2. swagx88 3. Sandr0hh 4. Hullued 5. Ranta83 6. Laurilion 7. Janne Komsalaine 8. Zande95 9. ICappeI 10. Olli14nhl
  5. Shameful Knights is looking for a defender or an all around player for ECL 6 (ECL Pro)! Our RD is currently getting some high tier military training, so it's time we add another strong knight to our round table. We are primarily looking for an RD/LD, but if you are able to uphold a consistent good level of play on any position we will certainly see that as a huge plus. Requirements: -Be active. We try to play everyday to have and keep our team play in it's peak -Previous ECL experience is necessary! -You need to own a mic because communication on the ice is the key to success. We also have a WhatsApp chat where we handle all the general things such as when to play and who plays etc. -You're able to give quick passes which help forward our game - You have a good game sense that allows you to make quick and safe decisions but also lets you get creative when needed. (We are not looking for a robot like player) Contact on PSN for a tryout: Wirtsuuu, Ollizhki or Migo_boo99. (Or anyone you know from our team :D)
  6. Looking for a team on nhl 18, I can play lw/rw.
  7. Team name: Nordic Stars Team Abbreviation: NS Team Captains (PSN IDs): Seahyena (C), Tapparafan- (A), Kinudz (A) Team Roster (PSN IDs): Seahyena Tapparafan- Kinudz Giinis Tonppaa Ilmari30 Naikou88 Vaporik
  8. Psn: Tapparafan Position: Lw About me: 19 years old from Finland. Started eashl in 2013. I played both nhl 16 ecl tournaments for Nordic Stars. Not interested in being a captain.
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