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  1. An experienced player looking for a team. I prefer a forward position, doesn't really matter which one. I'm open for teams from any division. Looking for a group who play with a positive attitude. Last ECL was the first time I didn't participate in the history of the tournament. Just recently purchased the game, so it will take a bit of time to get up to speed. I always play with a team-first mentality, I like to move the puck around and really enjoy the defensive side of the game, including PK. I speak fluent Finnish and English but don't mind listening to other languages either. I'm available basically any time and day, just not on an instant notice, i.e. some scheduling would be nice. I don't use smartphones, whatsapp etc., so if that's a problem I'm not your guy. You can contact me here or on PSN, but here you will be likely to get a quicker reply.
  2. Great re-cap and a good read, thanks! Didn't follow the tournament, nor much else for the matter, so it was a very nice way of catching up. Kind of missed the rosters of the teams, seems like every team has changed its name during the past half a year.. I'm sure I can find them from somewhere though. Looks like it was a good time for everyone, lots of happy faces in those photos. In the end, that's what counts. Feels like half my posts these days involve congratulating Eki on winning one thing or another, but here goes again: Congrats Linkoping HC! 🥳
  3. A week has gone by so it's time for another wet hotlap. This time it was Hungaroring (replacing Bahrain) in a Red Bull.
  4. I thought Checkmate got promoted, no?
  5. That was one sweaty desert drive! Congratulations to Juunas for the win. The qualifying had the top 6 within a tenth or so if I remember correctly and it set up a great race from the get-go. I managed to keep the lead at the start and was feeling good with the first 9 lap stint on the softs. Bad news was the miscommunication between me and Jeff on the Alpha pit wall. He wanted me to go with two stops and I wanted one, so in a Ferrari-esque move I ended up having the mediums instead of hards for the 2nd stint. Until the last four laps or so I managed to keep up the gap but then the tires just melted under me and had little hope of defending the lead as I struggled to keep the car on track, so my hopes rested on the possible penalties for the guys charging from behind. Finished the race with tire wear at 90% and under 3s off the lead, but unfortunately for me they'd had a clean race. Really enjoyed that one and looking forward to Canada =]
  6. Played a couple of games as a D-man in 6s. Hitting felt borderline useless - it was hard to hit with the heat-seeking hitting mechanic and when one landed, nothing seemed to happen. Had to take a lot of speed and hit straight on to strip the puck. Saucer passes were very hard to intercept. I have a feeling saucers will pretty much replace regular passes as there didn't seem to be much downside to them - referring mostly to picking up the pass. Not saying it's a bad thing, just an observation. Goalies seemed to be in a lot of trouble, especially when there was a scrum in front of the net and the puck was loose somewhere under or near the goalie. Spending so much time on watching compulsory replays wasn't fun. Especially as we were getting thrashed.
  7. The big question for me is why. Why did they prefer to release a version that is 8 weeks old? "- Fixed cases where players would unintentionally stick lift because the action would carry over if they were to lose the puck. when trying to protect the puck using the same button." Sounds great but I still don't understand why they have to be in the same button when there are two buttons entirely unused in EASHL/CHEL. " - Fixed cases where AFK logic could potentially kick users for bad teamplay in Ones." Unfix and add to 6s too please
  8. That was an eventful race. I think FakiiR1 crashed into me at the start of the formation lap, which disqualified us both from the said procedure. Because of that my tires and brakes were cold at the start of the race, which lead to a poor start. I was lucky it did, however, as the gap to the front-runners allowed me to lift off and avoid the carnage at the exit of Turn 4. I felt like my race pace was very good and after overtaking Juunas for the lead I felt very confident in winning the race. Doing a donut 2 laps before the end wasn't exactly my plan, but very worn tires and a lapse in concentration made it tighter at the end than what I had in mind. I made a personal objective of driving a top 10 time in the wet for at least 10 different tracks (the same tracks as in the league, but swapping Bahrain for Hungary) in either a Ferrari or a Red Bull. Here's the first one, Melbourne in a Ferrari: If anyone has an idea how to improve the potato quality of these PS4 videos, please let me know...
  9. So, this is what, 8th year in a row we get "seamless puck pick-ups"? RPM skating transformed the game from skating forward with the puck to skating backwards with the puck. Reading between the lines, I assume shooting and passing is done backwards now too.
  10. Sorry, still haven't made it to the 21st century.. I trust your judgement in terms of rules etc., my only wish is to get a car which has mirrors visible from the cockpit cam, if there are any.
  11. YES! YES! Grazzie ragazzi! I've been waiting for this for a few years now. Last time was a lot of fun while it lasted. How will we choose which 10 tracks to drive? Weather settings dynamic, right? ^___^ Personally I wouldn't mind if ERS was automatic or even off because the way it is implemented is simply ridiculous and unrealistic, but if others want it I can live with it.
  12. Some smoke got in my eyes I guess..
  13. Eight years ago I started playing EASHL club games. Back then it was just about playing for fun, knowing nothing of the competitive side of NHL gaming. One evening we got faced up with a team that made us look like 6 Zambonis on the ice and thoroughly beat us in the first period. After the game I decided to go and see what this club was and how they were ranked in the in-game leaderboards. That's when I realized the game and especially the game mode could be played much more competitively. Having had quit FPS e-sports on PC a few years earlier, I'd thought I was done with playing anything that seriously, but now I wanted to play in a team that could challenge these guys who called themselves Northern Stars. A few years later we faced up with Northern Stars in the playoffs in a Consolehockey tournament. It's probably the best and most memorable series for me, although quite bitter sweet. NOS climbed back from a 1-3 series deficit in a very defensive match up. Game 7 was a real thriller and I was having so much fun - until I didn't. See, in the third period of a 1-1 tie, Mullweiser made a backhand shot that deflected off my ass and into our net. We just couldn't break down the renowned NOS defence for the rest of the period, and they won the series. After the final buzzer I couldn't say a word. My team mates were offering some comfort about a good season and yadda yadda. I was having none of it. Just sat there, staring into a wall. Then I got up, walked into the kitchen, and all of a sudden I launch a wooden kitchen chair to the wall, smashing it into pieces. That's the only time I've ever lost my sh** because of a video game, but on the bright side I got new chairs. Thanks Mulle for that, I still have them! Northern Stars was a team that redefined what team work meant in EASHL. Northern Stars was a team that defined what loyalty and commitment meant in EASHL. Northern Stars was a team that defined what good sportsmanship meant, gracious in both victory and defeat. Thank you NOS for all the good times. For me, you will always be one of the greatest of all time. Best of luck in whatever you guys choose to do next!
  14. Looking for a Spring Cup team. Willing to play any forward position and LD in an emergency. Doesn't have to be a starting position. I'm very experienced but haven't played since end of January, so don't expect miracles. I will need some catching up. I'm looking to just have fun and contribute to the team. What you get from me: - 3rd line skills - 3rd world internet - 3rd rate jokes What I'm looking for in a team is a mature & relaxed atmosphere. Skill-sets or past achievements don't matter. I speak Finnish & English but I don't mind hearing other languages either.

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