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  1. That's a valid point, I wouldn't like to see white/blue/pink goal posts either. Anything with a dark contrast is fine, but I guess it's better and more simple to have a standard color.
  2. Certainly not! I'm assuming the problem grows the further away the camera settings are.
  3. I agree. Another example is a player with a dark hair or a dark skin tone as an away team, while the home team has dark helmets. Or vice versa.
  4. So it seems! Well that settles the logic. In terms of color blindness I find the wording of the goal post rule pretty.. funky. "..This is due to color blindness concerns where individuals would not be able to see the goal if it was a specific color". I mean, it's not like the posts suddenly became invisible. The way the deficiencies in color sight work is that it is simply harder to distinguish between certain colors, say red-green or green-brown - can be others, but these are the most common. So in fact it matters less to color blind people if the posts are green or red than it does to people with a normal color sight. Over the years I've noticed it is a very confusing topic for anyone with normal color sight. There are some good websites that can help one understand how it works, here is one: https://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/ For example, I won't pass the most well-know Ishihara test, being red-green color "blind", but I score maximum points in hue color tests, as I guess most with similar condition do. With a color sight deficiency people learn to recognize colors by contrast - which is why for people like me the helmet rule was great but the goal post rule is non-sensical.
  5. Why is there a rule to define the color of the helmets if it is okay to play without them? I don't see the point of said rule in that case.
  6. I didn't even know, being red-green color blind and all, lol.
  7. To me the most noticeable change was incidental puck contact. The puck was bouncing around everywhere all the time. I'm not saying it''s a bad thing, just a major difference. I was spamming stick-lifts everywhere and actually managed to get one hooking penalty. Sure, it has its downsides, but positives also. One doesn't need to just stand on a passing lane and hope EA's Random Number Generator rolls for a pass interception, but instead it's possible to play more active defense and lift the stick of the player about to receive the pass. I like that. Checking felt harder to me as well. Whether it has more to do with checking or skating mechanics, I don't know. Loose puck dekes are difficult to pull off with a player that has relatively low deking attributes. This is from the beta-to-release (Day 0) patch notes: Poke Checking Fixed cases where poke checks were tripping a player after getting puck first Fixes to accuracy of poke checks on stationary/slow moving loose pucks Fixed a case where players were not being tripped after consecutive pokes Various additional poke check targeting fixes There were changes to the pokes in the tuners too, though: September 1, 2018 – Tuner 1.00 Updates from Beta to Final Tuning for tripping based around positioning, player speed and collision September 19th @ 2am PST - Tuner 1.01 Poke checks now need to get a slightly larger piece of the player to cause them to trip Increase to pokecheck accuracy when poking to ideal angles
  8. It's actually not voodoo. Routing makes a big difference - the packets take a longer trip than a straight line distance on a map. Here's a map to illustrate the European internet backbone architecture: The map is old but gives the right idea. Finns will be happy to know that a new cable is being installed in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Germany, i.e. bypassing Sweden and Denmark and giving better performance. Typical customer support.. "make sure you have the power cable plugged in, thank you and have a nice day!". I wouldn't trust the in-game network performance too much either, but it usually gives a decent general idea. If you want a more accurate result, I'd suggest opening up Command Prompt and typing "ping -n 100". It will run a series of 100 ping commands to the Dublin server. My results looked like what one would expect from a 3rd world connection that I have to put up with: Minimum = 59ms, Maximum = 102ms, Average = 64ms Hope that helps someone. Now I'll go and cry myself to sleep and dream of 21st century.
  9. The way I see it, the players on the ice are more like artists with an alias, and people have never had difficulties distinguishing between "Eminem" and "50 cent". In fact, I think the room for creativity makes it easier, not more difficult, for identifying players. I probably wouldn't remember half the players or their play-styles that I do now if they used authentic names.
  10. Is it really so, though? It's pretty much impossible to see the names on the jerseys during play. On some jerseys it's even hard to see the number. The only time they really pop up is after a goal. Before the puck drops the names that are visible are actually PSN usernames, so in a sense it would be more streamlined and less confusing if the player names matched the PSN usernames. Alright, well that solves the data security issue. On the other hand, you wouldn't believe what kind of names exist in reality. For example, Tarzan is a legit first name in Finland.. 😀
  11. Those who know me probably could have guessed I voted No. I have two questions: Why & How? The latter probably needs some clarification. Would NHLGamer require all the players to send a copy of their passport? How would this data be handled and secured?
  12. Absolutely awesome! Great work Kenu & everyone else in the staff. I lift my beanie. To hell with Grandiosa, from now on it's Dr. Oetker. 🍕 Sweet cover, too!
  13. ECL Elite: Mukimaisteri. Scored 35,2% of Dynasty's regular season goals and an astonishing 73.7% of playoff-goals.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I really hope it works out the way you've planned, it's what the community needs. Best of luck!
  15. I hope it works out, but as it stands there seems to be quite a few questions open regarding the organization and the promises it makes. I don't want to be a douche, but having been both on the wrong and right side of things over the years -- from empty promises to outright faked sponsorship deals, I've learned it's better to be safe than sorry. So, in the sake of anyone who's interested in the project, I'd like to ask a few questions. 1. Regular bootcamps: Where would they be and who pays for them? 2. Sponsorship: Do you mean some sort of gear or merchandise? Who are your business partners? 3. Professional eSports contracts: Professionalism implies a salary or a reward system. Is that a correct assumption? Again, who pays? 4. Professional analysis of gameplay: Who or what does the analysis? I understand it is a new project, but making big promises while not having a web site, no info on management/staff nor any info on business partners, it feels.. dodgy.
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