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  1. Jertsicc

    Clubs looking for players

    Finnish Prospects Is looking for 1 defenseman for upcoming ECL Lite. Must be good on both end of the ice and need to have good puck handling skills. Our team is created 2 years ago and we are not new in this game. We know what we need and what we want on ice to make our team better. It would be perfect if you are Finnish because of the fast communication, but we speak english too. So other language ppl is welcome if you speak, and understand english. Contact us over here or PSN Jertsicc PSN Maiksteri
  2. Jertsicc

    Xbox ECL 2 - Registrations

    I just bought ps4 today so i am only over here now
  3. Jertsicc

    Xbox ECL 2 - Registrations

    Is there enyone promoting this league on xbox?
  4. Jertsicc

    ECL - Xbox One Registrations

    Team name: Finnish Prospects Team Abbreviation: FP Team Captains (Xbox Live IDs): Jertsicc, SauceAndSnipe, Jeresti Team Roster (Xbox Live IDs): Jertsicc SauceAndSnipe Jeresti MaikJS Tupsu93 Reapeer93 NHLreino76 Bointsi IronNo16