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  1. Still free. Out of form due to lack of play, but open to join anyone with a goalie spot
  2. Free agent, G. Looking to bounce back as a full time goalie in nhl20. Played last ECL (8) in Pro div with 85 sv%, 6 shutouts and 15 wins in 20 games. Speak swe/eng but prefer to play without mic during games for full focus, so easy fit no matter language spoken. Searching for rotation/tandem role in Elite or ambitious Pro team. PSN: LastMandalorian
  3. Awesome! Just making sure I wont get a life time ban or anything.
  4. I agree. But the rule is very broadly worded. The specific situation on the video is a quite clear exploitation of the game. But a fight for the puck infront of the net shouldnt count like one. Sliding across the goal to desperately keep the puck out of the net is not exploitation of the game in my opinion - even if it includes players going down. But it could still be included as an infraction as the rule is worded right now.
  5. Either. Both. Whichever he can reach in time.
  6. What about a goalie aggresively sliding towards a player going for a rebound outside of the crease, but infront of the goal?
  7. Goalie looking for back-up role in LITE 🙂 Havent played the position since NHL17, but have lots of ECL-experience (ECL Pro and Summer Cup-finalist as a goalie).
  8. Tech issue: This screen stuck with me after I paused the game to switch controllers. It was completely unplayable and I ended up losing the game. Since the X-button has a function in this screen, I couldnt use it for the gameplay. Rest of the buttons worked.
  9. All the series should post a video like this! Great watch!
  10. No surprise MartindalexC is getting a kick out of this
  11. Giving out WOs in Elite Semi-finals is a true tragedy for the league. Much shame to both teams that they could not reach an agreement to play all games in time, and forced LA:s hand. Giving extra time has been a focus of much criticism in earlier tournaments - and it seems popular demand made it self heard in the end. I hope every team takes note from this and recruit bigger rosters for coming seasons, beyond the 8 man MINIMUM requirement. That is my take on it.
  12. Lamsa who made it to the Summer Cup finals this summer and now leading his team who no one believed in to the ELITE playoffs in front of several top ranked teams. Mid-level players? Take a step down please Tuukka.R. Peace and love
  13. A new game calls for new features and one of the announced additions to NHL 18 is that of HUT ROOKIES. In accordance with the direction EA has decided to go - the special focus on the young stars of today in both marketing and developement – these player cards puts the spotlight on the brightest shining youngsters in each of the 31(!) NHL teams. Having taking some liberties with the term ”Rookies”, the players in this set of special cards range from 3+ years pros like Matt Dumba, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Alexander Barkov, to players like Patrik Laine, Jimmy Vesey and Zack Werenski who made their debut last year. Having a set of cards like this, with a chosen player for every team is nothing new in this game mode that everybody loves to hate, but still play anyway. Last year it was called HUT Heroes and revolved around the legends of yesterday. What is different this time around though is the availability of the cards and the ratings they got. While HUT Heroes could only be unlocked through collecting an entire team of cards (players, jerseys, arena etc.), HUT Rookies seems to be dealt out for free when first starting your team. The team you choose as your favorite at the start of the game – the young star of that team will be added to your roster. Anyone thinking about choosing Toronto just to get that shiny special edition Austen Matthews to dangle around your opponents with? Not so fast! While HUT Heroes pushed the limits on how good a rating could reach (all of the cards boasted at least 93+) – these cards seems to be nerfed down versions of the players in question, since all of the cards have a rating of 85 (with player specific variations on the sub categories). With HUT ROOKIES including players like Draisaitl, Laine and Calvin Pickard – it is not hard to assume that the base cards of said players have different values (reasonable thinking places Draisaitl and Laine with a way higher overall than Calvin Pickard). For anyone familiar with the game mode a 85 overall does not impress – players of that calibre goes for 500-1000 coins on the open market, and usually leaves the line up after less than 50 games. That being said, EA recently announced that they are doing a big overhaul on the ratings system – meaning that 85 overall could have a bigger impact on your lineup than previous years. This would be a thankful change from 17 where the amount of 99 rated cards reached inflation levels making everything below 90 less than useless. Only time will tell how big of an impact this new feature will have on the HUT gameplay – but we can sure agree that them cards are lookin’ shiney! Which card will you be snagging up? Let us know in the comments! Follow this link for a list of all of the players: https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2017/nhl-18-hut-rookies
  14. @Danielcadabra Maybe you could do a tutorial video on how you want us to capture and share? It's not that I dont understand your text, but I think that it could help to avoid confusion in some cases. It might also be a way to reach more of the Community, ultimately having more people sharing content (which is what we want right?), since I think that some people who might skip a text like this would maybe watch a video. But yeah, great initiative! I believe this is a great way for the Community to grow and get more notice - the best players certainly do some sick shit out there, that could eventually turn into some solid clickbait Also, I work as a video editor professionally, so if you want any input/feedback/backup/help with this just let me know, I'd be happy to help
  15. PSN: LastMandalorian (formerly known as PigeonfieldJr on Xbox 360) About me: From Sweden. Fluent in English. Available to play after 16 (Swedish time) every weekday and whenever on weekends Starting of - if you want sexy, elegant dekes, unbelievable passes and highlight reel goals from your centerman, I'm NOT your guy! I'm no Nicklas Backstrom, Sidney Crosby or Claude Giroux. Although, I am the guy with execellent DEFENSIVE positioning. I am the guy with who takes responseablity and cover for my offensive minded D-men, I am the guy who grinds, pokes and hits my way to success. And scores the gritty goals in front of the net. I am Mike Richards anno 2010. If you choose me you'll get solid 2 way play on the center position. Plays with player type GRINDER. Can, apart from the above, also be used effectivley on ANY position with any player type and style of play. Played EASHL since 09. Plalayed in a few EHL tournaments on Consolehockey to decent results with teams CLUB HC (as a centerman) and Brotherhood HT (as a goalie). Switched to PS4 this year and participated in both ECL tournaments here on NHLGamer where my team, Falun Coal Miners, made the playoffs both times. Have played with my brother The_Alpha_Furyan (formerly known as Pigeonfield) my whole career. If you recognise that name and have played against him, chances are good you've played against me as well. Position in this order: C, LD, RD, RW, LW, G Regular team: Falun Coal Miners Previous teams: Club HC, Brotherhood HT

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