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  1. Team name: Butterfly Effect Team abbreviation: FLY Team captains (PSN IDs): jergelii (C), Vilupoika (A), vviljo (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): jergelii Vilupoika NikkeDangles xDoumi vviljo Roisto999 JANURI98 Totalii  EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Butterfly Effect
  2. Best players in ECL 8 (No FLY ECL8 players) LW: PleeMaker: One of the greatest forward in the scene, so good with the puck, can score, can pass and very solid in d-zone. Tough guy to play against. Other mentions: Puantso, Vilupoika, RutonMosse & MukiMaisteri C : Dominointi: Player name I Suck, but you know what? He doesnt suck.. So high hockey IQ, so important piece of SKY. Great at faceoffs, very good in every game situation, hard to say any bad things about Seppo. Other mentions: Patzlaf, Penatski, Martindalexc & tbnantti RW: FlyerKungen: Imo he is best player in the scene for now, unique playing style, versatile with the puck, hard to takeaway puck against him, top scorer at ECL8, very solid in d-zone & if u watch his games he doesnt make almost any mistakes with the puck. Other mentions: Eki, indi, Foppa & TimFlyersFan. LD: Nassustelija: Pörhönen to Tähtönen, damn what a breakout season he had, prove the potential atleast in ECL 8, great game vision, solid in own d-zone & annoying to play against.. hard choice between Nassu and Janzuh. Other mentions: Janzuh, Alpha_Furyan, Supremski & vSilenttio RD: willekunq: Guy who can be out for games for couple weeks and his solid game still continues strong, so calm with the puck even with other team putting some pressure he still can come out with the puck, hard to challenge in 1v1 situations. Other mentions: ilmari30, jtorro, ma0nii & will_yo G: Hansulinho: Wow what a season he had.. Shotout after shotout, berry after berry. Great goalie. Other mentions: Zande95, Cappe, Supreex & Sandro/RPH Lot of SKY players but imo what a season they had..
  3. Butterfly Effect 🦋 Roster for rest of NHL19 LW : Vilupoika C : jergelii RW : NikkeDangles LD : xDoumi RD : will_yo7 RD/LD : Totalii G: JANURI98 G: Roisto999
  4. Butterfly Effect 🦋 In: NikkeDangles from The Next Gen will_yo7 from Unlucky Boys HC
  5. Butterfly Effect (Elite) 🦋 We are looking for starting C & LD, also backup d-man (both handed +) Contact me here or psn jergelii
  6. Butterfly Effect 🦋 In: Vilupoika from Team Frosty 😍 Out: joukki13 -> 🤷🏽‍♂️ Crisu_rottis -> Free Agent
  7. Roster for ECL 8 LW: @Joukki C : @xDoumi RW: @jergelii (C) LD: @Crisu_rottis (A) RD: @Totalii (A) RD/C/RW: F-B-I__A-N-D-Y_ G: @JanneK. (JANURI98) G: @Roisto999 Try-out: Kingofapes_ (10 games) Wow what a offseason.. Butterflies who joined another team 🥺 @Vilupoika -> Team Frosty 💶💶💰 @RutonMosse -> Symphony 🎷 @Nassustelija -> Written In The Stars ✍🏾💫 @After8 (will_yo7) -> Team Frosty 🙅🏼‍♂️💰 @eissi83 -> Unlucky Boys HC 🍔 @JM98Jm (jm__98___) -> Unlucky Boys HC 🚨🍔 After all difficulties im very happy to play with these new guys 🦋❤️ Good luck all the teams who are playing in ECL 8 👍🏽
  8. Butterfly Effect (elite) Is looking for backup d-man, 5-12 games in season. Contact me here or psn for try-outs.
  9. Team name: Butterfly Effect Team abbreviation: FLY Team captains (PSN IDs): jergelii (C), Crisu_rottis (A), Totalii (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): jergelii xDoumi Totalii Crisu_rottis JANURI98 Roisto999 joukki13 KingOfApes_ F-B-I__A-N-D-Y_  EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Butterfly Effect  Team Logo:
  10. Butterfly Effect 🦋 Out: Vilupoika to Team Frosty RutonMosse to Symphony Nassustelija to Written In The Stars eissi83 to Unlucky Boys HC In: xDoumi from FA JANURI98 from Written In The Stars Crisu_Rottis from FA To be continued..
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