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  1. FREE G! Looking for a new team for ECL9 and future tournaments, preferably Elite/Pro. I am Very active so im hoping much playtime but 50/50 is ok too. As ECL9 has started, i hope quickly answers. Thank you. ps. im looking for a longterm team - PCjP #92
  2. Very active goalie looking for a elite team. I can play everyday so i hope to get starting goalie position or to get realistic chances to fight for it. Looking team for long-term NHL20 and every tournament etc. Msg me here or psn: P____C____J____P (<- "_" x4 between letters, sorry for a difficult nametag😄) Gamerprofile: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1711 Thanks, PCjP #92 "Kulma kii, turpa kii" (no idea who said that but that's fun fact)
  3. P____C____J____P #92 (Goalie) ex-account PS3: "PCPelkonen" Looking team for future ECL seasons. 26 years old goalie from Finland. Looking a team for future ECL seasons. I have lot experience of goaltending from PS3 (through NHL10-15 about +10,000 games). I'm highly active player, i would say at least 6 days/week totally free. Looking for main goalie position or at least half games. My strengths as a goalie is calmness, positioning and positive attitude. I am going to study goalie position next year and i will be top goalies in future. Just take me on try-out and see if i could fit in your team. Ill be online whole summer. Contact me, here or PSN: P____C____J____P (*btw 4 underlines between letters) Ps. Playing at Summer Cup 3 at the moment, so i'm getting good warm up games for future. GOOD SUMMER FOR EVERYONE AND LET'S SEE YOU ON ICE. ☀️ ⛱️
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