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  1. Free LD/RD for spring cup and ECL. Looking for competitive and active team.
  2. old 22-27 now 5-7 Tampere, Finland
  3. i can say u 100% that its not placebo that i feel. maybe u dont feel it in the 6on6 games, but in 1on1 games there is huge difference. i dont know what is the right word in english but the player moves more "kuutiomaisesti" now. so its easier to proteck the buck now when u know how to use the skating proberly.
  4. im not only talking about 6on6 games. 1on1 versus was 99% like in nhl18 or 17. we had the new skating, but they even removed that? now in the latest tuner we have that skating again. I hate it when they do this every f time. i understand that it sucks for people that practise and all the hard work is gone. i play 6on6 games for "fun" even our team is trying to win the games we play. it doestn matter if our team looses a game because of this tuner, im still having more fun in the game than in the old tuner. that is just my opinion.
  5. well thats true, but when u have talent to adapt it doesnt matter whats the tuner is. my point here is that im done playing the same game every year. i hate the old tuner because its NHL18 and i wanna play NHL19.
  6. i can give u private lapdanceshow in 1on1 if u want? And just look the biggies like written guys..they dont have any problems playing this tuner.
  7. good points but we are playing NHL19 and the old tuner is 99% like NHL18 and that why i dont like it. i really hope they keep this new tuner so we can play "new game" and not always the same EA bullshit changing the game to old settings. - Its samething every year. WUHUU new game.. and after 2months we are playing the same game than last year. so if u dont know how to play NHL19 go back to NHL18 and remember little humor
  8. versus and 6on6 is fun again. before the tuner players speed in 1on1 was 3km/h. hopefully they will keep this skating in next tuner
  9. Team name: Chatbox Team abbreviation:911 Team captains (PSN IDs): pikkardz (C) , kemppane_ (A), Taunomaisteri (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): pikkardz kemppane_ taunomaisteri snippystatue Altsu123 jormatsefina transukissa0 seksileijona ... EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Chatbox Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: (Optional - you can sign up without a logo. You can edit your post until the end of the registration deadline to submit a logo. If you wish to change your previously submitted logo, add the new one to this post. Please try to use PNG with transparency, or better.) ECL Pro application: No
  10. Hello darlings we are gathering a new team. we have now 6-7 players from our old team called roistot + some new players. what we want from you? first of all this is only a game. second you understand humor and take some alcohol sometimes during the games. we play for win, but we dont want u do make a suicide if we loose some games. and third remeber again this is only a stupid game. we will play in lite next season and we are going to win that shit next season(99,99% sure) daadaa. T taunomaisteri
  11. again in versus skillgap zero. dont even wanna think about what this " no rysty" means in breakaways in 6on6
  12. -i decided to stop 1on1 games and start to play more or only 6on6 games. In nhl18 i played only like hundred 6on6 games including the ecl games. -So im looking for an active team for next ECL. i play LD or RD. -Dont care about the division.(Lite/pro or elite) - In last lite season i was 8th in points(defenseman) - prefer finnish team, but can also talk english. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1712 my player card. contackt me here or in psn: taunomaister1
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