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  1. Guess who came back to the raccoons? yes my dear brother! Raccoon Rampage In: Kumisaapas22 from The Next Gen 🐾🐾
  2. Raccoon Rampage Out: Alluujj —> The Next Gen Kumisaapas22 —> The Next Gen Byebye Lapland😭❤️
  3. Raccoon Rampage In: tzon93 from Speedy Bros Hockey https://twitter.com/RAR_EASHL/status/1101140011771142145 🦡💸🐾
  4. Raccoon Rampage (PRO) looking for RW and backup G yet. contact me here or psn EemilK02.
  5. Raccoon Rampage (Pro) Looking players to ECL 8. RW and D Contact here or PSN: EemilK02
  6. Raccoon Rampage (PRO) is looking for defender. You can message me here or in PSN: EemilK02
  7. Raccoon Rampage (PRO) looking for RW and D. PM me here or on PSN: EemilK02
  8. Raccoon Rampage looking for active RW! Pm me here or PSN: EemilK02
  9. Up, looking for RW too.
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