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  1. Raccoon Rampage looking for RW to upcoming FCL and next ECL. Message me here or PSN Koskenlaiskuri
  2. Guess who came back to the raccoons? yes my dear brother! Raccoon Rampage In: Kumisaapas22 from The Next Gen 🐾🐾
  3. Raccoon Rampage Out: Alluujj —> The Next Gen Kumisaapas22 —> The Next Gen Byebye Lapland😭❤️
  4. Raccoon Rampage In: tzon93 from Speedy Bros Hockey https://twitter.com/RAR_EASHL/status/1101140011771142145 🦡💸🐾
  5. Raccoon Rampage (PRO) looking for RW and backup G yet. contact me here or psn EemilK02.
  6. Raccoon Rampage (Pro) Looking players to ECL 8. RW and D Contact here or PSN: EemilK02
  7. Raccoon Rampage (PRO) is looking for defender. You can message me here or in PSN: EemilK02
  8. Raccoon Rampage (PRO) looking for RW and D. PM me here or on PSN: EemilK02
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