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  1. We are searching again a back up RW / C. Suomeksi: Eli haussa olisi varamies tuolle RW paikalle. Message me here in NHLGamer if you are interested.
  2. We have found our back up player. Thanks for the contacts. We are back to search more players when spots are open.
  3. Still looking BACK UP Right Wing.
  4. Still looking our BACK UP RW.
  5. Good afternoon NHLGamer community! We here in Finnish Hockey Legends are searching BACK UP RW. If you are okay with that situation, your age is 18+ and you know how to play in defensive and offensive situations, I can give you a place to hone your skills. Even a back up I can guarantee playtime to you. Contact here in NHLGamer and lets get that try out started 💪👍
  6. Finnish Hockey Legends are recruiting! We are searching RIGHT and LEFT DEFENDERS. If you speak finnish, have silky hands and behave like a grown up, feel free to send me a message here in NHLGamer. Playtime is guaranteed. And no. We are not playing in Spring League.
  7. Congratulations SKY for an outstanding performance trough the whole ECL season! Poika saunoo!
  8. Are you going to publish a schedule soon also?
  9. Moro yhteisö ja anteeksi suomenkielen käyttö, mutta tämä uutinen on valitettavasti suunnattu yhteisön suomenkielisille pelaajille. Eli Huuhkajat on hakemassa karsintoihin Fifa19 pelaajia. Karsintojen parhaista kootaan e-jalkapallomaajoukkue. Linkin laitan tähän alle, mistä löytyy lisäinfoa aiheesta. https://www.palloliitto.fi/jalkapallouutiset/e-jalkapallomaajoukkue-perustetaan
  10. Congratulations to FILA! Decent job! It seems there are no stoppers for that wagon! 👍💪👌👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🏆🥇
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