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  1. We need to convince the NHL that 6v6 is future. Quality post and well said.
  2. It's hard for me to comment on the different play styles. I've only played a couple of European teams in NHL17 and it's always when we throw together a random 6 from our league's chatbox hahah. North American teams have a big play style difference between Xbox and PS4 teams. We are all starting to merge together onto PS4 though so you really see the difference. Xbox teams focus heavily on puck possession and forcing their way into the middle for the perfect chance. I see good teams taking ~8 shots a game. The top PS4 teams like JAM JAM JAM are similar with the puck possession (I think every good team is), but they will work the point more and throw shots on net more. It's nice to see that both styles are still effective.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to check in over here to see how things were going on the Euro side of competitive EASHL. I have to say there are a lot of things you guys do differently over here that I think we should pick up on for our competitive club league. We already picked up on the European style points system with W/OTW/OTL/L rather than the usual NHL style. I think it works out a lot better especially in a game like NHL 17 where there isn't a huge skill gap. I get a lot of people on my youtube channel (Between the Pipes) asking about 6v6 leagues for European players and I make sure I point them in the direction of this site (i've only every heard of the ECL). I will be sure to stick around and try and keep up with what's going on over here! Hopefully one day there will be a way to play each other without too much of a delay or even on LAN (lul). Playing Nordic Nightmare on 150 ping isn't very fun Also really glad to see your main player base is on the PS4, it's way better. Just checking in.
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