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  1. Free lw/ld for tournaments before next ECL. (Can do a try-out.) PSN: KURKISTELLJA.
  2. Rage X (former Wasps Gaming) is looking for players for ECL 8! In ECL 7 Pro we will finish 5th or 6th depending on remaining quarterfinals and our only aim is to top that result next season. What we need: - One forward to any attacking place - Right defenseman - Starting Goaltender What we appreciate: - The most important thing is chill mindset. After all we are playing console hockey, and we want to have fun doing that. - Individual skill - Our current age-gap is between 23-30 years or something like that, so age somewhere there would be nice. But the most important thing is that you are not too serious. What we don't want: Arsenal F.C. supporters. If interested, you can contact me or @Yoloberg here, or on PSN Yoloberg.
  3. POLAR BEERS (former name Quality) has proudly partnered with Wasps Gaming and from now on we are called Wasps Gaming EASHL. We will play in the Pro-division in ECL 7. Roster: Goalies Hassu85 Defenders puke85 @puke85 kojowaa @kojowaa Forwards JaKurrii @JaKurrii KURKISTELlJA @Wickedtah69 MRNaiMiZ Yoloberg @Yoloberg XxProArskaxX @TheArska Our social medias: Twitter: @EashlWasps Twitch: @waspseashl
  4. Pretty good left winger or bullshit left defender looking for a pro/elite club to stay with next season. Previous clubs Quality, OG Royals and Evolution. Pm me here or PSN KURKISTELlJA (2 L:s).
  5. Experienced left winger looking for pro (why not elite too) team for the rest of the season. I can play a back-up role too. Previous teams Evolution and OG Royals. You can contact me here via P.M.
  6. All-star lineup Zerginjection-Ippe88-Ahvenkid Haqqura-xxPontikkaxx xxproarskaxx
  7. PSN: wickedtah69 Position: LW 21 years old, magical hands like John Scott´s.
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