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  1. Looking for a club for ECL7. After hanging up my glove and blocker due to I didn't think it was fun anymore 😕, i'm looking for a club as a skater. Doesn't really matter what position or how much playing time I can get, not sure how much I would be able to play anyways due to busy hockey season. Skill wise there is better options out there for sure. 😂 If there is a sound and fun group out there looking to fill the roster up for upcoming season and need a allrounder hit me up! Finnish, swedish, english und ich spreche ein bischen deutsch. Have a nice weekend 😊
  2. With the Summer Cup and the NHL19 Beta behind us, we begin to shift our full focus towards the upcoming ECL season and decided to put together an official list ranking the European teams based on ECL 6. The final order of the teams is determined by playoff wins, after which the regular season standings are considered. From now on the ECL ranking system will be updated regularly and you can find the updated list right here at NHLGamer.com. Without further ado, here are the ECL Ranking as of August 5th, 2018: 01. Carlsberg HC 02. Northern Ascendancy 03. Written In The Stars 04. Dynasty 05. Unlucky Boys 06. Sjukstugan 07. SJK eSports 08. Northern Stars 09. Evolution 10. Gotham Knights 11. Rusty Blades 12. Falun Coal Miners 13. Nordic Stars 14. Pata Hellalla 15. Kattiautomaatti 16. Silver Sword Griffins 17. Monarchs 18. FILADELPHIA 19. Almost Famous 20. White Trash 21. SIKA 22. Red Machine 23. Baltic Sea Eagles 24. Deadly Phantoms HC 25. Clowns On Ice 26. Alliance HT 27. Shameful Knights 28. Synergy Hockey 29. Arctic 30. Monte Carlo 31. Quality 32. Raging Monkeys 33. Speedy Bros Hockey 34. Tiki Talk 35. Free From Rodents 36. Bellizzi 37. OG Royals 38. Murohoki 39. Penalty Box 40. Banterfield Battalion 41. Old Farts 42. En Hund 43. Breakers Of The Bone 44. Nordic Nosebleed 45. JPTJ 46. The Beagle Boys 47. EV Duisburg 48. Cowabunga Hockey 49. Style 50. Sektion K 51. Ghetto Firebirds 52. Freddie Mercury Institute 53. Pohjoista Voimaa 54. MotherPuckers 55. Bare Knuckles Hockey 56. Bucketeers 57. Hippo Rangers 58. Etelan Vetelat 59. Korpens Finest 60. SGWEER United 61. Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat 62. Suomen Sonnit 63. HokiDogit 64. 5th Line Heroes 65. EaLogic 66. Elämäm Kiekko 67. Roistot 68. The Black Jacks 69. Finnish Hockey Legends 70. Soldiers of Odens 71. ICEBREAKERS EAGLES 72. Rusty Bulls 73. Kaksikymmentaseitseman 74. Club De Caballeros 75. DELIRIUM 76. Cancun Pirates 77. KulmalaHengaus 78. Slapshot Club Germany 79. Lucky Strike 80. Taidottomat Lupaukset 81. Sorvankylan Pastorit 82. Rising Phantoms HC 83. Last Kings 84. Saucer Hockey AB 85. Last Period 86. Nearbird Fighters 87. Finnish Prospects 88. Ice Phoenix 89. Mentula SKA 90. Squad Vilttiketju 91. Eratauko Hockey 92. Trinidad Tobago 93. Kouvola Screaming Eagles 94. Kaukosen Luistin 95. Sedinsisters 96. Prometheus 97. Unfinished Business 98. Olympic Athlete from RUS 99. Stayhard Stallions 100 . Pink Panthers HC 101 . Puck Panthers 102. Asserklubi 103. Kisumaa 104. Burns Beardy Bastards 105. Ice Aliens HC 106. HC Piranhas Indicates that a team was relegated at the end of ECL 6. Indicates that a team was promoted at the end of ECL 6. With about two months left until ECL 7 we are grateful to all of the 106 teams and their players for participating in ECL6 and strongly believe that our player base will continue to grow as we get closer to ECL 7. Enjoy the rest of August, everybody and we'll see you on the ice!
  3. 1) Om man direkt efter matchen låter det gå automatiskt till nästa match brukar namn animationen fastna i skärmen. 2) Målvakterna är katastrofalt dåliga i arcade threes. 3) Tycker det är problematiskt när drop ins ger casual utrustningen och då kan det vara svårt att skilja på färgerna på klädseln i vissa fall på hemma och bortalaget. 21) Målvaktsspelet känns bra, fortfarande är det lite problem att målvakterna "fastnar" så man måste trycka på poke flera gånger för att målvakten skall göra en räddning. Styrningarna känns aningen för bra just nu. Några snabba tankar bara
  4. LW - Plee, Vilu, Mmaisteri, Puantso C - Flyerkungen - Penatski - Adetikki - Eki RW Foppa - Apesi - Juunas LD - Janzuh - Aze RD - Vata - Totaali G - Cappe, Edi & Supe
  5. Looking for a Finnish LW, C and RD for 6vs6 eSM later in the fall. PM chavelski or Kenu
  6. Got to know him a year ago and I think we have talked everyday in party ever since. Can always ask for his honest opinion and we have high to the ceiling talking about things. Privileged to call him a friend. About his skills in net there is no doubt he is the best goaltender in the scene. Thank you for being there every day brother. 😍
  7. Looking for a Finnish team with eSM aspirations. ( NHL 19: 6 vs. 6 (End of 2018). I am NOT looking for a ECL team. Monarchs, my team is mostly Swedish and because of that, we are not eligible to participate in eSM. Can play almost everyday Goalie Message me here or PSN.
  8. Monarchs will play ECL 7 in Elite and we are looking for a defenseman. Message chavelski by private message if interested.
  9. Hey NHLGamers, The heat is ramping up, both outdoors and in the ECL Elite Playoffs, as we get into the semi final stage. Only four teams left and each of them needing four wins to make it far enough to play in the finals. Who will want it the most? You'll find our predictions below. (1) Written In The Stars vs Northern Ascendancy (4) Written held up to their expectations in the quarter finals dismantling Northern Stars in five games (4-1). Written In The Stars are often considered an offensive team, but it is their defensive game as a unit that is the one that puts the opponents to sleep. With solid goaltending by @JanneK. (Januri98), Written looks very hungry to win the championship. In the regular season Written won both games (6-0, 2-1), but it's the playoffs now and things tighten up. After me barking on Northern Ascendancy last weekend, they showed some character bouncing back against Unlucky Boys to win the series 4-3. After last night's heroics from @hpkfani (Mukimaisteri) - who scored all 5 of his teams goals in games 6 and 7 - this team looked fired up and took their game to another level. Northern Ascendancy plays a beautiful passing game with fast quick passes back and forth and it is going to be interesting to see how the Written defensive game is going to handle Northern Ascendancy's offense. I will put the slight advantage on offense to NOR, but the cohesive unit in Written is going to be too much to handle for NOR. Prediction: 4-2 Written In The Stars (2) Dynasty – Carlsberg HC (3) Wow - what a matchup this is going to be! Dynasty took care of what seemed like a somewhat uninterested team in SJK by beating them in five games. @ICappeI in net for SJK did everything and a little more to shutdown Dynasty, but he wasn’t able to stop Dynasty all alone. Dynasty gets good goaltending night after night and they defend like the best of them. Add @Buantso (Puantso) to the mix and you have a very dangerous, championship kind of team. This series against Carlsberg can be one of the tightest series we've seen. Carlsberg took care of Sjukstugan in six games ( 4-2 ) and got a good warmup for the next series playing against a tight defensive unit. @Penatski showed up again, playing an MVP type of game, but so did the defensive unit with @Janzuh and @vatalisti, as the latter looks like one of the best defenseman in the game right now. @Zande95 bounced back after a tough first night in the series and Carlsberg was too much for Sjukstugan to handle. What a battle of monsters this is going to be and expect this series to go the length. It is very hard to predict who advances to the finals, but I expect the team who has the hotter goaltender is the one who advances after an even game 7 and in this case its going to be @Sandr0hh. Prediction: 4-3 Dynasty The semi finals are underway now and have to be finished by the 24th of April 2018 (Tuesday). No extra time will be given! We wish the remaining teams good luck and most importantly: have fun! Please let us know when you will play your respective games so we have the chance to cover them on our Twitch channel. EDIT: The last day to play is Tuesday the 24th, not Monday the 23rd. Fixed in the article.
  10. Hey NHLGamers, It's that time of the ECL Lite season, when we've narrowed it down to only two teams that can take home the championship! We are very excited about this matchup, and we will do our best to cover it on our Twitch channel. Further details will be announced as the dates of the games are confirmed. (2) Cowabunga Hockey vs EV Duisburg (8) Cowabunga Hockey has, as a newcomer in ECL, already captured a spot in Pro and it looks like they want to go all the way. After posting a 15-2-1 record in the regular season they have showed everybody that they are a team that never gives up. After sweeping Slapshot Club Germany in the first round they faced off against Bucketeers. That series took them all the way to a game 7 that they managed to win. In the quarter finals they swept MotherPuckers and in the semi finals they managed to come back from a 0-2 deficit against Sektion K. The team is balanced and showed a lot of heart by coming back in that series. This team has only used 7 players this season and it shows that they are a very cohesive unit that wants go all the way. EV Duisburg has had a much bigger troop this season and rotated it quite nicely. They played solid in the regular season with posting a 14-4 record, but in the playoffs they have really taken off. In the first round they met Soldiers of Odens and won the series with 4-1. In the second round they faced Etelan Vetelat, which took them six games to dismantle. In the quarter finals they swept Pohjoista Voimaa 4-0. That put them against a very good team, as they met Style in the semi finals. EV Duisburg managed to win this series in six games and are looking to play their best games in the finals. The one thing that stands out about EV Duisburg is their goaltender FoxGoalie, who has posted an insanely good 89,36% save percentage in the playoffs. He has taken the goalie statistics close to the 90% magic number and has to be a Conn Smythe candidate after this season is done. The teams that face off are two tight-knit groups of players. I expect this to be a series with really good hockey and expect the goalies to shine. I fully expect that this series goes to a game 7. Prediction: 4-3 Cowabunga Hockey The finals are underway now and have to be finished by 21st of April 2018 (Saturday). No extra time will be given! We wish the two remaining teams good luck and most importantly: have fun! Please let us know when you will play your respective games so we have the chance to cover them.
  11. Hey NHLGamers, The ECL Elite Playoffs are already partly underway, so let's jump directly into our predictions for the first round, also known as the quarter finals, where the best eight teams battle for a chance to make it into the semi finals. These predictions were written by @chavelski and @pnordetun. (1) Written In The Stars vs Northern Stars (8) Written In The Stars won the regular season in style. The team really had that 'wow'-factor being talked about from time to time. A left-wing seemed to be what SKY needed to out them on a rocket ship right towards the title. Except for acquiring the new winger, little has changed and we can expect SKY to try to control this series. With great goalies in @eissi83 and @JanneK. (Januri98), amazing defenders that can dominate both blue lines and all three zones, and a highly skilled offensive trio up-front. So, is the sky the limit or will Northern Stars be the end of the line? NOS took the 8th and final playoff spot this time, avoiding pressure and expectations, perhaps. However, the old giant fears no one. NOS knows these situations and certainly holds more experience of these tight spots compared to their opponents. With their basic game and some @tbnantti magic they can surely match SKY. These players have been in so many playoff games together that we might see their low playoff seed actually work in their favour. Prediction: 4-2 Written In The Stars (2) Dynasty vs SJK eSports (7) Second seeding Dynasty goes up against SJK eSports in the quarterfinals in a matchup that could have, and in many Community members' minds would and should have been a clash later down the bracket. That's not the case this time around, as here we go! Dynasty has been nothing but a true joy to watch in the regular season. With quick passing, movement, their timing close to perfection and some great variety in their offense - they are as effective as they are stylish. @Buantso (Puantso) is deadly and with @jumalpeku and @Tehh (TehhAhola), they have a perfect trio. Puantso and jumalpeku combined for 55 goals between them in the group stage, just 10 shy of the SJK total. As always, it's important to shut your opponents offense down, and this will not be an easy task for SJK to do. Dynasty is also really solid on the defense and won't give up anything for free with @Snapster keeping the lines clear from intruders, alike the Finnish war hero Simo Häyhä. In the net, DYN has a good situation with @Sandr0hh and @Lukkoukko (Lukkolinho) having similar, strong stats. SJK will have to respond to Dynasty's offense in this series, and they need to prove that they really are defensive masters. Like we are used to, @Dominointi will be the cornerstone of their game. It'll remain to be seen who SJK will ice on the wings but your best bet will likely be @Leksa94 and @indi969. @Ilmari_30 on defense is set in stone and beside him we will most likely see @Selarit. @ICappeI stood tall in net for yet another great regular season, it'll remain to be seen if he can put up another stellar showing in the playoffs. Showcasing their defensive ability, SJK allowed only 48 goals (1,6 per game) in the regular season (2nd to SKY) and they have a tremendous defense in all zones. Sometimes playing SJK you're happy being able to create any good scoring chances at all, and how frustrating isn't that in a best of 7 series for the opponent? Can SJK lower the games' pace and ace their defense? Do they have the variety and creativity not to get stuck chasing behind every game? SJK has so much experience from these games it's almost scary. They are used to tight spots and used to advance - can they do it this time? Prediction : 4-2 Dynasty (3) Carlsberg HC vs Sjukstugan (6) Carlsberg HC was one of the hottest teams in the off-season and was one of the favourite teams coming into ECL 6. They finished with a solid third place right after Written In The Stars and Dynasty. @Vilupoika, @Penatski and @Tuukka.R (KingOfApes_) comprise a forward line that makes any GM out there jealous. All of them have great hands and vision and also the game changer ability, as anyone of them can win a game for their team. With one of the best defensive pairings in the league with @Janzuh and @vatalisti, this team looks like you couldn't replace one player with another and expect better results. If CAR wants to be successful they can and if they can stay humble and focused facing a very seasoned 112, they will prevail. Don’t count their opponent out just yet! You can easily say that Sjukstugan is the underdog in this matchup, but if you look closer at the players they have, the team looks really good. With one of the most prestigious right defensemen in the game in @Gustafsson7 returning back after a season in Synergy, taking his familiar place as the king of the hill in Sjukstugan's defense, they have a strong leader down low. Helping him along the way we have @Karkkyjaa, @Basstian23 (JaromirSniper) and @Klingen45 who is expected to be dressing for the next game. Look for him to be a game changer as well. On the forward side we have the brothers @pnordetun and @Bjono with @Norpee skating out with them. Norpee could easily be one of the most underrated players in the whole community. I suspect we will see @Nampa77 in this series as well, as he adds something the rest of the forward core doesn't have - the right-handed shot. The real MVP of Sjukstugan can be found in net as @Hullued has taken the community by storm and been excellent throughout the season. If CAR can stay focused and disciplined for the entire length of the series, they will move on to the next round. On the other hand, if 112 wants to have a chance in the series, they cannot try to mimic the play style of opponent Carlsberg, as they tried to do in game #2 of the series. The series currently stands at 1-1. If Sjukstugan can score the first goal and play as a defensive unit out on the ice, we might have a long series here that could end either way. Prediction: 4-3 Carlsberg HC (4) Northern Ascendancy vs Unlucky Boys HC (5) Northern Ascendancy vs Unlucky Boys is already far into the series (2-3) as UB are only one win away from the Elite Semi finals in their first season in Elite! The last season runner-up in Pro has surprised the whole community by beating a few of the big teams during the season and finishing the season as fifth in the standings. Lead by @Anhel (Anhel_Kuru) alongside @JimBoo (jm__98___) and @Wenger (re_wenger), the trio has been playing together all season, and with @Jugeh_ and @Frilander on the back end, the five skaters really come together as a team. @Danielcadabra has bounced back from a disappointing last season in Synergy where he looked somewhat rusty. This season he has been again at the very top among goalies and he can steal games for you. Northern Ascendancy with the fast paced very beautiful style of playing ended the regular season on a solid fourth place. @poliskontroll has been better this season and @Foppatofflan has been scoring points as usual. This season he got some help from @hpkfani (MuKiMaisteri) who was the leading scorer this season for NOR. @MartindalexC has switched from LW to RD and transitioned quite nicely making a nice pair with @Haldeem. And the cherry on top is that you have @anrh17, an excellent two-way player, as a center. You could think this team would be ready for a championship. However, once again they are facing a team who looks to want it more and play to win and not simply to get on the scoresheet. Can NOR bounce back, come together and break the trend that has been haunting them and get past the quarterfinals? Prediction: 4-2 Unlucky Boys Many of the teams continue their series' tonight, and while we sadly won't be able to provide an official commentated stream tonight, be sure to be on the lookout for the team's own streams in the streams section and the chatbox over in the community section. What did you think of the above predicitions? Who do you think will go all the way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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