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  1. Team name: Invictus Team abbreviation: INV Team captains (PSN IDs): ZipPlayer (C), keranee (A) ZipPlayer mikka249 Kaneyh xteemuzz keranee TheFakiiR1 FinSeRe suitsukemestari huulihoelkka44 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Invictus Previous team name(s): Team Frosty Team Logo:
  2. What a tremendous season from SKY. Well deserved, congratulations! All the best to FILA as well.
  3. In a way I did cover that, but it makes sense. All I'm saying is personally, I'd prefer real names being used and that's that. 🤔
  4. I didn't disregard it at all, just expressed my opinion. Anyhow, I'm fine with however it'll be. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Why shouldn't it? Just because other eSport players, in other genres of games in eSports don't do it doesn't necessarily mean it's stupid of us to do it. In my opinion, I don't see the point in the player using their real name if it were for an example Counter Strike, or another FPS game. For some reason, it makes much more sense to me when it comes to NHL. Yet I have nothing against using PSN id's.
  6. I myself would prefer real names, as it brings a more professional feel to the game (Elite only of course). I think it makes it easier for commentators to distinguish a player and would most likely also be easier to remember, also I don't see why using your real name would be a problem for someone who's playing in Elite taking to consideration the finals are being played live anyway, where, most likely your identity/real name will be revealed anyhow. I do understand some people want to be anonymous, and some want more recognition, and prefers using their real name. But I reckon using PSN id's is in favor of the majority. That's just my two cents and I would love to see players in Elite using their real names as in my opinion, it brings a much more professional feel to the game and more recognition to individual players. 🙄
  7. This is great, the amount of progress NHLGamer has made in a relatively short span of time just goes to show how much effort and work Kenu/rest of the staff put in for this. I am glad to be a part of this community! My utmost respect to Kenu and everyone else working hard in order to get players the best NHL gaming experience possible. 🤟
  8. Congratulations Sjukstugan, or should I say AIK.. Hmm? This is great!
  9. ReDMisti - C (Captain) Sweatyfathoe99 - LW/RW/G Kefleri - LW/G/RW BiggestEight - LW (A) Chaostive - RW/C (A) MKivinen95 - LD eyebiz - LD/RD Nakkertoni - RD Hoykov - RD Kefleri
  10. Congratulations for winning the championship and a great season! I think it's safe to say best in the world, great team!
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