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  1. Well I mean.. Wouldn’t any team, in any league, in any country, aim for the best players regardless of their ethnicity? I do understand your point but then again, what’s the actual problem? Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t most of the SHL teams as of now still mainly 70%~ Swedish? Like, imagine a scenario where the ”real” hockey team based in Linköping (or anywhere else) had a chance to either roster a Swedish player whose not so talented - or a player of other ethnicity whos really talented to raise their chances of success? Idk, maybe I’m wrong.
  2. lw vilu puantso plee c domi jerkeli patzlaf rw kungeni dängles eki ld nassu doumi sile rd kunq ilmari loimmu g sibbe supreex swag
  3. Congratulations! Great to see stuff like this.
  4. Looking for a team next ECL (Elite/top tier Pro) I play RW (C), and I am looking for a team I can commit to for a longer period of time. I can play almost every night, am very competitive and ambitious. I can play the style of hockey you want me to play. Some hands and skill, steady both offensively and defensively. Pick me up! Fluent in Finnish and English.
  5. Free RW/C for FCL and next ECL. Contact me here or PSN: keranee https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1811
  6. Above is the correct section to sign up as a free agent. Hope you find a team!
  7. best part of cake, worst part of hockey: icing
  8. Team name: Invictus Team abbreviation: INV Team captains (PSN IDs): ZipPlayer (C), keranee (A) ZipPlayer mikka249 Kaneyh xteemuzz keranee TheFakiiR1 FinSeRe suitsukemestari huulihoelkka44 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Invictus Previous team name(s): Team Frosty Team Logo:
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