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  1. Team name: Raccoon Rampage Team abbreviation: RAR Team captains (PSN IDs): C Ojamoska, A Koskenlaiskuri, A Lazzio Team roster (PSN IDs): illbiocandy JumalanTuhnu JykkeL Koskenlaiskuri l_JIMI_l Lazzio Ojamoska tzon93 VesqGame vonBobban EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Raccoon Rampage Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
  2. Raccoon Rampage We are looking for RW for our starting roster. What do we want from you? - able to communicate in Finnish - easy-going, we don't need or want any sort of drama - ready to commit - good attitude - some game knowledge, ability to play If you feel you match these requirements, contact me or @Eemil here or via PSN message. #FeelTheRampage
  3. Raccoon Rampage is looking for a solid and easy-going Finnish speaking RD, for upcoming tournaments. Contact here or PSN, Ojamoska or EemilK02. #FeelTheRampage
  4. The Pro division experienced something of a cleanse, bringing in tons of new talent such as Raccoon Rampage or Bucketeers who were immediately looking to make an impact, some teams surely did that too! This was one of the opening lines for ECL 7 Pro Review, so we must've done something right (thanks for the shoutout). We got ranked 17th out of 32 teams in total, first team under the playoff line. I guess you could say the season was a lot of what we expected, but also a lot of something that wasn't meant to happen. When the season started, we were confident about being a good enough team to compete in Pro division. We were sure that if we played on our own level, we could beat anybody, and fight for the playoff spot. Well, we didn't miss by much. Start of the season was kind of unfortunate for us, as we lost some points due to us not having enough experience of "important" games. Obviously that was something to expect, we had a bunch of rookies to the scene. As the season progressed, we got better aswell. Our rookies really improved during the season, @Earplugg and @Lazzio were a huge part of us being able to fight for that playoff spot. Last 10 games of the regular season we went 8-2-0, the second best of the division, but it wasn't quite enough, as we missed the playoff spot by one (1) point. Close, but no cigar. Well, ECL 7 is long gone. How does ECL 8 look behind the raccoon mask? We had to do some changes to our roster, because we were missing two guys from our last seasons roster. Earplugg, last season 1st line RW, has to do his military service this year, and also our precious backup goalie @Jann3_67_ wanted to join his friend in a new team, and we wish him the best of luck in that! OUT: Earplugg (military service) Jann3_67_ (Kanadan Majavat) IN: Alluujj (Supremacy) Eeduu99 (Cowabunga Hockey) kumisaapas22 (Supremacy) vonBobban (Hockey Ultimate Team) We brought @Eeduu from Cowabunga Hockey, so now we have three solid defencemen to rotate. @zanechkin and @Torpantienkovalchuk are young and potential guys, who come here to fight for a spot in the "1st roster". Alluujj plays RW, and kumisaapas plays G. @vonBobban is a new name to the scene, and he is here to be the backups backup. We expect great things from our very own Bobban Complete roster: #5 Eeduu99 A #14 Ojamoska C #26 Lazzio #28 EemilK02 A #71 jorma2001 #72 kumisaapas22 #74 Alluujj #77 VesqGame #91 JykkeL #98 vonBobban (Earplugg) There's only one goal for Raccoons this season; make the playoffs. If/When we make the playoffs, anything can happen, and we will fight till the end. Good luck to everyone in ECL 8, don't get too tilted with EA and remember to have fun! Also thanks for the great support lately on our twitter page, and if you haven't already followed us, do it now! The link is down below. #FeelTheRampage
  5. Team name: Raccoon Rampage Team abbreviation: RAR Team captains (PSN IDs): C Ojamoska, A EemilK02, A Eeduu99 Team roster (PSN IDs): Alluujj Eeduu99 EemilK02 jorma2001 Jykkel kumisaapas22 Lazzio Ojamoska VesqGame vonBobban EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Raccoon Rampage Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: same as last season
  6. Raccoon Rampage is ready for ECL8, as we finalize our roster by signing Santeri "Alluujj" Niemi! Alluujj is a young skilled forward, who has played last three season in Lite division. ECL 7 he played for Supremacy, scoring 77 points in 35 games, regural season and playoffs combined. We got some high quality answers from "Sane" aswell: How do you feel about the just signed contract? - I'm really waiting for the opportunity to play in a solid team, and to be able to test my own level in Pro division, and that way to improve myself. How does it feel to be "Raccoon"? - It's awesome feeling to be part of Raccoons, I won't be disappointing the team or the fans! How do you see the future of raccoons in their natural habitation? - I find it sad that so many raccoons die in such a young age, but raccoons are warriors, so many of them live a long and good life, therefore I believe their future seems bright. #FeelTheRampage
  7. Raccoon Rampage has again some great news from the wild transfer market, as we are happy to announce the signing of Eetu "kumisaapas22" Määttä! Last three seasons this promising goalie played in Lite division, and now he seems to be more than ready to make the jump into bigger games. Latest season he played for Supremacy, where he lead the team all the way to Lite's top 8 in playoffs, with impressive stats for goalie, 19 GP, 14-3-2, SV% 85,6 and 1,94 GAA. Eetu himself said that he is "feeling pretty good about my new team, contract, and it's always easy to come to a team that welcomes you with open lap". The goal for next season is "playoffs, and winning the pro title". When asked the greatest interview question ever, "what are you wearing now?", he simply replies with "chinos and hoodie". Just the way Raccoons like it! #FeelTheRampage
  8. Raccoon Rampage is proud to announce their new signing for the upcoming ECL 8-season, as Lasse "Eeduu99" Kukkonen joins us! Last season Lasse played for Cowabunga Hockey, where he scored 9 points in 24 games played, while also making 104 hits at the same time. Before that he played for GHETTO FIREBIRDS. Lasse will provide a lot of good defending and great leadership for the team. He has made a name for himself with reliable defending in front of his own goalie, as he would eat the puck for the team, if it was needed. Most importantly, Lasse has a reputation of being a great guy to have in your locker room, so all the Raccoons are very excited to welcome the newest addition to the pack! Lasse himself had some comments about the contract: "I have good feelings about this new contract. Im getting a big role in a competitive team, which has potential to go for a long run. Target for me is to get RAR to playoffs, and provide confident playing with the puck in our own end, and that way help the team. Obviously some points aswell would be nice." #FeelTheRampage
  9. Team name: Raccoon Rampage Team abbreviation: RAR Team captains (PSN IDs): Ojamoska (C), EemilK02 (A), VesqGame (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Earplugg EemilK02 Jann3_67_ jorma2001 Jykkel Lazzio Ojamoska VesqGame EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Raccoon Rampage Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
  10. Hello and welcome to the thread of Raccoon Rampage! We are participating in the next season ECL in Lite division, with our only goal of winning it and getting a promotion to Pro. We are quite young team, and currently all of us are Finnish. This is how our roster looks like right now: Earplugg EemilK02 "A" jorma2001 Jykkel Lazzio Ojamoska "C" VesqGame "A" As you can see, there's only seven players on the current roster. If you're talented and easygoing team player without a team, and you can handle somebody talking shit to you in Finnish, feel free to contact me or EemilK02! In addition to just playing games, our team would like to do something else aswell. That's why we are as a team are going to be active in social medias, so everyone can follow Raccoon Rampage's path to success. Go give us a follow, there will be lots of quality content in future! Twitter Instagram Raccoons are on a rampage Scoring goals is their task Their eyes are cruel Because they wear a mask Little bandits will steal the puck Remember to keep your head up! - Jocke Kostopoulos, 2018
  11. Go check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/speedybroshockey! To celebrate the starting of the new ECL season, our own star winger Björn "tzon93" Blackviking gave a little interview for a pregame entertainment
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