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  1. HanaaHC Looking for active and motivated LD to competing for starter position ECL 9 MSG here or PSN:Eeduu99
  2. Hanaa Hc is looking starting LD for upcoming ECL and IS CUP. Contact me here for more info.
  3. Hello Community! Its LASSE time again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pucsVu30CWA), so i'm looking club from PRO. My first pos. is RD, but i can also play LD if needed. Here my stats from past: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1822 PM me, so we can talk more. See you on ice guys!!
  4. Once you go to party with Ojamoska, you cant stop loving him❤
  5. Seems like only ones whos having this problem is from Mid EU?
  6. Psn ID is way to go, but i dont blame if we start using real names. Both way looks more professional than now. But how about numbers in name? Just leave them off,or replace them with letters?
  7. Or then just cup where all teams start from first or second round.^^Which one sounds better in that moment💪
  8. Tournament that im waiting is cup mode. Just like FA cup. Lite teams could fight against pro and elite teams, maybe GCL and RCL and OEHL teams too. Making good price to winner with sponsors. Its would be so cool to see some lovable lite teams fightning against some big bad elite teams and making some beautifully stories! RCL teams starts from bottom with GCL, then comes lite teams, then pro and some elite and finally best elite teams would join. And just 2games and goal difference in series,so it wont disturb ECL seasons. And maybe someday we get some Nation competion here. But first step is cup! SRY that you need to read shit like this, but this is just my opinion.
  9. #FeelTheRampage

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