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  1. Varmaan huomenissa pystyn pelailee, oikeestaan milloin vaan
  2. Mul on tällä hetkellä niin pahoi yhteysongelmia etten pysty pelaamaan, mut otan yhteyttä välittömästi ongelmien ratkettua
  3. -ability to pause the game in challenge games without time restriction -long animations without the ability to control the player at all should be removed (goalies even more so) -spectator mode -more possibilities to build your player -6s to have cr that only is counted in 6s
  4. There are examples already what happens if you dont listen to the players and that definately is extremely rarely the right decision
  5. If this cup is meant to have top teams in it voluntary buy-in doesn't take anything away from anyone but will give the competitive part actually something to compete for.
  6. Isn't this a choice for every swedish team to make? And since finnish are dominating adding "better" players to a tournament makes it more interesting, no?
  7. Vague as in LA can decide whatever they want For any sane person it would be the one pressing the triangle should be held accountable, but as LA demonstrated it's not
  8. Well atm the fighting rule is very vague, if it's broken LA can decide whatever they want and players can't tell beforehand if they have broken any rules
  9. Why can't there just be punishment to that player who accepts the fight, in elite at least people know if you push the triangle it iniates the fight there is no reason ever to press triangle (ever). So if it's done by accident or even by magic everyone knows it's illegal and should prevent fights from hapoening
  10. This with the aik deal is really making this scene go forward big shoutout to the man who is and have been working relentlessly for this community
  11. Lauri

    Sign Up For ECL 8 Now!

    Well no issues mate, just wouldn't have used the word faceoff in this particular case
  12. Lauri

    Sign Up For ECL 8 Now!

    "teams who won ECL 7 Elite relegation faceoffs". This seems rather nice
  13. Btw how is sky so high, after defeating 2 bottom 5 teams? 🤔
  14. Gratz to fila, and all who took part good job with even some technical difficulties.
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