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  1. Swedish center looking for club. Contact me if your club are interested. PM here or on PSN, JaromirSniper68
  2. Old: 25 ms New1: 2 ms New2: 46 ms and some delay
  3. "BalkanRocket promised us, that he have enough guys ready to play and support him as the captain, that Dynamic will be finishing the season." This is kinda fun when you already know that don't have enough support and that you already know Dynamic will not finnish the playoff then. I suggest that in future case you should listen to the players in the team. A captain can't play alone without the players.
  4. Old 23. One game 2. Back to 23. Edit: I'm in Stockholm.
  5. Now Dynamic is looking for a backup RD or Offence or Both. PM me if interested. Trade deadline in 2 days for Lite.
  6. Dynamic still looking for an active LD before trade deadline.
  7. What team do you think needs a RW now?
  8. For me the problem is that my player don't score whenever I want..
  9. Thanks. Couldnt send him a msg but send him a friend invite.
  10. Hello. Is there anyone here who can help me with my twitch channel? I can see that many of you out there have a good looking channel and Im just having a basic one. Would be nice with some help out here. Thanks!
  11. Dynamic (lite) looking for a starting LD. We playing both ECL and OEHL so it's lot of games. Contact me here or on PSN: JaromirSniper68
  12. It's even more fun to read Alex comments on his last ban now 🤣
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