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  1. Well ECL is rising on the horizon and I'm still looking for a club. Had some tryouts, unfortunately it didn't work out, so I'm still looking for a group of players I can develop in or with. I prefer and I'm best on D or C, but can play W as well, if needed. Due to my work I'm also happy with a backup role if we can play together on a regular basis. DM me here or on psn: NoelsieW
  2. NHL20 is released and I'm intensifying my search again.
  3. NHL20 is coming and I'm still looking for a club where I can help to reach the goals, but als learn and develop as a player. I'm a team minded Defender, who can also play forward, if needed. Unfortunately I'm a english/german speaking player, but I'm willing to learn specific commandos in another language if needed. I'm looking for a settled club and a "long term-contract" in lite or pro.
  4. Free D for upcoming seasons. Looking for club, where I can develop as a as player. I don't care, if I start with a back up spot first. Can play both sides, would call myself an offensive defender who likes to get involved in the game. Open up for a tryout any time. German/English speaking only unfortunately
  5. You can implement that pretty easy I guess. Like this first round. Days to play are until the 13th. The 14th is not an official game day. Alle games have to be done by 13th. Only if LA allows to use the 14th because of technical issues or something similar, you are allowed to play on that day. BUT you must have players ready for that day, if you haven't done your series before. Thanks for your answer and thanks for thinking about our feedback
  6. According the rules, everything went right. The rules are the problem here and should be updated. That's all we say. Good luck for the next round.
  7. I know. We don't blame you. I just answered to the comment about changing players. We did, you guys couldn't. And tbh I don't think that should be the solution here. Every GM knows it's hard sometimes to find even 6 players for a game. I played you guys yesterday as a guest player and we didn't have any connection issues for the three games. So for both of us, cause you guys encountered some lag as well I guess, switching to another day would just be the fairest option. We just decided to post here to let the LA know what could be a solution for the next time.
  8. We did that, but the whole team had problems with the connection. If it was one player, we wouldn't quit for the last games. We played a regular game afterwards without any connection issue or delay in the game. Our opponent changed the lineup by one or two players and wasn't able to switch them back. After the horrible game 4, we played game 5 in the lineup we played game 1-3, because we had no problems at all on Monday. Our opponent couldn't do the same...
  9. Well, your rulebook says you can quit the connection twice before the two minute mark and after that you have to play disregarding the lag. We played two full games with lag before and decided not to play the win-or-go-home game with that bad connection. Yeah, we could have started it twice for 2min and than we had to play it anyway. In a more and more competitive league, connection issues should be solved in a better way instead of: "Try it, change host, try it again, change host and then play it. Just bad luck buddies." For us, the fairest decision would have been to switch the games to the next or any other day and play them regardless of the connection. This would give both teams a chance of a better one on a different day. Should be implemented in the rulebook that there is a free day between the rounds for technical problems. We all know how the servers are from time to time and loosing because of that is more than devastating. Best regards Atomic Hamsters
  10. Oktober, I guess. Not November, right?
  11. NoelsieW


    Sorry, it seems you guys are right. Smells fishy...
  12. NoelsieW


    Well, it seems 2k ist about to announce a competitior for NHL19 or later. Check out #NHL2K20 on Twitter. I don't know if I want to be too excited right now, but this could be a gamechanger I guess. What do you guys think?
  13. Let's introduce the Tiny Wizards. We are another German club looking for players for the next ecl/gcl season. Our roster is full of experienced players who all played ecl in other teams (lite up to elite) and our goal is the ECL pro series in NHL19. Don't hesitate to ask for a tryout, even if you don't speak german, we can switch to english as well. Looking for a left winger (and maybe a Defender) right now, would be perfect if you could play another position as well. Message me here or on psn for more details.

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