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  1. G @sibeelius FILA‘s shortest player. Really Connor? I expected an Einstein reference, but no...
  2. They got their first loss with the „new old“ tuner, so yeah that makes sense.
  3. Tomorrow we'll take a look at another Swedish team, who made a lot of changes during the offseason. We're excited to share it with you, can you guess who's up? Am I correct with Monarchs?
  4. https://nhlgamer.com/sc3-sign-up.php Click on the link and you can edit your text.
  5. They were using the abbrevation from every Country, e.g. Switzerland = CH, United Kingdom = GB, etc. That's why the alphabetical order doesn't make sense at all.
  6. I see switzerland, you get like 500 likes. Huere geil, chum mir erobere di huere site! Di verstöh eh kes Wort woni da schribe, auso dörfemee so blöd tue wimer wei
  7. Could you please update the Logo? kthxbye
  8. Rumour for the next ECL playoffs -> series will be best of 4.
  9. That look is like: Prepare your anus
  10. Switzerland would be a nice country for a cruise.
  11. I didn't add those two countries because I live there, but there are several new guys from these countries. And also to clearify another time: The default sheduled time is set for CET countries, if you're insecure where you live, look in my quote or in Martindalexc's first post!
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