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  1. Hello and welcome aboard! https://nhlgamer.com/community/forum/5-nhl-19/ From there you can find Free Agents thread where you could post and search for a team for yourself!
  2. Love being the underdog! - Saucer Hockey
  3. Bantubox


    Hey! Good to have you here. Please post here if you are looking for a team.
  4. We're supposed to play tonight, are you ready?

  5. Hey, you there?


  6. Love the attention I am getting.
  7. Hello and welcome aboard! Please post here if you are looking for a team!
  8. Saucer Hockey (Lite) is looking for right winger! Guaranteed ice-time for club games and upcoming ECL games as well. We require you to use WhatsApp and have a working microphone.
  9. Saucer Hockey (Lite) is looking for LD for the coming seasons. Our season ended during the playoffs and we had one LD leave the team. Now we're looking for a player who can play both ends of the ice as a defender and we can guarantee you ice-time if you do your job well. We require you to have a working microphone and WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. Don't hesitate to contact me here or via PSN @Bantubox
  10. Hey! Post over there if you are looking for a team to join!
  11. Please translate this to english.
  12. Team name: Saucer Hockey Team abbreviation: SH Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) Bantubox, (A) miggohell, (A) pirTTi_1 Team roster (PSN IDs): Bantubox miggohell pirTTi_1 U_VS_JONI Pagemz Jassoonsunlasso Naikhouu Mazu_Pizu jertsoni Raitinriibuukki Henkkaheinone Pracu EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Saucer Hockey Previous team name(s): Last season our name was Saucer Hockey Ab, but we decided to get rid of the "Ab" in the end. Team Logo: ECL Pro application: No
  13. Saucer Hockey Ab is looking for a left defender! We're filling up our roster for the upcoming lite season! Don't hesitate to contact me and let's get the try-outs going. Contact me here or via PSN @Bantubox
  14. Hey. Make sure you post a reply on the thread we have for free agents. I'll link it below.
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