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  1. 4 divisions imo, there is just too many teams in lite atm and because of that the top teams are way much better than the bottom teams and thats one reason why so many team loses their motivation and might quit before the season ends. And there will be just more and more teams in future so 4 divisions would solve this issue for now atleast 👍
  2. I remember when he joined the same drop in game with me (i guess NHL12) and i was so hyped cause i knew he was one of the best players that i had ever seen. I got a penalty shot and i scored with my special move and after the game i was surprised cause floor sent me a message and told me that he likes to use that same move also and after that we started to talk more and play some drop in games together, One of the greatest players all time but especially such an amazing and kind person, rest in peace Daniel ❤💚
  3. Gotham Knights / ECL 🦇🦇 IN: tominointi (sauna) Sannteri from Maakinen Martti
  4. Team name: Gotham Knights Team abbreviation: BaT Team captains (PSN IDs): ReDMisTi (C) BiggestEight (A) iHandyyy (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): ReDMisTi BiggestEight iHandyyy samza96 TollonVille fnatte1 Nieppii Jombb- MKivinen95 LastMandalorian EA SPORTS club overview : https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Gotham Knights Team logo:
  5. Gotham Knights🦇 (Spring League) IN: @Nieppii Welcome back Bromigo! 🦇🦇
  6. World of Chel Practice mode 🙏
  7. Little update, so it looks like that we have only 1 active D atm so we are looking for atleast 1 but also 2 new D's would be more than fine for us. We have been pretty inactive now but because of Spring League we will start to play again more and we need to fill these missing spots first. So if you wanna be a new 🦇🦇 contact me here or PSN: ReDMisTi or Biggesteight #FeelsBatman
  8. Gotham Knights Batmers are looking for a Dman! We only have 2 active D's atm so it would be nice to get 1 more so we can get more games going! Side doesn't matter but the ability to play both sides would be a huge ++++ Off season & upcoming tourneys More info here or PSN: ReDMisTi or Biggesteight
  9. Gotham Knights 🦇🦇 IN: Hanssonni samza96 PeeloJombb OUT: eyebiz Nakkertoni Thx and good luck Jim & Nakke! Welcome new BaTs!
  10. My connection used to be little bit slower in challenge games but yesterday even the challenge games felt so smooth 👍 In normal games it was smooth also but it was good almost every time before this too. But im happy if my connection stays as smooth as yesterday in challenge games!😎 Nice job EA 👍
  11. GHETTO!!!! Finally we meet bromigos! 😉 #rivalrytime #aantriOP #AJeiuskallapelatakuningasAantriaVS
  12. Team name: Gotham Knights Team abbreviation: BaT Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) ReDMisTi (A) Chaostive (A) Biggesteight Team roster (PSN IDs): ReDMisTi Chaostive Biggesteight Kefleri Sweatyfathoe99 eyebiz Mkivinen95 Nakkertoni Hoykov Puteli88 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Gotham Knights Team Logo:
  13. Ah, i love those movies 👌
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