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  1. Question for DNA customers: Does the friends-list load normally in your PS4 system? In autumn when I had DRE problems with Telia, the friends-list took ages to load and sometimes it did not load at all. The root cause for this problem might be between DNA and PSN. Maybe NHL 19 request some information from PSN when game is starting and if it does not get it fast enough it is DRE... I am not a bithead so this is just guesswork. New router fixed all my problems back then.
  2. Old: ~26ms New: ~10ms Turku, Finland All games we played yesterday were smooth and responsive, I felt like I was young again!
  3. I think the problem is my cable modem Technicolor EPC3928. I set the cabel modem to bridged mode, bought a new router Netgear R7000 + dd-wrt firmware in it and let it do the routing. This setup fixed my problems with NHL18 and NHL19 is working well without problems I had in beta.
  4. I had this problem in NHL 19 Beta and only way to "fix" it was to restart the game after every match. I am now starting to be a little bit concerned how it will be in NHL19 because I have had similar kind of problems with NHL18 also. My problem with NHL18 is that PSN Online IDs disappears in EASHL after one match or so and menus takes forever to load up after that. This has been happening since March/April. Weird thing is that I am facing this problem in NHL18 when I am using Telia broadband connection (PS4 Pro connected with LAN cable to EPC3928AD cable modem), but I did not have this problem when I performed an experimental test with my Elisa 4G mobile phone connection (PS4 Pro Wireless + Hotspot). Sadly I did not test NHL19 beta with Elisa 4G. Maybe it is in EA servers, maybe it is in Game, maybe in our network connections, PS4 Pro...who knows. So if you are having similar kind of issues what is your ISP, broadband type and modem/router? EDIT: one gamer in our eashl team with same setup (PS4 Pro, Telia, slighty different cable modem) is having these same issues in both NHL18 and NHL19 Beta.
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