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  1. Jokos se @Lauri on saanu neti pelittää? Ja @xsakux99 millos sul käy pelaa ku et oo vastaillu?
  2. Laittakaa mul psn viestii ku pääsette plaa oon siel aktiivisemmi!
  3. Hi, free LW/RW/LD looking for a team to offseason and NHL20. Pro/Elite teams Contact here or PSN: Hirvikorpi (Thounidinho) Thanks
  4. Free LW/C/RW! Lite,pro,elite. Put me msg here or psn Thounidinho
  5. Free Rw/C/Lw pro/elite :DD
  6. RW/LW (can play C maybe) looking for team. Lite/pro/elite doesnt matter i just want play again :D contact here or psn Thounidinho
  7. #Norrishoosi 😍
  8. Hello! Our current roster ECL8 Pro is here: Ramseyy2 (C) Thounidinho (A) NikkeDangles (A) Devilfish333 FINSeRe Kriketsi17 oGBioLan Veikkonator MrNiceguyEddie Hazard-laser
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