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  1. After 8 wonderful months in Almost Famous it’s time for me to move on to new challenges and find new home. I’m 19 years old finnish guy but can speak english also if needed✌️ My position has always been RW but I think I can play C as well😇 I can play almost daily and I’m highly motivated to get better every day💪 Feel free to contact me here or psn: sokkelo__
  2. My journey in Cowabunga Hockey has come to an end, so I’m looking for a new team for ECL8 and offseason. Last season ended with a huge disappointment, after winning our group in pro we got swept in the first round of playoffs. My main position is RW but I can play LW/LD/RD too if needed. I’m 19-year-old finnish guy but can speak english too if necessary I can play almost every day and my motivation is very high for new challenges so feel free to contact me here or PSN: sokkelo__
  3. You guys are playing very well! It’s a very intense series, playoff hockey at its best
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