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  1. Free RD looking for competitive team. 23yo Previous teams: Checkmate, Butterfly Effect, Written In The Stars
  2. Free RD looking for Elite team.
  3. Free RD looking for starting line-up spot on Elite team for next ECL season. Msg me here or PSN.
  4. Looking for team to play just for fun. I have been mainly played just RD, but position doesn't matter too much, because I don't have time to play competitively or even regularly. Language doesn't matter. Msg here or PSN.
  5. Top 3 players on each position in NHL 18 in my opinion (without SKY players on last ECL season): LW: Vilupoika, Puantso, MukiMaisteri C; Penatski, Patzlaf, Dominointi RW: Kingofapes, Foppatofflan, Tbnantti LD: Janzuh, Haldeem, DieCutterMC RD: Vatalisti, Snapu48, Willekunq G: Cappe, Zande95, S_w1ld_RUS
  6. In my opinion its defensive team's job either block shots coming from blueline or tie up offensive team's players in front of net. Allthough spamming low shots from blue line is pretty easy and its almoust impossible to defend all these situations so this is kind of tricky is this too op. In the other hand it would be stupid if deflections didn't work ever because then defensive team could let opponent's players stand in front of net and just cover passing lines. So maybe it is good to have many variations to score to have higher skill gap on defense and offense which is important to keep game fun in my opinion.
  7. I think he didn't even play 18 if that's he's opinion.. 😶
  8. Written In The Stars (ELITE) OUT: Zande95 to Filadelphia IN: Hansulinho from SJK eSports willekunq from Red Machine
  9. I heard this guy is pretty decent on that game https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/psn/Vilupoika
  10. Yeah maybe every team is able to decide are they going to take part of it or just play regular league without prize pools. Allthough there were plenty of teams willing to attend this kind of league on leaguegaming's site a while ago so I guess this is what majority of Elite teams want already. Wouldn't this be only win - win situation, if every party gets what they want?
  11. 1. Yes 2. 30€ 3. Yes 4. 3k 5. 1st place: 60% of prize 2nd place: 20% of prize 3rd-4th places: 10% of prize each 6. Maximum of 3 months 7. Every time as long as I enjoy playing 8. Yes 9. Yes, but only Elite divion at first. 10. Only Elite division at first. 11. That would become a problem for sure if other divisions had prize pools too. Maybe putting new teams to Lite division should be considered if Pro division had prize pool. Allthough there should be prize pool only in Elite division at first in my opinion. 12. 25€
  12. SKY - NOR Rest of the series will be played tonight starting at 21.00 CET, NOR leads the series 3-1. Roster same as earlier https://www.twitch.tv/totalii
  13. SKY - NOR Series continues tonight at 21.00 CET Roster same as earlier https://twitch.tv/NHLGamerTwitch

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