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  1. Free RD Elite/Top Pro Starter/Back up role xd
  2. Old: 32-35 New: 12-15 Kouvola, Finland
  3. GGs Monarchs. Very hard team to play against. Tight series and definitely deserved win. See you in elite next season! 👋🏒
  4. I'm looking for a new team after long journey with Mukimiehet. Preferred position: RD
  5. oGBioLan


    He is first ecl in army
  6. C: Dominointi, I_Eki_I, Patzlaf LW: Mukimaisteri, Pleemaker, joukki13 RW: jeppiz18, Fobbatofflan, a_n_t_a LD: Janzuh, nylanderi, Supremski RD: vatalisti, Haldeem, Lagezickarno G: Hullued, s_w1ld_RUS, Hansulinho
  7. Disable chat voice on stream if your players get mad by using audio tapes on other videos
  8. As I said earlier we managed to play all our games before we got banned. So if your team is fighting with playoff spot on group 4, Team Sunny Side should not get walkover wins because they gave us walkover wins on wednesday and I have sent message about that to Kenu with proofs.
  9. I'm not going to complain about this judgment because as a team captain I have responsibility of the right scores and points. It's still very stupid ban whole team in my opinion instead of the one guilty. This can happen to any team since we don't check our points with pictures and magnifying glass. Anyway the most hilarious part of this case is that yesterday janbonator sends me message that "You can play rest of your games, only pair will be banned". Well we play our games. Then today whole team is banned and I got sent screenshot where SeRe says that "we was going to ban only Pair but Jesse tried to take the role so we decided to ban him and whole team also". WHY DO YOU BAN WHOLE TEAM IF JESSE "IS TRYING TO TAKE A ROLE?" wtf =DD @ScottieN27We played all our games before we got banned. If you mean team Sunny Side, they gave us walkover wins before we were banned.
  10. I have nothing to do with Frozen Goons but they will not participate tournament since team splitted up. Ecl admins has been informed about that via private message.
  11. Team name: HC Circus Team abbreviation: Cir Team captains: oGBioLan, Filariou, Kurkokokurko Team roster: oGBioLan Filariou Kurkokokurko Pair4You BEST_NHL_PLAYAH BombamusFIN jamtylae laurilion VALJUS Vyyrylainen mightyeero kefleri valmuri
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