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  1. Having connection problems on a day that EA publishes some updates would not be the first time... My games were normal yesterday...didn`t see any difference.
  2. Hey cmoon! Shooting after whistle CAN NOT be against rules!!! It is no where near of the same thing as accepting a fight like @gzell60 did in this example case. Just look at these games and how many accidental mistakes we make....specially when talking about Lite games Some of us have to sometimes play game sounds OFF, so there really can and will be accidental shots and punishing about acts like that makes absolutely no sense. No penalty of fighting and forcing 2 CPU to the ice for at least 1/4 period. And then there is cases like this, where goalie tries to go after a puck and gets banned for 2 games. I must ask... where is the logic behind these punishments? Why that fight is worth just warning and why going after puck is worth 2 game ban? Please league admins, explain this... Thx.
  3. Hmmm... weird comment if i may say... Or maybe you... or i... didn`t understand everything right.
  4. OLD: 22ms-26mS NEW: 7ms Pori, Finland.
  5. Bujacasha!! This trophy sure went to right address! Presence of Sergei Klassikov is huuuuuuuuuge on the ice. So keep your head up kids and think at least twice before you forecheck!!! Or you may find you self being part on a little kisskissbangbang moment sooner than you realize And thanks of the kind words sir.. GL PEKO.
  6. Hmm... does this mean that there will be no change to number of lucky bounce goals? At the time off beta tuner roll back number of insane bouncing goals has been ridiculous.
  7. The Dudes looking for goalie. Transfer deadline for Lite is tonight so be fast!! Playtime guaranteed... maybe even tonight Contact me here or psn ahonaattori
  8. 6vs6 was totally different no laggy at all. Skating and game play felt very smooth and reactive... i dont know why, but it sure was fun to play. You can use X a lot without worrying of possible penalties, at least when you area close to opponent. I am not sure yet how will this effect, but i am sure it is not just a bad thing. What was checking like? I think i didnt have many attempts last night, but it seemed a bit harder? If i remember it right it was efficient check in beta.
  9. After three games of 3s. These are not beta tuners I really didnt see a difference between game play today and last week... Except that now every game felt a bit laggy. And maybe opponent took few more penalties with poke check than before. Maybe it would be easier to see difference in 6vs6.
  10. Thanks of the Preview! I bet, Forward to watch in Group 1 Sergei "Klassikko_" Klassikov is going to find some new angles to score
  11. Heh, i didn`t even realize that it has been 1 ECL season / NHL / YEAR And good to know you are looking for new ways to keep us entertained 🤜 I think that easiest way would be simply making next ECL season longer. Fe. double the regular season. But i don`t know is it smart to do with so short notice... or what would be common opinion of the community in this case. But what ever you do, it would be nice if tournament could be played with these Lite teams, so it would create more continuity. Or maybe you could make a longer summer cup and split it to fe. PRO+ELITE players to one group and rest of the players to another.
  12. Ok. I think you have done good job in promoting teams... no complaints by me. Thanks for the interesting info, i was not aware of that. I thought that you look at the big picture when replacing teams in PRO. So fe. if some of Northern Ascendacy and Radical players would start a new club, you would rather fill empty spot in PRO with 8th ranking Lite team than the club of these experienced Elite players? Thats ok, sounds kind of fair and sure its not a common situation. I am not sure how you should split Lite to new Lite and lower level league at the first time... or how should teams be promoted between leagues. I am sure you or we could figure out some kind of system for it. Me and my team could start in lowest division if it looks that we should... maybe that would be a hit for some teams to get dropped to lower level, but most of the teams would be ok with it. They would get to have more games(maybe?) and more of them against about same level opponents.. Its nothing but win win to everything else except EGO I think that at the end we would have more valuable Elite(longer to climb up on divisions) and more really competitive league games from improved Lite(maybe a big punch of those bench warmers in PRO would be willing to play in Lite).
  13. Thanks for good posts and ideas... Discussion is what helps admins create better, more suitable product for all parties. I think this is a great idea and a i have also been thinking about it. Honestly, i was first going to write a post something like "What would your perfect ECL be like". And big part of that post would have been creating a new division under Lite and restrict number of Lite teams to fe. 32 teams. But then i thought it is a thing that we cant change before ECL8 and i wanted to focus discussion to number of games being played in Lite. Yeah agree, it was a fun regular season! Super tight group! I think, that if some of the teams would have played in different group, there may have been one or few teams in a top 4... But now, The Black Jacks murdered 3 of our groups teams... I think that league admins have every season raised some new team(s) straight to PRO by just looking at their roster. I think that it has not really been a big problem and with 4 division system it would be even less... because now league admins would have 2 options of which division to place a new team... Or even if all new teams would have to start in Lite, the division would be way tougher than what it is now. But yeah of course it would be too easy for Elite level teams... probably they should just be promoted straight to PRO. But even if not... at least it would raise the value of Elite and PRO divisions... Maybe we would see even less of teams falling apart in those two great divisions and i think it would raise brand value of ECL. Yeah sure equality is hard to achieve in Leagues with 30+ teams... It is hard to achieve even in Elite where is 16 teams. I think is there is a huge difference between bottom4 and top4 teams in Elite as well.
  14. The Dudes looking for 1 Finnish backup skater and backup goalie. We play Monday-Thursday 19-20:00 cet ->...+ some on other days too. We are easy going adults willing to improve personal and team play. So i hope you somehow fit to that description. Contact me here or even better PSN ahonaattori
  15. Team name: The Dudes Team abbreviation: TD Team captains (PSN IDs): ahonaattori(c), anttiko10(a), peksi22(a) Team roster (PSN IDs): ahonaattori anttiko10 peksi22 raitinriibuukki idko123 nopassing esko-etikka Migeltheplayer markus_24403 Toimiipas EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Dudes Previous team name(s): Team Logo: ECL Pro application: No
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