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  1. Hahhah... as an old Magaluf traveller :DDD i can say that money can be spent better... And you may be right, maybe Uppsala is a good choice. It mus be better than Stockholm, where Finns don`t get in bars and nightclubs.
  2. Yeah it is an easy trip... but doing it and spending something like 500€ to travel and hotel...+ good knows how many thousand to booz and Paf for tiiny tiny chance to win about 500€ does not sound so interesting to many. Specially when you don`t even go there with your own team, but some players you have played with for few weeks... But we will see how it goes... Maybe i am wrong.
  3. I honestly don`t believe that Finns will travel play some NHL to Uppsala. Few pro players may go, but not many. This will effect in a way, that there probably is some teams in final tournament, that should not be there. And of course because of this, some Swedish teams don`t make it to the final event even they deserve to. But maybe it`s still best this way... @Kenu gave some good points of why rules are as it is.
  4. Great work by DNA and community! I think DNA was really fast fixing this after they were contacted the way that they could see that there really is problem effecting a larger group of customers. Maybe fixing this has improved connections for DNA users and others too.
  5. No it is not easy...some times its even impossible. I think over half of people live in smaller towns where there really is just one choise for ISP. Fe. I have to pay 55€/month for 20/1 DNA ADSL and i really dont have any other choise for solid connection. 4G connections work somehow almost everywhere, but at many places they are just too slow for playing. And don`t forget long term contracts. Most of the connections are sold as 1-2 year contracts.
  6. Everyone ofcourse does what they feel like... In my small team of 6 skater and 2 goalie, 4 skater had / has DNA. After few days of DR error rumba, we made decision of play not more than 1 DNA Dude per game. That way we managed to get some games, but still i believe we didn`t have fun sitting in waiting simulator. And worse part of it was that we ruined gaming experience for many teams by causing DR errors. That is why we don`t play with DNA anymore. Dudes play with phone hotspot and other 4G connections... it is laggy, kind of sux, and everyone feels like a dork of paying once again extra to get to play this silly game. But at least we dont cause DR errors to others anymore and everyone has more fun. I get it that we nhl addicts have to get to play... but i don`t wonder why many get angry to you if you are causing something like 20 DR errors / night... If all teams would do the same... game nights would be "interesting".
  7. Yes, but now that our players have changed their ISP we get to games with very high %... like 90% of searches. When we had 1 DNA we got error about 4/5 and about 99% of error came against Finnish opponents. When there was no Finnish players against we got to game mabe 80% of searches. And when we had 2 or more DNA user in 6vs6 we got error about 20/20
  8. Hmmmm... no option "Yes, and me and/or my teammates don`t have DNA." Its quite bad that it is missing.... i would do new poll Do you / your team mates have DNA? How often do you / your team mates get DR error? How often some opponent player gets dropped on game launch? How often you/your team had these kind or problems before latest PS4 system update. What is your country?
  9. The Dudes looking for RD - No DNA as ISP!!! Contact me here or PSN ahonaattori
  10. The Dudes looking for new players because DNA crisis. - Positions: LW/C, RD, G - Language Finnish - No DNA as ISP!!! We hope you are easy going dude who like to move puck fast and just have fun playing.
  11. Past 4 nights we have played 95% of our games on old server and connection has been so bad. Have others finns / swedes have this same problem lately?
  12. Having connection problems on a day that EA publishes some updates would not be the first time... My games were normal yesterday...didn`t see any difference.
  13. Hey cmoon! Shooting after whistle CAN NOT be against rules!!! It is no where near of the same thing as accepting a fight like @gzell60 did in this example case. Just look at these games and how many accidental mistakes we make....specially when talking about Lite games Some of us have to sometimes play game sounds OFF, so there really can and will be accidental shots and punishing about acts like that makes absolutely no sense. No penalty of fighting and forcing 2 CPU to the ice for at least 1/4 period. And then there is cases like this, where goalie tries to go after a puck and gets banned for 2 games. I must ask... where is the logic behind these punishments? Why that fight is worth just warning and why going after puck is worth 2 game ban? Please league admins, explain this... Thx.
  14. Hmmm... weird comment if i may say... Or maybe you... or i... didn`t understand everything right.
  15. OLD: 22ms-26mS NEW: 7ms Pori, Finland.
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