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  1. Results are now updated. Regular season is now done and tomorrow we know who is the winner of the cup.
  2. Results updated, good games and good fights tonight
  3. Monday 30.3.2020 21:00 CET Me Carvoset-Clumsy Penguins 2-4 21:30 CET Clumsy Penguins-Me Carvoset 5-3 21:00 CET Mockba-Genesis 1-3 21:30 CET Genesis-Mockba 4-2 Tuesday 31.3.2020 21:00 CET Me Carvoset-Genesis 5-0 21:30 CET Genesis- Me Carvoset 4-6 21:00 CET Mockba-Clumsy Penguins 0-1 ot 21:30 CET Clumsy Penguins-Mockba 1-5 Wednesday 1.4.2020 21:00 CET Me Carvoset-Mockba 1-3 21:30 CET Mockba-Me Carvoset 5-0 21:00 CET Clumsy Penguins-Genesis 4-2 21:30 CET Genesis-Clumsy Penguins 3-1 Thursday 2.4.2020 21:00 CET A) Clumsy Penguins-Me Carvoset BO1 5-1 21:00 CET B) Mockba-Genesis BO1 2-1 ot 21:30 CET FINAL!!! Clumsy Penguins-Mockba 2-4 WINNER MOCKBA CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! ECL Rules, except : - Win 3 points. OT win 2 points. OT loss 1 point - And because it is pitsiturnaus, fighting is off-course allowed G W OTW OTL L GF GA P Clumsy Penguins 6 3 1 0 2 16 15 11 Mockba 6 3 0 1 2 16 9 10 Genesis 6 3 0 0 3 16 19 9 Me Carvoset 6 2 0 0 4 17 21 6
  4. K__0__S__E

    ECL 10 - Sign Up Now

    GJ! Looking good! Hope 64 teams in Lite means 4 group of 16 team.
  5. Rest in peace Haukka. And deepest condolences to his family.
  6. Legendary The Dudes is doing a comeback and looking for new Dudes on all positions! We expect you to be chill and adult(ish) player with some skills and have will to do those brown goals. And most of playing will happen between Sunday - Thursday 18:00-22:00CET, so you should be ready to play some on that time frame. Send me a msg here or psn K__0__S__E
  7. Ok... Good luck to your search.
  8. Hmmmm... What? You look for players to your team and you are free agent?
  9. Who got mad? It is just few messages... dont have to take it so serious.
  10. I played in same group with Red Machine on your first season in Lite. I have to say i am not surprised of the trip you have made after that. GJ and GL to all of you for the future. E: BTW, from that ECL5 group 1 team(EV Duisburg) raised to Pro level and 2 team(Red Machine and Penalty Box) to a Elite level.
  11. Was this article some kind of a joke?
  12. Looks like many Raging Monkey there great to see you on the ice again. Good luck guys!
  13. Will be sooo fun to see Clumsy Penguins vs. Mockba at the finals!!!! Hope NG provides stream with commentary of that show.

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