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  1. Hi NHLGamers, The quarterfinals brought us a whole bunch of more upsets, as did the previous rounds. The first seeded team of The Next Gen got swept, Elite experienced teams like SIKA and Gotham Knights got sent to improving their golfing skills as well. We congratulate TIKI TALK, Checkmate, POGGERS and Black Horse for their guaranteed shot at an Elite spot for ECL 9. The ECL 8 Pro Semifinals will be played between Monday, 25th of February and Sunday, 3rd of March 2019. Here are the matchups for the ECL 8 Pro Semi-finals: (2) TIKI TALK vs. Black Horse (13) Is it TIKI TALK's year? Will they finally make their way back to Elite in ECL 9? After a disappointing end to their ECL 7 season, TIKI TALK have finally shown their true potential in the 8th iteration of the European Championship League. They don't want to waste any more time in their quest to advance back to the highest tier division - two sweeps against Bellizzi and SIKA, you can call that impressive for sure. The teams iconic captain @itspardytime rules this team and the division playoffs so far by scoring 38 points (20 goals, 18 assists) in 8 games. TIKI TALK have been running with their top lineup for all games so far and we believe this won't change as you don't change a winning team, right? @Thewix93 (4 goals and 13 assists) and @PCJP (89,47 SV% and 1,00 GAA) are the defensive anchors which this highly potential offense need at the back end. Black Horse started the season as their name would imply and surpassed all expectations completely. While they struggled a little bit at the end of the season, which cost them a higher seed for the playoffs, they didn't hesitate to show their skill right at the start of the playoffs against the big guns. They eliminated the 4th seed Silver Sword Griffins in 6 games while burying the top seed The Next Gen in only 4. Is TIKI TALK next in the line on their way to winning it all? Their defense is the key to their success - while they don't win their games with style, they are hard to score against and will make you pay for your mistakes. While former top goaltender @Hullued now is showing that he can be a top center and leads the team in that role in all three zones of the ice, the defensive pair of @Miika (Since2009-) and @Exel56 do an outstanding job and @villamies95 in net is a real stud in his debut season! Pure offensive skill vs a brickwall, who's gonna stand tall when this series has been played? Our bet is on TIKI TALK in 6 games, but expect some really tight battles! (5) Checkmate vs. POGGERS (9) Checkmates situation is very familiar to the one TIKI TALK finds themselves in - they also had a disappointing outcome to the ECL 7 playoffs with a first round exit. Now they are back in business again. While in the regular season they played with quite a big roster, we get that familiar top 6 line up in the playoffs. This roster consists of guys who were able to beat Speedy Bros Hockey and Mentula SKA in 5, respective 6 games. Alike Black Horse, Checkmate is a defensive minded team built around the captain @TackleControl. They established this play style during last season as well, but what is different this year? Maybe the addition of the Elite experienced @Tuukka.R was the missing puzzle piece for their final success. Can they hold on to their strong defense and make it to the finals? Once a Wasp, now a frog - the evolution goes on, but they started with Quality right from the beginning! After defeating Raccoon Rampage and Gotham Knights in 5, respective 6 games, the team around the leader @Yoloberg will make sure to give the best fight they have to offer. The addition of veteran @Chafak helped them to go far in the playoffs. Look out for their offensive trio as they like to throw some extra sauce on their passes and might surprise you coming out of the gates. They are also quite good defensively and will make sure that their top 6 guys are on the ice to win them this series. It will be interesting to see which team is going to be the active part with more puck possession. We're expecting both teams to have to dig deep in their playbook if they want to advance to the finals. We believe it will be Checkmate coming out as a finalist, but it will take the full distance of 7 games! Results from the relegation matchups: (G1 #14) Clowns On Ice vs. Pata Hellalla (G2 #15) 2-4 At last we would like to wish all ECL 8 Pro semi-finalists good luck in these series and would also like to give a big congrats to Pata Hellalla for staying in Pro! Signing off for now, ECL Pro Writing Team @Mannheimer1938 & @Panarinz
  2. Hallo zusammen, das wissen wir noch nicht. Wir werden uns zeitnah damit beschäftigen, sobald wir auch wissen, wie der europäische Plan von NHLGamer für diesen NHL Teil aussieht. Viele Grüße, Franky
  3. Guten Tag and välkommen NHLGamers, We'd like to welcome you to another exciting ECL Pro division season! It's only three weeks ago that we saw the grand finale of ECL 7, but here we are again, the short waiting is over and we are hyped to see the road to Elite starting over again. Can the promoted teams make a direct impact? Are the relegated former Elite teams capable of a bounce back season? Time will tell but here are some teams, that should be watched and followed for sure: Teams to watch - Group 1 Checkmate Checkmate had an impressive ECL 7 - the defensive minded team were hard to beat last season and didn't hesitate on the chances they got. 47 Points (23-6-1) were good for the second place in Group 2, so the pressure was high on the team for a decent playoff run. Unfortunately their offense struggled a lot in the elimination to CLUB ONE in 5 games, as they got shut out three times. They have kind of a rebuild as they lost three of their starters where two of them were their top scorers. It will be interesting to see if they can handle this situation with fresh blood for another playoff campaign. Gotham Knights After a disappointing season in ECL 7's Elite, the Gotham Knights are back into the Pro division where they don't plan to stay for long. They were one point shy of no-mans land so the relegation was quite unlucky. Nevertheless they didn't fall apart as many relegated teams - most of the guys stuck together to prove that they are better than what they showed last season. Their one and only goal for this team should be an instant Elite promotion, and with the addition of another Elite experienced player in @selänne8 this time, for good. SIKA SIKA was a late promotion to Elite before ECL 7, but many of us thought they will handle the higher division pretty well as they were very strong in the pre-season. Well, 23 losses later we now are aware that maybe they couldn't handle the pressure properly. Alike Gotham Knights, SIKA will also try to bounce back in the Pro division of ECL 8. Therefore SIKA decided to turn back the clocks and rebuild together with former members of EN HUND (SIKA members from way back). It will be fun to watch how the hounds and pigs will hunt together for points. Underdog The Black Jacks The ECL 7 champion of the Lite division will try to make a direct impact in uncharted territory. Their brutal offense will still be the key factor in their game and they will score some goals, but it will be interesting to see if they can handle the more defensive powerhouses and find some new ways to get the puck to the back of the net. Without any noticeable additions, these Swiss guys are trusting their core players to step up into the new level of competition. Teams to watch - Group 2 Speedy Bros Hockey The Speedy Bros had a decent playoff run after finishing 4th in Group 1 of ECL 7. They were even next in line to get an Elite promotion but after they lost their starting center just at the doorstep of the season, they stepped down to this and will try another run in Pro. By adding @LastMandalorian they get a player with Elite experience and the top scorer of ECL 7 @Tzon93 will try to have another outstanding season to get his team back for another deep playoff run and maybe a chance for a direct promotion. Cowabunga Hockey After a disappointing playoff campaign, Cowabunga got swept by Pata Hellalla in round 1, Cowabunga will try to repeat a nearly perfect regular season (finished 1st in Group 1) and guess who's back? Their former ECL 6 top scorer @Fin_torspo90! Will he be the final piece in the puzzle for success? They surely have a lot of fresh faces in their line-up, can @Tinkesakara get his team together for another exciting season? Born With It After struggling at the beginning of ECL 7, Born With It showed their talent at the end of the season were they had an incredible playoff push. Most of their starters stayed together and they added with @FIN_Potilas to bring some leadership to the squad! They will be in the mix for the Pro title for sure. Born With it have learned from their mistakes of last season and come back stronger than ever motivated as can be. Underdog The Next Gen The runner-up of ECL 7 Lite is ready for another great season and taking the next step. The key factors of their success are still there and they added some Elite/Pro experienced players on their way to avoid hanging around the relegation talk, instead they will aim for a high seed and a deep playoff run. These young guns know what's have to be done to be successful. Players to watch - group 1: Forward - Gotham Knights - @selänne8 (BiggestEight) In a struggling Falun last season in Elite, the big(gest) 8 still managed to put up some points and help his team in the way he does best, score and assist. With another type of opposition in games that can be more open, he will surely get back on his typical ECL Pro form, where in, earlier years, he has put up almost 250 points in 101 games. Defender - Gotham Knights - @eyebiz Yet another player from Gotham is joining our players to watch list, but for good reason. The defender has played 4 seasons in Elite, including a final in ECL 6 with Northern Ascendancy, talk about experience! He will bring that solidness to Gothams defense and can help them on their way back to Elite. Goaltender - Nordic Stars - @Tomsuu (a_pantera) There were a few candidates for this spot, as there are some great goaltenders in group 1! With that being said, a_pantera can be that game changer Nordic Stars need. He joins after a solid season in Checkmate, 84 SV% and 1.75 GAA in 16 games shows what he's capable of. Players to watch - group 2: Forward - Speedy Bros Hockey - @Tzon93 His stats speak for themselves. In ECL 7 he was the top scorer, counting both regular season playoff scoring. He reached the 100 point mark and scored goals from seemingly everywhere on the ice. I'd be shocked if Tzon wouldn't make our "Top 6 of the season" after this season as well as leading his team to a long playoff run. Defender - The Next Gen - @oGBioLan Former Elite winner and Pro silver medalist joins the newcomer and will provide that stability at the back end that every new team would love to have. oG has the ability of a top defenseman in NHL 19 and if he sees more icetime than last season, only 6 games with FILADELPHIA, I would already predict a ECL 8 Pro "Norris" season from him. Goaltender - Born With It - @Masapunda (octobussy) The guy with the great PSN had an incredible season in ECL 7, over 85 in SV%, a GAA of 1.80 and 7 shutouts during the regular season. If it wasn't for the toughest of competition he would've made the top 3 goaltenders list. Maybe he could snag that award this season? Wouldn't surprise me. For your reference, here are again the Groups of the ECL 8 Pro division: Group 1: Checkmate Tiffen The Black Jacks Supernatural Silver Sword Griffins SIKA Rajatorpan Mafia POGGERS Nordic Stars Murohoki Gotham Knights God Tier GHETTO FIREBIRDS EV Duisburg Clowns On Ice TIKI TALK Group 2: Bellizzi The Next Gen Style Speedy Bros Hockey SPARTANS Reality Check HC Raccoon Rampage Pata Hellalla Mentula SKA Horror Hockey Freddie Mercury Institute Cowabunga Hockey Born With It Bone Breakers Black Horse Virtual Horizons eSports That's all for now NHLGamers, be sure to follow our teams during their streams on Twitch and hopefully this season will turn even better as season 7! Signing off for now, ECL Pro Writing Team @Panarinz & @Mannheimer1938
  4. This is so awesome! Thank you @Kenu for doing an outstanding job, being probably the biggest workhorse I've ever seen. This man spent countless hours for a vision - making NHL eSport ready and I guess he's doing fine right? Give yourself a big tap on your shoulder, I couldn't imagine another person who deserves it more. Also a big shoutout to the many guys in the background who made this happen. It doesn't care if you are fresh members or old veterans like @The_Alpha_Furyan or @gzell60 (to name only a few), we applaud you and appreciate your hard work!
  5. Deadly Phantoms HC (Elite) looking for a goalie in the upcoming ECL 8 season. If you are interested, please contact me here via PM on NHLGamer.
  6. Team name: Deadly Phantoms HC Team abbreviation: DPH Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) Mannheimer1938 ; (A) The_Rayman80 ; (A) gzell60 Team roster (PSN IDs): RPH_31 gzell60 Mannheimer1938 steveERC The_Rayman80 Tim_FlyersFan XxTHENEXTONE87xX Playmaker1010 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Deadly Phantoms HC Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
  7. Hi NHLGamers, the regular season of the Pro division is over and without further ado we start the first round of the ECL Pro Playoffs tomorrow, Monday 19th of November 2018. The first eight teams of both groups qualified for the playoffs with the goal of winning ECL Pro and having the shot of getting promoted to our highest tier division - ECL Elite! The teams will be cross-seeded so that e.g. the 1st placed team of group 1 will be playing against the 8th placed team in group 2 and so on. Starting from the second round, all teams will be seeded based on PPG and the other tie-breakers, where necessary. Every series will be played best-of-7, i.e. a team has to take four wins to advance to the next round. Teams have 7 days to finish the series, so the first round will take place starting Monday and ending Sunday, 25th of November 2018 23:59 CET. As there were no teams which got disqualified or folded, we will continue with four relegation battles with places 13 to 16 of both groups fighting for their right to play again in the Pro division next season. The relegation battles will also be cross-seeded between the groups and it takes 4 wins to close the series. The relegation battles will also take place from Monday, 19th November 2018 until Sunday, 25th November 2018 23:59 CET. These are the pairings for the first round of the playoffs: Pata Hellalla (G2 #8) vs Cowabunga Hockey (G1 #1) Born With It (G2 #7) vs 2. Synergy Hockey (G1 #2) Belizzi (G2 #6) vs Wasps Gaming (G1 #3) Raging Monkeys (G2 #5) vs Speedy Bros Hockey (G1 #4) EN HUND (G1 #5) vs Bucketeers (G2 #4) TIKI TALK (G1 #6) vs Resurrection (G2 #3) CLUB ONE (G1 #7) vs Checkmate (G2 #2) Saints (G1 #8) vs Deadly Phantoms HC (G2 #1) These are the pairings for the relegation battles: Nordic Nosebleed (G2 #16) vs Murohoki (G1 #13) Sektion K (G2 #15) vs 14. EV Duisburg (G1 #14) Free From Rodents (G1 #16) vs Nordic Stars (G2 #13) Unity (G1 #15) vs Bone Breakers (G2 #14) Teams that ended their season in no-mans-land (Places 9-12) will stay in Pro for the next season. The teams are: Racoon Rampage GHETTO FIREBIRDS Baltic Sea Eagles Style The Visionaries Pohjoista Voimaa Silver Sword Griffins Le Coq Sportif We would like to take this opportunity to thank all teams for participation, it was fun to watch and follow your games. Good luck for all teams with the further rounds and battles, good luck and most important - have fun!
  8. Hi NHLGamers, We are ready for round 2 of the ECL 7 Lite playoffs! After a very quiet first round with nearly no upsets, as 30 out of 32 ended with the higher seed winning. The stage is set for another exciting week of playoff hockey and we are now into familiar territory with the best 32 teams of the Lite division that will have to do or die. We expect some upsets in this round, based on previous seasons, as some favourites will struggle and some underdogs will rise. The games will be played best-of-7, meaning it takes four wins to make it into the next round. Due to the EA server downtime pushing the regular season end and eventually causing the Playoff pairs in round 1 to be published quite late, we ended up allowing one extra day for the first round of the playoffs, thus pushing the rest of the rounds forward, meaning round 2 has to be finished by end of Monday the 19th of November. Below are the pairs for round 2: 1. The Next Gen vs 43. Pink Panthers HC 2. Finnish Snipers vs 35. Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat 3. The Black Jacks vs 32. Lehmannen Badboyz 4. Mentula SKA vs 31. Puck Panthers 5. Clowns On Ice vs 29. Etelan Vetelat 6. Prowlers vs 28. Infinity 7. FarmiNaattori vs 27. Elämäm Kiekko 8. Supernatural vs 26. Suomen Sonnit 9. Rajatorpan Mafia vs 25. Finnish Hockey Legends 10. HokiDogit vs 24. Supremacy 11. We Kings vs 23. K A R H U T 12. SPARTANS vs 21. Poston Fruits 13. Freddie Mercury Institute vs 20. Blackdawgs 14. Inter Iceland vs 19. Kaukosen Luistin 15. Perttilan Kommandot vs 18. Dubnation Gaming 16. Kalamasu HT vs 17. Team France Please let us know when these matchups are going to take place, which gives us a better chance to cover it on our Twitch channel. Should you want your games to be covered in our live broadcasts, please provide us with the necessary information as early as possible before the games. The information includes: Date Time Line-ups for both teams (including correct spelling of PSN ID’s and player numbers) Captain/player interviews are a plus! We wish all the teams the best of luck - have fun out there!
  9. Salut NHLGamers! It's time for yet another Team of the Week, For this season of ECL Pro, we'll have a running "Team of the Week"-segment. In other words, we'll be showcasing the best ECL Pro teams for both groups that week, but also a Top 6 lineup of individuals that excelled during said week. The articles will be released each Monday. Beware that we are only counting the stats for games played during each game week. This week our selection panel consisted of @Mannheimer1938 and @jahajaha93. Group 1 - Team of the Week - 4 Synergy Hockey (6-0-0) Is "hot" enough to describe this team right now? 6 games this week, 6 wins - and not against whoever, they won against the other top guns of group 1 when overcoming Speedy Bros Hockey, Wasps Gaming and EN HUND. Synergy is currently on a 12 game winning streak and has gained points in their last 14 matchups! They should be able to settle for the top spot in their group quite easily as we're going into the last week of the regular season. Group 2 - Team of the Week - 4 Belizzi (6-2-0) These guys have been great recently! They've stepped up their game when they needed it the most. Catching up from below the playoff line to a more or less certain spot is impressive while also breaking down teams like Resurrection and Raging Monkeys on their way there. They are really shaping up to be one of the dark horses this season, look out for them in the playoffs! Pro division - Players of the Week - 3 @Panarinz - @Playmaker - @Windblad @LegendenKurtz_ - @AndreasLeafs @DUNZA @Panarinz (Style) The assistant captain and leading scorer of Style managed to have himself a great week. Panarinz scored 10 goals and accumulated 4 assists on his left wing, having a total of three game winning goals among these snipes. Style is a team that after a tough start has heated up nicely, so look out for Panarinz and this group of guys in the weeks to come! @Playmaker (Deadly Phantoms HC) 27 points in 6 games - 3 points per game in the season so far (63 points in 21 games), Playmaker1010 is on another level right now as he's dominating the center land, tearing up opposing teams day in and day out. He is the leading offensive force for the Deadly Phantoms and surely brings it every time he laces up his skates but is also a key factor in the defense as he keeps the slot tight and makes it as hard as possible to score against his team. @Windblad (Synergy Hockey) Another center that has made it in this team of the week. Credit is due where credit is due, however. Scoring 11 points in 5 games doesn't tell us the whole story, but a +/- of 9 and a faceoff percentage of over 60 this week, it's very clear that this guy is well deserving of a spot on this roster. With his defense first kind of mindset, every team would be helped with him on the ice. @LegendenKurtz_ (Style) Legenden has been one of the main reasons for Style going on an incredible run of form lately. 8 points and a +/- of 10 in 6 games is proof of just that. Even though he is a very defense minded defenseman, he is ranked in the top 5 for points by defensemen. Beware if you face him 1 on 1 with or without the puck, he can dangle you out to the parking lot. @AndreasLeafs (Raging Monkeys) A guy currently ranked number 1 in points for defensemen this season who also had a great week, who am I thinking of? AndreasLeafs of course! 8 points in the last 8 games and a +/- of 6. He isn't known for scoring goals, that's for sure. Instead this Norweigan defenseman knows how to set up his teammates. Will he be ranked 1st in the points by defensemen standings at the end of the season too? @DUNZA (Synergy Hockey) Even with games remaining DUNZA himself has set a new ECL record! 11 shutouts so far in a single season is a remarkable stat, setting a new high for ECL goalies on any level. To be honest with you, he could've been featured every week. He has surely been a game changer this season and every stat I could mention here is proof of that. Let's just stick with his 11 shutouts, a GAA of 0.82 and a save percentage of nearly .90 is incredible. That's all for now, ladies and gentlemen. If you want to be featured next week here's the recipe: work hard, play hard and do your best to make it happen! Be sure to tune in next week to see if you, your team or one of your teammates made it into our "Team of the Week". Over and out, @Mannheimer1938
  10. My point of view is that if there happens an action on day x which has to be looked up by the LA, this day x is fact for the ruling of the LA. They were assistant captains at this time so the disqualification settle at day x and not on day x+5 when the final decision is published. Yeah, we all know that there are only English speaking people in the LA so there is no way of sending a message to them in English and their mother language.. anyways, if they asked for permission, they have to wait for the decision of the LA and not already switching captaincies and changing teams. This kind of behaviour insult that they didn't seem to try a big effort of keeping the team alive.
  11. Well, for what do have assistant captains then? That they have absolutely no responsibility in every case and are only named because the rulebook says so? I agree that this paragraph (13.4) is written a little bit sloppy but as 13.8 referes to this kind of situation it sticks for me. What did those two guys do? The captain left the sinking ship, that's crap for sure, but what kind of attitude you should have as an assistant captain? Step up for your team, take this role and try to do best out of it. For me it would be something like "pride" to finish the season as good as I can. For sure it could be very frustrating, but it is what it is. This should be a kind of codex to all of those guys who are in a leading role inside of a team. I know you earn nothing out of it as it's only a video game and I'm fully aware that it's nowhere written in the rule book and probably never will, but still, those captains and assistants have to take responsibility for all of the teams actions! When did they got transferred to Northern Ascendancy? Before or after it was clear they will brake up? Without having knowledge I would assume that it was after it and if it is so, due to this time of event they are responsible for the teams actions and for me it is that exactly after this event they got banned. So they can be transferred to Northern Ascendany but are banned for playing in ECL 7. You could also read the rule book this way. Sure, you can blame LA for writing this paragraph with some loop hole, but as a captain yourself, would you like to see that other captains will sneak through loop holes as well? I doubt it. For me it's the right call in case that everybody should take responsibility for their actions and don't snitch threw every written latter and try to make the best for themselves and give a damn to the integrity of this community. God damn, we don't do this for a living, there are and will be some mistakes. Please don't put every word or sentence under the microscope.
  12. Hey NHLGamers, here we are again, taking a look at last week of the Pro division as we'll try to highlight some special performances of teams and players. Please note that the stats include games played and reported during week 2 (22.10.-28.10.2018) only. Group 1 - Team of the Week - 2 Cowabunga Hockey Cowabunga Hockey only played one matchup in the first week but they got things running in this second week. They won 5 of their 8 matches and two losses came in overtime. Their defense was a key factor in clinching most of the points as they were able to get wins out of some tight games. Forwards @Tinkesakara, @Sokkelo__ and @Rapsu got their job done in both ends of the ice. Cowabunga is now placed 6th in their group but they'll try to rise in the upcoming week. Group 2 - Team of the Week - 2 Deadly Phantoms HC Deadly Phantoms HC had a tight schedule this week with 5 matchups and some double matchup nights in there too. They got 18 out of 20 points while their puck possession game was key to their offense clicking around @Playmaker. Their extraordinary offensive efforts lead to a current average of 3,88 goals for per game. @RPH_31 had an amazing run this week, allowing only 5 goals in 10 games and was able to record 4 shutouts during this timespan. Currently the Phantoms are leading group 2 and wouldn't want to lose that spot during next week. Pro division - Players of the Week - 2 @Buffy - @Playmaker - @ProMinx24 @SolenX86 - @xLVxRitchey @RPH_31 @Buffy (Raging Monkeys) had a solid run of form in ECL terms this week! Scoring a goal per game (6 goals in 6 games) but more impressively, 17 points in said amount of games. @Playmaker (Deadly Phantoms) was very strong in the first week and continued his dominant performance in the second week. 22 points in 9 games with an incredible +/- rating of +20! These stats show us that he can put up the points needed for his team, but most importantly keep the opposing teams shots out of his own teams net. @ProMinx24 (Silver Sword Griffins) set up some goals in this time period. With 17 assists (and 26 points) in 8 games he showed that he is a playmaking beast. Should he look into changing names with the guy above? Maybe so. @SolenX86 (Bucketeers) is an offensive minded defensemen that can pick out great passes all around the ice. That's exactly what he showed us this week. He is already 3rd in points for defensemen and don't be surprised if he continues his good form. @xLVxRitchey (Silver Sword Griffins) showed us what a cornerstone he can be in the defensive zone. With 7 points in 8 games and a +/- of 21 he comes off as a solid defensive defenseman that can provide offense when needed. He plays with a defense first mindset. Also worth mentioning he amassed 27 takeaways in last weeks games. @RPH_31 (Deadly Phantoms), man, what a run of form! Over 90% in saving percentage and 4 shutouts in 10 games. He's done everything his team can ask for. Even though his team has been playing great all around, he is one of the keys to their success so far. If you come up on a breakaway beware of his flashing glove! That's all for now, ladies and gentlemen. If you want to be featured next week here's the recipe: work hard, play hard and do your best to make it happen! Be sure to tune in next week to see if you, your team or one of your teammates made it into our "Team of the Week". Credits to @Panarinz who co-wrote this article with me!
  13. Hallo, ja dies ist noch möglich. Viele Grüße, Franky
  14. Team name: Deadly Phantoms HC Team abbreviation: DPH  Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) Mannheimer1938, (A) The_Rayman80 (A) gzell60 Team roster (PSN IDs): RPH_31 gzell60 Mannheimer1938 steveERC Jeason99 neymar92ftrio2 The_Rayman80 Tim_FlyersFan willywonkaaa XxTHENEXTONE87xX Muecke_the_great Playmaker1010  EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Deadly Phantoms HC  Team Logo:
  15. Are we overreacting? Personally it isn't a question to have a clear answer for it. IMO it's a no for that the game is unplayable or completely unjoyable. Do we have a less more effective poke check? Yes. Therefore we had a spamming stick lift festival which seemed to be a little bit fixed yesterday but still there are some situations where you could basically watch two guys smashing the x button for quite a while without any penalty. There are still out of nowhere pokes and stick lifts where you are wondering how you could loose the puck. Was this better in beta? At least the poke check was way better as you had to realy think if you use it instead of "let's poke, good things will happen". I don't get it why you change it if nearly most of your gamechangers and therefore visible "advertisement" are very excited and satisfied and you release a "how to poke video" before bring the good old times back a day later. Make it variable for the different divisions as a softer tuner for lower divisions and harder tuner for higher tiers. Personally the skating feels a little bit weaker than at launch but way better than in nhl 18. But there are definitely a few pick up scenes where you only can scratch your head off. A little example? If you do a saucer pass along the boards the receiving player will do a little cut inside and looses his speed and position. Very frustrating if you do exactly the right play but the game and not an opposing player "defends" your actions. For me it's the little things which realy leaving me sometimes with total disbelief. Every player on the ice get displayed as a center in the cut scenes - basically what the fuck? It should be the same code as for years now. It occurred during the beta and is still not fixed two months after that? I know this has nothing to do with gameplay and the realy important things to adjust but that's how you make people motivate to screw your game. Or the fact that your player takes a seat during the penalty kill on two different places - sometimes on the players bench, sometimes inside the penalty box. And this kind of bug realy effects gameplay and tactics. Let this scenario come inside your head: ecl playoffs, matchup for the title/promotion/relegation, overtime. Your team has a powerplay and don't score, produces a turnover and There are 2 seconds left on the penalty. You are in total stress and make the move to the side of the penalty box to prevent a breakaway chance - and the player spawns exact on the other side of the ice, gives a middlefinger to your positioning, scores a goal and you are done. That would also be a nice way to sell some new tv's, monitors, controllers.. And don't forget the major point of all critics - the dressing room error. One of our backup guys can play every other game with a very low ping with a nice internet connection, but he can't play nhl because of reasons. Basically he spent 70 euros to try it sometimes and have fun for 20 minutes in our party chat and than rages and go to another game because he can't play any single game with us. That's not acceptable. In the rest of our team we don't realy have that much problems with error codes or get kicked out of the sessions, but you spend nearly half an hour or more in the dressing room everyday because some guy drops out of the game and you have to restart it. And you don't go back to the dressing room, no, this would be the easy solution so no way to do it like that. Go to the main menu and click through 5 different menus to get back to the dressing room. Brilliant! Otherwise the game physics are kind of random sometimes - on that play your player is totally in the wrong position and still takes the puck, sometimes you stand perfect in the passing lane and he is more interested in the young girl from shawinigan in the stands as picking up the puck. You do a great saucer pass to score a cross crease goal? Don't trust it, because the defender could do a random stick lift to stop it and sometimes your pass gets through 3 players. It's basically inconsistent for a lot of games. I guess that most people don't want to complain the whole game, but currently these little flaws are way to present and pisses everyone that off that they will see way more negative things than positive. It's human to rage and hate the game if you spend 2 hours in the dressing room without finding a matchup that works without any drops and than receive a cheesy goal. So far I'm satisfied with the general settings and it feels that you need more skill to win games. But I can totally understand people who hates the game already because off all these flaws and maybe the only big change in the game physics (skating) got cut and it seems that frostbite or other new game mechanics are far away to get included. Ps: please note that I'm nearly only playing eashl and not versus or HUT.
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