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  1. Straight spot in elite would have been a bit... radical. Too soon?
  2. Finnish veteran goalie looking team for IS Cup (and maybe for future tournaments). Mainly searching for starting or 50/50, but backup role might be fine as well. Preferably a finnish team, but i know little bit of english too if needed. Open for tryouts, of course. Team found.
  3. It's nice to get new jerseys (even tho some of them are still close to 10 years old designs) and new camera angles (for replays that nobody watches). But why don't they fix some real issues for a change, like stick lifting, poke checking, ridiculous charging penalties or those glitch goals through "five hole" where you don't even have to shoot?
  4. They made battle royale mode. Thank god for that. 5/5 would recommend. It's really amazing how out of touch EA seems to be when it comes to prioritizing what to use their "limited time" to work on between title releases...
  5. Frostbite? PC release? Crossplay against other platforms like Fortnite, Rocket League and CODMW is doing already?
  6. And it looks like you missed my point that a new team should absolutely always start from the lowest level. It's not encouraging that you don't have to start from the bottom with a new team? If there is division that you can just skip with your new team because you've played in a good team in the past? Does all new teams start from this new division or just some? If not all, how do you differentiate who gets to start from where? Face value? Looking forward a bit, if that new division has a team limit, such as 32 or whatever was suggested, someday that's going to become full like Pro is now. So do we then start to drop teams already there to Lite or don't let Lite champions promote, when by that same criteria (again; face value ?) one of these allegedly new better teams gets formed again and they should get to skip Lite and go straight to this new division? Or do we then just make 5th division to circumvent this exact same "problem" again? Or do we close our eyes and ears and believe hard enough that when number of teams and players rise, number good players doesn't and this will not be problem again in the future? I think that new teams should start from bottom of division table, and if they are good enough, they will get promoted. If they don't, then they clearly ain't good enough or as good as they think. Almost all teams got into playoffs last season in Lite, and i don't believe you can win or lose whole best-of-7 playoff series entirely by luck. 3 divisions and if there is 3rd ECL season in a future, it's possible to make it into Elite in the same NHL game's lifespan.
  7. That skill cap is always going to be there when elite and pro teams disband, and players from those teams start new teams. Creating new division just for that reason would go against the idea of divisions in the first place; encourage teams to stay together longer and not do exactly that, disband and make new team every season.
  8. Yes. Expanding PRO to 48 teams and keeping ELITE and LITE as they are now would be my way to go about it aswell. Just add third ECL season into lifespan of one NHL title. ELITE - Best of the best PRO - ELITE contenders and LITE proven teams LITE - New and just-for-fun teams I don't see what value adding forth division would bring, except for another hoop for teams to jump through with already limited time table for ECL tournaments.
  9. I heard that new COD Modern Warfare is bringing in crossplay across all 3 platforms (PC, PS4 & xBox), to help keep their PC playerbase alive longer. That could be something worth thinking about also in NHL, since NHL playerbase is quite small in comparison to let's say FIFA's. Bringing together PS4 and XBOX players on already small playerbase game like NHL could do the ip wonders, and especially for a tournament organizer such as NHLGamer. Also PC version would be great to see again, if crossplay was possible against players from other platforms as well. There is PC version to FIFA, so why not NHL?
  10. 6v6: Realistic faceoffs: if center moves too soon in faceoff you should get changed away and have a winger take the faceoff instead. 2 min penalty from second jump in the same faceoff Give goalie player control of 6th skater on the ice Remove random penalties (elbowing, cross checking, charging). They are so inconsistent of the way you actually check that it doesn't make any sense to have them in 0 bots game mode. Remove automated fight challenge after big hits. Overall i'd like to see get rid of as much of random stuff in the game as possible that you have no real control over but that have major impact on the game. Add in some sort of spectator mode to watch ongoing live games Edit: Oh yeah, and bring in the god damn Frostbite engine already!
  11. Veteran G / RW looking for club for future tournaments Recently i've been mainly playing goalie, but right wing goes as well. I'm available for almost every night after 19 cet and i have headset for whatever voip you are using. I'd hope for a chance in starting lineup. Open for offers at any level at this point. For contacts PM me here. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=72
  12. 🙈🤣 This explains a lot. I don't think that has ever worked properly, as i've had worse connections with lower pings and vice versa. Feels like rolling a dice at this point.
  13. Funny. Since when has EA started testing anything other than their customers' wallet and patience?
  14. This is what i mean, that does EA have any vision of their own what they want NHL series to be like, or are they always going to go with whatever their forums think? And how do they differentiate right feedback from wrong then? Listening to players is one thing, but to hit reset button (even if only temporarily) like this and hope for different feedback than last time is going overboard.
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