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  1. You played in other teams when we were playing and in party chat you were also complaining about how we play and when someone disagreed with you you got mad, and against gotham when ape disconnected u left the party instantly and then joukki said lets give wo's but then ape came back and we spammed messages to u on wa but you didnt answer so we had to give wo's
  2. Well your behaviour didnt make the party chat any better, especially rage quitting during ecl games
  3. Would be nice if players that actually forced our team to quit would get some kind of punishment as its almost impossible to get Elite level players during the season but no... players should show some respect and dedication to their teams and not leave the team if you lose a game or two smh
  4. Ea made blocking low shots a lot harder as the player now has his legs spread like Mia Khalifa when pressing L1 and the puck usually goes between the legs
  5. They shouldnt be as effective as there is really nothing the goalie can do other than pray
  6. Skating is great and pokecheck is like it should be. Deflections should be nerfed, and intercepting passes should be changed a bit, as sometimes when you are facing the puck a pass might just go through your player, whereas when you are not facing the puck your player might still be able to intercept the pass, which should not be the case. This game has potential to be an amazing game with a couple of fixes imo.
  7. LW - joukki13, PleeMaker, Vilupoika C - Patzlaf, Adetikki, FlyerKungen RW - Foppa, KingOfApes, Eki LD - Janzuh, Azestine, jtorro1234 RD - vatalisti, Totalii, Snapu48 G - Cappe, Hullued, Zande95
  8. SKY: joukki13 SJK: Dominointi DYN: Puantso CAR: vatalisti NOR: Foppatofflan NOS: tbnantti UB: Anhel_kuru 112: Norpee CAT: Slaivone EVO: SadaPoika PTH: kungenkurwa SSG: ritchey RB: Supreex NS: Ranta83 FCM: Alpha_furyan BAT: PleeMaker
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