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  1. Still free backup ld for FCL
  2. Free LD (can play backup as well) for FCL
  3. To Brayce if they are reading this I would suggest getting a Router with geo-blocking abilities for example Netgears with DumaOS. Then set your location to Sweden/Finland and limit your perimeter to that area. It should help.
  4. Not even if they change to northern europe under club settings? I wouldnt know, no one has been willing to try
  5. It’s not just some people Kenu. Im not aware of all the matchups between northern european teams and german teams in ECL but the ones I am aware of the german teams have not been willing to share servers, instead referring to the rule book that there is no rules about servers = one way street Helping these teams is not automatically a one way street but when they are not cooperating in ECL it becomes a one way street. I’m not against searching relaxed, I just don’t feel like helping people who only cooperate when it benefits them. That’s not the same as being an asshole, that’s be
  6. Perhaps start with a rule for servers in playoffs? It would be nice as a higher seed team to play your home games on your server, instead of 7 games on the German-server This cooperation thing seem like its just a one way street.
  7. We don't mind the predictions Keep em coming!
  8. When organisations such as SHL take on projects like these it’s aim is long term. It is impossible for anyone to predict the outcome but the aim of such an investment will always be long term. Why? Because there are no short-term benefits to be had. With that being said, do you think representing 2 esports-organisations at the same time helps the league to be viewed as serious for external sponsors etc?
  9. Agreed. NHL12 saw more thriving Swedish teams than NHL 20. I think that eSHL could have helped the community grow.
  10. The biggest problem is that it kills the hype for the league. If audience etc want to just watch skilled players there is ECL etc. The hype is surrounding the opportunity to watch SHL teams battle on virtual ice. Imo the Swedish Community need to grow. We need new talent and the best way to do so is creating interest around the teams and league. Why even bother with a swedish league if it’s just about having the best teams?
  11. Linköping invented a new term; surrogate-team
  12. Free backup LD for spring league. Playtime will be somewhat limited during may (SCL with Synergy and business trips).
  13. This. Tbh I really appreciate all the effort put in by nhlgamer to host competitive tournaments with prize pools etc. Then you start a game and first goal you let in is a own goal caused by a puck pickup animation. There is nothing esport-like with the game. I think EA should make D’s shots a threat again. This will prevent teams from just putting 5 guys in front of the net and actually benefit positioning and defence. This would make the biggest change in gameplay. i would also like to see fwds get more offensive options as well
  14. Ofc the choice is up to each team. I believe there are more factors than skill alone to contribute to a tournament’s value.

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