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  1. It's stupid not to have such option available in EASHL in the first place since its a 12 player lobby, not 2 and having an EA algorithm deciding for you which server you should play on (also happens when there is a 3/3 split in North/East and South/West located players) is silly; in terms of the major difference in competitiveness. Hands down, it should be a an option available to teams especially the ones based South/West of Europe and the North/East teams got nothing to loose since the games will or at least should be played on their closest server as per their choice.
  2. ECL-experienced 20 yo RW/LW (can play C too) from Latvia looking for team of any division. Fluent in English and active most of the evenings so I'm looking for a starter role. Contact me here or on PS (lilMinxLV) for tryouts. https://nhlgamer.com/players/43
  3. free RW/C/RD for back-up https://nhlgamer.com/players/43
  4. Team name: Silver Sword Griffins Team abbreviation: SSG Team captains (PSN IDs): Ritchey_SSG (C), Minx_SSG (A), Rocket_Science72 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ritchey_SSG Minx_SSG Rocket_Science72 elvijs99 Livs313 Makke27_SSG Immortalshield kuramnasmeh EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=2424&platform=ps4&isLocalized=true
  5. Free RW/C until ECL 9. Speak Latvian/English/Russian. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=43
  6. English Cups don't do "home-away 2-game series" unless it's semis', in FA Cup you also do if you draw but that doesn't matter. I guess if you do consider some sort of a knockout bracket in NHL scene, a some sort of a system of byes should be involved that will ensure clubs of Pro and Elite enter the competition at later stages which also means that there won't be no seeding, the match-ups in each round would be determined by a random draw. Not too sure about how exactly the match-ups could be played out. Could be a simple BO3... there is no such thing as BO2 unless you want to introduce aggregate like in CHL which will allow draws. 😆 Bit nutty but not a bad concept imo.
  7. Silver Sword Griffins are looking for defence reinforcements (starting lineup) for the upcoming ECL 8 in Pro. Don't matter left or right, all we ask for is good attitude, availability and good understanding of English language. Please contact me here or on PSN (ProMinx24) for more info!
  8. reached my daily like limit , last one goes for you @Alex28
  9. Silver Sword Griffins (Elite) are looking for an active and experienced defender capable of playing LD and RD (mostly LD). You have to be decent and confident playing with BOTH hands. Also speak good English. Contact me here or through PS (ProMinx24) for more info if interested.
  10. Hat's off to you lot
  11. Silver Sword Griffins are looking for active and experienced LW for the ECL 6 in Elite, with same expectations: Again, If you get in the team, ECL game-time is guaranteed. Anyone is free to PM me here or on PS4 with the same username.

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