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  1. Haha mjo, lite svårt när INGEN annan vet att det planerats in en match.. en FREDAG dessutom😂
  2. Blanda inte in någon annan än kaptenen i detta är du snäll
  3. Kom igen @I-Maise-I 😍
  4. Yeah it was changed now. It was: Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals
  5. How many teams go to playoffs? Everyone?
  6. Vila i frid Daniel ❤ Life is unfair and i am really really sad to hear this😢 My deepest condolences to your family, friends and everyone who did know you💚 You had to short run here but as someone said, you are in peace now and despite your young age you did make the world a better place. Such a nice and humble guy, you will be missed❤ Rest in peace ❤
  7. Bjono

    FCL Broadcast TONIGHT!

  8. Bjono

    AIK Hockey

    Some transfers and our current roster
  9. Aswesome😍 really nice stuff. Big gratz to you guys, WELL DESERVED !
  10. Free for FCL🇫🇮
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