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  1. Team Frosty In: @zNico from Riven Johdolla @Patsberg_ from Riven Johdolla Welcome to the wolfpack 🐺 🤝👏 Out: @yrjoo to FA We want to thank @yrjoo for his time with us and we wish him the best of luck in the future! ❤️
  2. Team Frosty's esports NHL team is still looking for a starting defender, LD or RD are both fine. Finnish players only.
  3. Team Frosty is back in NHL! https://www.frosty.fi/nhl/team-frosty-nhl-is-back/ Our Roster: Goalies SpiderRoyal Defenders MCH_98 Nikge_89 Forwards imosi1 jjonij Naikou88 zNicoPS Patsberg_ We will be streaming lots of eashl and tournament games, remember to follow us on social media! Twitch Twitter https://www.frosty.fi/ For inquiries or questions contact: imosi1 or MCH_98
  4. Well.. that's what you get when you make a new team after every tournament 😘. Fila also started from Pro . I understand it must be frustrating for sure, but same rules(ish) for everyone.
  5. Still looking for a club for the ongoing ECL. Backup role is also fine.
  6. Congrats! Well played all of you!
  7. Congrats boys! Great news. But I have to ask, where is SM-liiga teams? 😧
  8. Free RW looking for a Top Lite/PRO team. Backup role is also fine, but can also be very active.
  9. Rest in peace Daniel! What a great guy and a great player! Played with him and against him a lot. Always so humble and nice to everyone. He will always be #1 for me. My deepest condolences to his family and friends ❤️
  10. Looking for a team for the rest of NHL 19 and NHL 20 if my current team isn't playing that much (SIKA). I prefer RW.
  11. Go to Find a club. It says what your recommended server is (What server you are in).
  12. What does it say if you try to find a club. Should say Europe Recommended. ps. Nice pic 🙈 You Germans make good cars and all kind of quality stuff, but you have sh*t internet.
  13. People, please READ the patch notes! The saddest thing is, we have played this shit for many years with at least 50ms ping. (The real ping). They fixed the meter in this tuner, so if you used to have 28m, you really had 56ms. Sad but true, no wonder the game felt sluggish. My ping now on Routsalainen server is 10ms Irelandilainen 44-46ms. Location: Near Helsinki, Vinland.

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