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  1. Rest in peace Daniel! What a great guy and a great player! Played with him and against him a lot. Always so humble and nice to everyone. He will always be #1 for me. My deepest condolences to his family and friends ❤️
  2. Looking for a team for the rest of NHL 19 and NHL 20 if my current team isn't playing that much (SIKA). I prefer RW.
  3. Go to Find a club. It says what your recommended server is (What server you are in).
  4. What does it say if you try to find a club. Should say Europe Recommended. ps. Nice pic 🙈 You Germans make good cars and all kind of quality stuff, but you have sh*t internet.
  5. People, please READ the patch notes! The saddest thing is, we have played this shit for many years with at least 50ms ping. (The real ping). They fixed the meter in this tuner, so if you used to have 28m, you really had 56ms. Sad but true, no wonder the game felt sluggish. My ping now on Routsalainen server is 10ms Irelandilainen 44-46ms. Location: Near Helsinki, Vinland.
  6. I think it would be fair for all the remaining teams to extend the time with one day and make Thursday a game day. The pairs came out on Thursday 21 cet and the schedule wasn't even ready? It was clearly impossible to schedule game that day. So now you make us play the series in only 6 days and 2 of these days are weekend days. So that makes it only 4 days, because nobody plays ecl on Friday and Saturday, even Sunday is a bad day for ECL.
  7. Same here. First game 26-28ms, Second 5ms, Third 22ms.. Go figure.
  8. 6 Games, 0pts. Goal difference 8-53, I highly doubt they will play anymore.
  9. What should I do, I sucked in NHL 18 too😂.. ?
  10. This tuner is Shite! EA should bring us the old tuner back right away, if you can't even bring the "real" v.1.0 tuner back or you still haven't found a fix for the dressing room error. I wonder if the Americans have this error, I highly doubt it. The good news is, only 4 days left on this test period. Dear, Mr. Ramjagsingh, Kenu and illuminati🔺, ja ketä muita näitä nyt oli, I know you are reading nhlgamer.com🌚. Please, before you bring any new hybrid tuners or updates to this wonderful game of yours, FIX the **** Dressing room error! Anyway, about this new so called "beta tuner". First of all this is NOT the one we had in beta. Also the skating was changed in an update, not a tuner. really wonder, why did you **** this up as well? My personal thoughts about the BETA tuner: -It's way too easy to defend now, even our ripuli (💩) team can now somehow defend against much better teams (elite). Something is definitely wrong 😅. -Stick checking is a joke, you can lift the stick even from behind and it's ridiculously effective. Correct me if I'm wrong, but man it's hard to protect the puck more than couple of seconds now. But I bet our young superstars agree on this one. (Or maybe it's just me and I suck *ss). -Poke checking might be more realistic..But I think tha it's unbalanced compared to stick lifting. It is really hard to use poke check without getting a tripping penalty -Skating, is it me or why does skating still feel so bad or why does it feel so sluggish? How hard can it be to make it slightly smoother or faster? -Now this game feels like 50% Ice hockey and 50% fencing. The last tuner was much better in my opinion, even though the skating feels super sluggish in that one as well. It was close to being perfect", would just ned a couple of minor tweaks. Thänks! Sincerely yours, Säm
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